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Kara Para Ask (Black Money and Love) (Kaala Paisa Pyar) Episode 40 Part 1 English Subtitles HD
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over the world. :) Elif. My girl, where are you going? Asli! Auntie, leave me alone. I'm going to my sister. My girl, she doesn't want either of us.
Don't you see? She walked off. Omer came, Omer! Are you serious? Yes! Finally! Bravo, Colombo!
Okay, the problem is solved! What happens even if he came, huh?
There is obviously a problem between them.. This Ipek came and said something to Elif,
and now there is a break up between them. It's as simple as that. No one can come between Omer and Elif, Auntie. Once they embrace each other, no one
can make them separate - don't worry. I can't say it in such a romantic way
as you do, but I agree with you Welcome Thank God. I was going to you to ask
what we are going to do. Look at you... you already
made a decision without me. You cancelled the wedding
on behalf of both of us. I don't even have the right to ask why, do I? You stole my dreams, my hopes, my today... You and my father took away my birthday from me, Omer. Talk! Say something! Even if it's a lie, even lying
to me – just say something! Elif I thought you wanted a life without lies...
That we found this in each other... That we were never going to hide
anything from each other, Omer What happened to our promises? Say something!
You owe me this! We started it together, and so let's
end it together - at least this... Don't hide like a little boy and a coward. I didn't want it to happen like this...
Elif, I had no other option. It would be more painful later...
It's better to end it now than to start it... "If you want, don't begin
Let this story be missing" "After all these wounds
You can't create a new love" "You can't create a new love" It looks as if Elif is crying
"If you want, don't begin..." No, sweetie, they are not an ordinary couple. They will come to us hand in hand. After all, Omer didn't come to break up, did he? Asli, look at Omer - he doesn't even have his suit on. My God, please help. We couldn't do it, so let Elif do it...
Let the Denizer women be happy... "No matter how many romances go thru my heart
You can't repair the ruins..." "If you want, don't begin
We matched each other too late" "So many years passed at wrong doors
We can't return to our youth anymore" "If you want, don't begin" "If you want, don't begin
Let us promise this to each other" Elif Elif, are you okay? Ablacim, shall we go inside? Come on My Elif, forgive me, please... Forgive me... What time is it already, Ma'am?
Is the marriage going to happen or not? Of course, it's going to happen, sir... There is a little delay, I know.
I'm sorry... They will come at any moment. Let me go check what's going on... Come on I'm really sorry. Thank you very much for coming...
But there won't be a wedding here today. I'm ready, call Tayyar.
- Okay, Abi What are you laughing at, dog?
Is there a clown in front of you? Turn around and laugh at yourself.
Don't make me mad! Call Tayyar! Call him and ask him if the plane is ready. Batur Yes, Tayyar Bey... What happened? Is the kidney gone?
- Unfortunately, yes, Tayyar Bey. So Mr Fatih is a good aim then...
So, what's my condition now? Will I live? You are better now. There were critical
hours before that, Tayyar Bey. It's a miracle that you are alive.
You could have died. But don't worry, I'll find a kidney for you very soon. Hurry up, Doctor, I have a lot of errands to run.
I don't have time to lose. Doctor Bey, if it's possible, police
officers want to talk with Tayyar Bey. Let them come... You should rest longer...
- Let them come! Get better soon, Tayyar Bey.
- Thank you In order to continue the investigation
we need to get your testimony quickly. Of course, it's our duty to help the police. Who shot you?
-I don't know; I didn't see. You saw, Tayyar Bey. So, you know better than me?
I'm telling you that I didn't see. We don't know, but traffic cameras know. According to
the records we have, you faced the man who shot you. You even talked to him. We also have testimonies.
The man who shot you was Fatih Dundar. Or are you not going to press
charges against your son? Elvan Abla, put this on your head.
I put a medicine on it. Menthol calms the pain. Thank you My God!
- Was this Omer? You are an honest and worthy human being.
So is your family... If I were you, I wouldn't want
to stain my life either. My Elif... You are not just an affair or an ordinary love. You are my life... that night's fate brought us together If we had not been holding each other hands,
we couldn't have moved forward. Yes... relationships may look alike, and
memories can compete with each other... But the essence is life, Elif...
I can't think of a life without you. I can't breathe without you. You wait! How could you do this to me?! How could you do this to me?! How could you do this to me?! How could you do this to me?! Son, please, don't... Son, wait...
Son, don't... leave that, come on... come on Mother, leave me alone. I can't leave you, Son. The soul you are hurting is my son's soul.
Please, don't do this to yourself, Son. Come on, come....
Leave that, stand up, Son... If you are in so much pain - if you love her so much...
why did you cancel the wedding? Why? What has been poisoning your
mind and heart so long, Son? Tell me. I'm burning. Don't burn yourself with my fire. If you take one more step,
I'll erase you from my heart! When did you grow up and think that
you could do things behind my back? I was taught only good things
to you and your brother. Now, turn your face to me and
tell me the truth as it is. Why did you leave this girl with the wedding dress? If you do not talk, I'll go to Elif.
She will tell me what she knows! Whatever your problem is,
I'll learn it from your beloved. Elif doesn't know anything.
Today... I did the worst to the love of my life Okay, Son... but why? Why? She gave you a life;
you are breathing because of her. Why? Now, with no obvious reason, why? I found the murderer of Elif's father. The one who took Fatma Abla's daughter
away from her. The murderer of Sibel. I found that the answer I'd been searching one year
for was right in front of my eyes. Omer... I saw that not only my eyes,
but my mind was blind too. Is Huseyin the one who shed those poor people's blood? Mother! Mother!
Are you okay? Mother! Mother! Run, Melike! Mother!
Are you okay? Yenge!!!
Mother, are you okay? My Elif, let my life interweave with yours.
Elif, will you marry me? Si, Signore.
I will be your wife. The mouth of truth. You took me to the wrong place, Signorina.
What we are going to do now? Here are my dreams about you for 2015. Next week we will go to cinema,
and the week after that to a concert. I'm leaving the Rome date to you.
It's your second home, after all. Mother, hang on! Please, hang on!
- Mother, have a mercy on us, please! Elvan Abla, don't leave us alone in this world!
Please, Elvan Abla, don't give up! Where is the ambulance?! Elvan Abla... Elvan Abla, hang on... Mother, have mercy, don't leave us! Yenge, it's not going to happen that way! Help me!
Come on, pick her up, come on... The media is calling non-stop, Nedret Anne.
They are asking why the wedding was canceled. My God, my God,
how did they find out? How do they even know there was a wedding
to be concerned about its cancellation? Auntie, did Elif say why the wedding was canceled? What would she say, my darling?
Isn't it clear? This girl came... Ipek. She said bad things to my beautiful girl...
Bad things... and then it happened... But what could she say to Elif? My beautiful Asli, you are still sleeping, sleeping... Look, I'll tell you something. The son of this Ipek.
He is Omer's. Yes. I mentioned to Elif my suspicions about this... She didn't take it seriously.
And now, see what happened? The girl came and sang like nightingale;
she explained everything... And then the disaster happened.
That's the whole issue. What's that? Are we in a telenovella?
That's not possible. Don't talk nonsense, please My dear Asli... What's up, girl? Why are you standing there?
- Asli Hanim, Nedret Hanim, please come upstairs. Elif Hanim is like a ghost...
she is sitting in front of a box. I'm going to go see her. What does she mean by that?
What is she saying? Elif!
Elif, please, say something! My child
- Auntie, Elif is senseless. Bring eau de Cologne, quickly!
- Okay, Ma'am My deer-eyed baby...
What is happening, my darling? Auntie, could you please leave us
alone for a couple of minutes. In this condition?! Auntie, please leave me alone with my sister! Elif, I know that you are here, and that you hear me.
I'm next to you... Come on, don't scare me. Look, my mind is incomplete already,
And the rest will go now... Please! Elif, what happened?
Why have you come to this? Elif, please, do something, say something! Please... Look, I'll call a doctor, please... Is what Nedret Auntie said true?
Is Ipek's child Omer's? Asli, have you ever realized that you never actually knew the person you thought you knew so very well? What's good; what's bad;
what's right; what's wrong... Blurred mind... Have you ever wanted to die? Have you wanted to die to save
yourself from pain and suffering, Asli? Don't... don't even think about that, please.... Commissar killed me today. He turned me into last year's Elif again. Helpless, pointless,
not knowing what to do, running in circles... Is it going to pass? When it is going to pass, Asli? I'm very tired... I'm very tired... Mother, don't let go of my hand
Please, don't let go of my hand! What is her condition? Her heart stopped, and when we did massage,
she came back. But her pulse is very weak... Does the patient have any chronic diseases?
- She has high blood pressure. I want an ECG immediately! You wait here, please.
- I can't leave my mother! Sir, please! Omer, please, leave her, come on... Mother, Uncle, is grandma going to die?
- She will be fine. She wouldn't leave us, daughter.
She will live to see you in a wedding dress Omer!
Omer, come here for a moment, please. Omer, don't get angry..
I know it's not the right time and place. Yenge!
- Omer, I can't endure this anymore. Your condition is worrying me, too.
You destroyed the well like a madman. You say that you are not going to marry.
You are hiding something from us! Or... you told it to our mother. You told her,
didn't you? Omer, please, tell it to me, too! What did you say to her that caused
this to happen? Tell me, please! Uncle, you have to file some papers.
They are looking for you. Are you okay, Cousin?
Is your mood and health okay? I'm fine; how are you?
I hear that you are in bad condition. Don't ask, Cousin. We lost the kidney again.
First you, then Fatih... You couldn't finish me again.
Thank God, I'm still alive. Enjoy it if you are alive, then... Yes, and I still have so much work to do. What happened? When are you going
to help me leave the country? Omer is searching for me at every door, for sure!
Look, my time is running away! I have to talk with my men at the airport. Otherwise you will have to show
your ID and things will mess up. Tayyar, I'm telling you that I'm counting seconds,
and you are talking bulls*** to me. What are you talking about?
That's childsplay-easy for you! What is your aim? Or do you
have another plan? Tell me! Give it to me I have no plans, Huseyin. Did I have any
possibility of handling this until now? I woke up just now. I'll help you leave the country
on a plane. Trust me! You need to wait. Okay, did you arrange the house and money? Everything is ready. You just give the USB with the
documents to my man. Don't worry about the rest. Okay, first I'll get on the plane, and then I'll go
to the house... And then you will get the documents. I need to ask for some money in advance, as well. Okay, Cousin. I'm tolerating this now,
because this is our last negotiation. You know that patience always wins Now, you send me 500, 000 Euro, in cash,
and then send the rest.. Okay, I agree with that too, Cousin.
I agree with that, too... Tayyar, what happened to our children?
Did Elif and Omer marry? How could I know while being in this hospital bed?
And it's none of your business. Look, I'm warning you for the last time!
The man named Omer Demir doesn't exist for you anymore. Forget your family - say goodbye to them.
Focus on your new life now. You will make a new family in Denmark.
You like blondes. Tolga was going to wait for us.
Where is he gone to now? Perhaps he is somewhere here and will come back soon. So, you came. What happened?
Did the expert's report came out? Yes, we found the murder weapon. The bullets that killed Ahmet Denizer, Sibel
Andac, and Bahar Cinar are from that pistol. It is also positive that they are from
the pistol found in Chief Huseyin's house. Are Huseyin Demir's fingerprints on it? Unfortunately, the prints were deformed. Damn! Damn! Why are you angry?
We didn't expect to find fingerprints anyway. We expected that the bullets and the pistol
would match. And that's been proven. After all, the weapon was found
in the well where Huseyin Abi threw it. And I can just hear Huseyin Abi saying that it's a trap,
and that they are trying to set him up for the murders. There is Fatih Dundar. Omer said that
he was a witness to Bahar Cinar's murder. Huseyin Abi is a fugitive. Where is the guarantee that
Tayyar will not kill Fatih before we find him? The man shot his father.
Would Tayyar let it go? Fatih is under our protection now.
Plus, we don't have Chief Ali and Huseyin Abi here. The Department pulls the strings now, Arda! Huseyin Denmir is a fugitive - a fugitive.
The man is already lost. Our efforts are in vain! Let us at least find out where he went. The man will escape again - thanks
to Tayyar Dundar. You will see! He might escape you, me, and the department,
but he won't escape Omer, Arda! We will search for the location where Huseyin Abi
is hiding. We'll help Omer find his brother. Instead of sitting and blaming fate, we'll do our job! This is the time to prove that we are
his real friends and brothers and sisters, Arda! Don't we know what Omer feels right now?
Can you imagine?! Omer gave up his future and the girl
he loves because of his brother! That's why we might not sleep until
morning, but we'll find Omer's brother Where are you going? To investigate this! Maybe I'll discover a way to find Svetlana.
Maybe Huseyin Abi left for Russia with that woman. You use every opportunity to grump at me! Weird! We are stressed anyway. My mother couldn't understand what was going on. They put her in the car and left. Let's hope nothing happens to the poor woman! Daughter, are you coming to see Mrs. Elvan? Yes, I came to see Omer; do you have something against it? Nothing against it, but they're not home. Where are they? They went to the hospital. Which hospital? Do you see the crossroad over there? The hospital that is behind it. Daughter, who are you? If you go to the hospital and see Omer, tell him to call us and tell us Elvan's condition! We are waiting, Sister Husniye. My dear mom's heart stopped on the way here. The doctors brought her back to life again. Her condition is critical. Now her destiny is only in the hands of God. I will call you. Thank you for calling. Omer, were you thinking that there was no one to protect my sister, ha? Asli! Ya, what a douchebag you are, ya! How dishonest you are! How could you do this to my sister, ya? How could you leave Elif at the wedding table and go? You left a dead body behind you; do you know that, Omer? You've ruined my sister's life! Elif had put you in the place of her father, Omer! She had put you in the place of her mother! You were not only her beloved, but her family too! You broke her world into pieces! You came and deceived us all, Omer! We all loved you; we all trusted you, Omer! If you couldn't go through with it, I wish you would have come and explained why to my sister! Elif deserved that at least! Say something, Omer! Say something! What is your problem? You knew how to speak big words, right? Omer! Omer, answer me! Asli! Please, stop for a couple of minutes! What does "stop for a couple of minutes" mean? Don't you know what he did? Fine, you have a big problem on your heads! But first ask us why we are here! Mother Elvan had a heart attack and is inside fighting for her life right now. You're not the only ones whose heart hurts. We are hurting too! Asli! Don't you dare stand in front of my sister anymore! Don't you dare! Asli! Unfortunately, one can't choose his family in life! Both the pain and the remedy come from the family. But Elif is very lucky to have a sister like you! Don't leave her alone, okay? You call me crazy, but the whole lot of you have gone crazy! I think that while you're here, you should go and get checked by a doctor. I hope Mrs. Elvan will get well soon. Where is he? He will be brought in soon. Ok, and the things I gave to you. Clothes, other things. You will give them to him, right? We will give them to him after they are checked, madam. Fatih! Why did you come, beautiful girl? I wanted to see you. I need you so much, Fatih. What's wrong? Did something happen? Aren't you supposed to be at the wedding now? The wedding didn't happen. Elif is in very bad condition. Her soul hurts. She doesn't even want us with her. I didn't know what to do. I went outside. I wanted to come here. So Elif knows everything, right? Yes, she knows. Omer has a son. He has a son? Huliya, take this wedding dress and give it to someone who needs it. It didn't bring any luck to me, but maybe it will bring some for someone else. Ms. Elif, are you sure? This is a very nice wedding dress. How would I know, maybe... Huliya! Please do what I am tell you. Are you feeling a little better, Elif? Where are you coming from? I went to see Omer. What? You went to Omer? Asli, am I helpless? Why did you go to Omer? You went to ask him why he didn't marry your sister. Isn't that so? Aren't you helpless, Elif? You had a breakdown, ya! You almost fainted! You never should have gone to him without asking me! Do you understand? You never should have gone to him! Ya, you scared me, Elif! I was worried about you! Frightened about you! You are my soul. I went to confront him about what he did. What's wrong with that? Aren't you interested in what Omer said? I am not interested, ok? I don't want to be interested! But it is clear you are interested. Whatever. As it was, he wasn't in a good mood. Mrs. Elvan had a heart attack. They're at the hospital. What? In which hospital are they? What do you mean? Don't talk nonsense, Elif! You don't have any intention of going there, right? Of course, I will go! Which hospital? Tell me! Fine, since you are not going to tell me, I will learn which hospital another way! Elif! Elif, wait! Elif! Elif! Elif, what is going on, daughter? Auntie, will you tell something to this niece of yours? What's happening, for God's sake? This niece of yours, who has no pride, learned that Mrs. Elvan was taken to the hospital, and now she is going there to see her. Please, tell her that this is insane, And I will beat the crap out of her already! Asli, don't meddle in this, please! Child! We will call on the phone and be done with this. We will learn what happened. What is the need to go there now? No, Auntie! I want to go and see with my own eyes. Melike and Demet must be feeling really bad. God, I will go crazy! Elif, don't you see what these people are doing to you? Omer left you on your wedding day! Asli, Mother Elvan is probably in this condition now because of us. Look, Omer might have left my life, but that doesn't mean I have to turn my face away from them too! You don't have even an ounce of pride and brains in you! Whatever you wish, you do! Aman, leave her alone! Elif, I was worried about you and decided to come and see how you are doing Are you ok? I am not ok, Levent. Is there something I can do for you, Elif? If you want, we can go outside and sit somewhere and talk. It's ok if you want it. I would love it, but I have to go somewhere now. But, after that, we will do it for sure. Fine, whenever you want. Ok. See you soon! See you soon! Levent, come in! Hello. Weren't you leaving, Son? I was leaving, but I wasn't calm, so I came back, Mrs. Nedret. I wanted to see you, because I was worried about you. It seems Elif had something to do. We will be fine, thank God. We will all be fine! Everything will pass. Come on, since you are here, let's have a talk, drink a cup of coffee. Come! Go, Son, go this way! How is Elif feeling? She doesn't look well at all. What can we do for her? Ah, child, how would I know? I thought that everything that happened today could only happen in movies. Everything dropped on our heads! Whatever! With a gathered force, we will overcome all this! We were very careful, so I don't know how the press found out. They are on it. There are many paparazzi in front of the company's building. They won't bother you here; I called their press centers. But until we give an official statement, their curiosity will only raise. In the end they will find Elif and make her sad; I know it. Levent, listen to what I tell you. You call your friends from the press. Tell them that the mother of Elif's fianc?e had a very serious heart attack... That she is in the hospital and that is why the wedding was postponed. You tell them that. and they will write it! Huh? What are you saying? Super! Vay be! Look at my brother-in-law! He was a real master in lying! He twisted things pretty good - bravo! What do you mean by "twisted", Fatih? Now, could that be a lie? Fatih, if you know something, tell me, please! I can't tell it to you, beautiful girl! I must talk to Elif. Look, Elif is feeling really bad. Maybe what you tell her will make her better. You tell me, please. Tell me what you know. Is the story about the kid a lie? Beautiful girl, do what I tell you. First, I have to speak to Elif. Tell her to come see me tomorrow. Time is up, madam. What? Fatih, I don't want to leave! I haven't had enough time with you! Don't do this, please, Nilufer! Madam, your time is up. Please, several minutes more! We let you stay longer as it is. We follow orders too. Fine, fine. Go home, beautiful girl. Is it you? Yes, brother. I brought this for you. Mr. Tayyar sends his regards. Alleykum selam! You send our regards to Mr. Tayyar too; let him be healthy! To your orders, brother. If you don't have any other wish, I will be going. Where are you going? I will be upstairs, brother. Can you stay a little bit longer? I am bored being alone like this. If you want, we can have a drink. Will you drink with me, brother? Unfortunately, I have no other choice. Fine, ok, brother. Ok, you see what there is to eat in the kitchen, and I will take this inside, ok? Good day! I'm here to see Elvan Demir. Yes, she is in intensive care at the moment. 3d floor. The elevator is over there. Thank you. Come on, Abla. Mother, come on, take some. Even a bite won't go down my throat when I am in this condition. But, Mom, it isn't good. Come on, Aunt Fatma, take some. No, child, no. Hold this. Hasan, take this. It isn't right. Come on! My father is gone. My grandmother is dying. What will we do, Uncle? Your grandma will be fine with God's permission. Ya, what is this destiny? A person wants to rebel against it - to curse it! Ya, shut up, Pelo, shut up! I have been rebelling for some days now already! Listen, girls! If something happens to Mother Elvan, I swear, Omer will never come to his senses again! God forbid nothing happens to Aunt Elvan! Melike! Let this pass quickly! Thank you, Elif! My good Elif! Let this pass! Thank you. You see our situation? We don't know what to do. You know how it is to be left without a mother. You understand our fears the best. Everything will pass! It will pass! Elif came! Really, ya! Elif is a really tough girl! Good for her! Friends! Don't worry, she will be ok, understood? I won't come. You tell Omer that I hope everything passes quickly. Ok? Is this song good, brother? Yes, yes. Fire has fallen on our souls as it is. Let him cry and we � with him. IS your family living here? They are in my birthplace, brother. How do you endure the yearning? At first it is very hard to endure, but then you get used to it. But, of course, when you hear their voices, your heart tears from the pain. You know, I have never been separated from my mother. I have always been with her. She is the light of my eyes. My wife, my children, my brother. We have always lived together. Lived. What will I do now in a foreign country? What do you say? Can I cope? How can I cope? Here is all I have with me. Will these be enough for me? This is my mother. How... How her face has light in it, eh? She has a heart soft as cotton. I miss her already. Ah, and this is my first child. My daughter. Demet. The biggest. She was as big as my palm when they gave her to me. She was so wrinkled. She grew up so suddenly. Her face is so beautiful. Look, am I right? She is so beautiful! This is my Hasan. My brave boy. Such a glutton! He likes to eat well! Such an emotional child. He is mischievous from time to time, but he is a child - he can do that. But you know, he hasn't received any bad marks. He never brings us bad marks. He wants to be a policeman when he grows up. Like his uncle and me. He wants to fight criminals and thieves. If he only knew that his father is one of the leading criminals around! Ah, this is Burhan. My youngest son. I will see him. Because his mother, Sevim, will bring him to me even if they are in Byzantium. But Melike will not let me see my children. She wouldn't even show me the pinkies of my children! But she is right. My children don't deserve such a dishonest man as their father! If they knew what I did, they wouldn't want to see me as well. I f*cked up my own family! Brother, we took Tayyar's men to interrogation. We are trying to learn how they will take Huseyin Abi out of the country. We are waiting for permission to listen to their phones as well. Organized Crime Department listened to their phones. We keep in touch with them, and tomorrow we will have the documents about their conversations. The results on the weapon will come out too. It has been proven that the gun Huseyin Abi threw in the well is the same model as the one that killed Ahmet Denizer, Sibel Andac and Bahar Canar. Don't worry, it is impossible to hear what we are talking about from there. I will go see Elif for a couple minutes. She seems to be waiting until we have some news about Mother Elvan. It's so difficult, Brother! Do you know what she told me? When I am so close to you, I don't know how I can stand to stay away from you! It is really difficult, Devrem! Now, I get it. It is so difficult! Elif, how are you? I am not good. What a question I'm asking! I thought you were my friend, Pelin! I had put you in Bahar's place! I shared everything with you. I felt the same, Elif! I still feel the same! A person would never allow his friend to be hurt like this - not to this extent! You were always with Ipek - at your house, in the department... How long have you known about this? How long did you not tell me about this? Elif! It would be better if I don't know. I am going to the cafeteria. We hurt her so much, Devrem. We committed such a huge sin. But at least we saved Elif from all this mess. But this way she hurts so much! She is so unhappy! Devrem, had she learned at the wedding table that her father's murderer was my brother... her pain would have been a thousand times bigger! Look at my mom! She can't stand her own son's sin! Elif, as my wife, couldn't stand it either! She would always suffer from it! My heart couldn't allow me to do that to her, Devrem! My heart couldn't allow it. This is their uncle. My brother. He is my soul. The other half of my soul. My Edem. I would die for him. The world on one side - Edem on the other! I was the one who stabbed him in the back! Up to his lungs - up to his heart! He buried me a long time ago! He buried me seven layers under the ground! And he is so right! Even if he took me took me out many times and buried me again and again, he would still be right! So right! I f*cked up my own family! I threw them in the garbage! Listen, son, while you still have the opportunity, go back to your family! Don't leave them to find some decent job! Never trade your family for money and power! Otherwise, you will turn into a smashed worm like me! And you will be twisting from pain! Come on, run. Demet. Hello, Yenge. Dear Hasan, call me Elif. I can't; it's bad. But I am no longer your yenge. Do you want some biscuits? No, thank you. Doctor! Doctor!My mother is alive, right? Mrs. Elvan is good. Her indicators and breathing are fine. Her heart rhythm is ok as well. We will transfer her to a regular room now. Thank God! God heard our prayers! Good, can we see my mother? Let them transfer her to the room, and then you can see her. With your permission. Get well soon to her! Thank you! I am going now. Elif, I wish you'd wait 5 more minutes! Let my mother see you! Who knows how happy she would be? Huh? I don't want to bother you. Give her my best regards. Get well soon! Fine then. Have a nice evening. Asli, why did I come here? What am I doing here? The man left me this morning. Why am I picking at my wound like this? Elif, this is love! Is it over when you say it is over? Why? Here, it is over! There's no Elif and Omer anymore! The love is over! Elif, you were separated from this man before you buried him in your heart - before your feelings faded away! Without wanting it. Prepare for the pain. Because the love won't end that easily. What does it matter what I'm thinking, Asli! One story ends - another begins. This is life! Omer, is that you? It's me, Mom; it's me! I am sorry! I am so sorry! Why are you apologizing to me, Son? I was so scared that something might happen to you! I wish I hadn't told you a single word! Don't feel sorry! You're not the one that should be sorry. Let the scoundrel feel sorry for what he has done! Mom, don't tire yourself, ok? Why did he do it? You don't stand between your brother and me anymore! Mom, my beautiful mom, don't tire yourself anymore! Please, don't tire yourself! Find him and bring him to me! I have to hold him responsible! Mom, look, I don't have anyone but you! Please, take good care of yourself, okay? If something happens to you, then what will I do? Mom! Grandma, are you ok? Thank God! Look, everything is fine now! Mom, you scared us so much! Ah, Sister Elvan! Let it pass quickly; Elvan
Anne is better now. Thanks I'm sorry. When I
heard, I felt so happy. What do the doctors say? She needs to remain monitored for
48 hours to prevent another crisis. So it could happen again?
-The doctors say probably not, but it's better for
her to stay just in case. I see... Ipek, I need to go to the office.
Thanks for coming. You can go now, too. Actually, I waited in
order to talk with you. What about? About the lie we told Elif... After all, you are not Yagiz�s father.
Elif will start to ask questions... Ipek, Elif will not ask. Elif has pride. Okay, but I think if that happens, we
need to say the same thing, anyway... We don't know how long we'll need
to keep this lie going, Omer. If the girl learns this too, she
will be completely devastated. Ipek, I asked you to do this
when I was under all the pressure of what happened. I
didn�t think about her psyche. I insisted that you agree. I brought
you problems, and I'm sorry... But I wasn't able to think about
the consequences at the time. It's okay; don't worry. We will
handle it together. You did so much for me...
That now this is nothing. Anyway, I'll go give Auntie
Elvan my best wishes See you... Nedret Anne, the news is everywhere. Tomorrow morning it will be on the news, in
newspapers, and on the morning programs. Here it is... Very nice I'm glad that it is as you wished. Very nice - thank you!
God bless you. Take it, my child... With your consent... Elif
will probably come late. No, Levent, have
a seat, please. There is something very
important to talk about... Okay, it is probably
work related. No, it's Elif related... Is there anything? -No We will find something.
Don't worry Why did you come? My mother is fine, Pelo. Thank God, she is all right. Yenge
is with her. She is resting. And to make things even better we have
to find Huseyin Demir. Nothing yet? No, Bro, nothing from Huseyin Demir and
Tayyar Dundar�s official phone numbers. So he talked on this
infamous secret phone; Yenge was talking about such
a phone... -Most likely... Come on, don't be pessimistic.
We will follow even the smallest clue. She is right! For sure,
there will be a small clue that will lead us
to Huseyin Demir. A fugitive can't hide
forever, can he? I can't understand this. I can't get this love
between Omer and Elif. What's it, for God's sake? Neither their
education, nor their paths match. People don't need such things
to be in love, Nedret Hanim. That's just etiquette. You can talk all
you want, Levent... But things without a
future don't happen. Even drums are beat in the
same rhythm, for God's sake. Strange... Now, if it were you...
it would make a difference. If you and Elif were in love,
you would be a perfect match. And I would be very happy;
I have to admit it. You would have common
themes to talk about; your education matches - the
way you speak matches. I'll tell you something. I never saw Elif and
Omer sit and talk. But you two are not like
that; I can feel it. Look, you have joined the foundation
now... I'm listening to you non-stop. You share things in
common in which to talk together. Nedret Hanim, I am just good
friends with Elif; that's all. Be good friends; I'm saying the same - If you are
so close, such good friends... Stay next to Elif now -
don't leave her alone. My child is going through
such horrible days. Look at today. It's not easy to go through
something like this. And it's her birthday. Don't leave my lamb alone. If Elif wants, I'll always be
by her side, Nedret Hanim. She will want; she will want... Levent? Elif, hello. After you left, Nedret
Hanim invited me to stay. And now, after the dinner and
coffee, we were having a chat. Yes, we talked, and look
how late it is now. I was about to leave, but if you
want, we can go for a walk. I'm not in the mood, Levent;
I want to go to bed. Okay, as you wish. I'm leaving then... Thanks for everything,
Nedret Hanim. Okay, Son, you are
always welcome. Thanks, see you... I can walk you to the door....
- Okay Abi, I�ve even seen the water
bills for Tayyar's house, but no trace of Huseyin Demir So, we are looking for a
needle in a haystack. So what? Look at how many needles
we have already found in haystacks... We just need to be patient,
and a clue will appear. Mate, could you arrange a
visit with Fatih Dundar? I need to talk to him.
-Okay, I will... Could something come from Fatih? I don't know, but he is the
closest to Tayyar Dundar and Huseyin Demir. It's
only he who can help. I'll try. Okay Are you sleeping? Not yet Okay! Move over, because we
are going to sleep together. There is no place for me! How can there be no place, Nilu?
Here, on the other side and stop whining!
Are you coming? Asli, you have been doing this since I
was a kid! You always take my place! What�s "your" place? You both were
born after me and took MY place! See, she is smiling! Of course, she will laugh, my darling.
Come here! Mom used to make
us sleep this way... Thank you so much.
It feels so good. You have been like a mother
to us this whole year. Now, it's our turn. We
will be by your side. You were always by my side. I'm happy that you exist. I love you. -We love you, too I'm going to get some tea; otherwise,
I'll just stare at the screen. Anyone want something?
- I don't want anything. Abi, you?
- I don't want anything either. Omer, aren't you going to take it off?
- What? What�s on your finger. Never. That's the only thing
that gives sense to my life. Even if one day Elif wears another�s
ring, I won�t take it off. Aren't you afraid that she might
fall in love with someone else? I'm madly afraid. Not to be able to see
her, to touch her again.... That will be like death for me. I couldn't find another way, Pelo...
I couldn't find another way. Instead of Elif feeling unhappy every day,
I decided to make her unhappy just once. But you are regretting it. I regretted that I asked Ipek to
talk with Elif the moment I did it. Every step that Ipek took was taking
me away from the love of my life. I'm so sorry. There was no hope, Pelo...
There was no hope. There was only
darkness everywhere... Good morning, sir...
Good morning! What's up? Look at you! Don't ask, Bro! I fell asleep... This maniac wanted to drink. He
didn't leave me until morning. He drank and drank, non-stop. Okay, go wake him up. Tayyar Bey will call soon. The plane will
be ready in an hour. We will be leaving. Okay "The Wedding of the
Year Called Off" Well done, Selyattin Abi.
Bring us some pretzels, too! Let me finish this and I'll bring
some, Chief. -Thank you, Abi... Mate, I might have found something.
- Really? Come! Play this recording. There are no earlier
calls to that number. "Hello?
- I need to talk to Tayyar Dundar" Mate, that's Huseyin Abi.
- Exactly "His condition is bad. The doctors
are waiting for him to wake up." "Thank you - quick recovery!
May your work be easy." I told you! We found the needle! Mate, find this address, quick! May your work be easy - Welcome Chief Commissar Omer
Demir... I have a question. Go ahead, Chief. We are searching for someone.
Look carefully at this man. Do you know him? He talked on the phone from here.
-Yes, I recognize him. He came here and said his battery was
gone, and that he needed a phone. He talked with somebody,
left 20 Lira, and left... Was there someone else with him?
- No, he was alone. Had you seen him before?
Had he come here earlier? I saw him for first time, Chief. I
hadn't seen him any another time. Okay, how did he leave?
In a car? No, there was no car. He
left the same way he came. Left or right? He went in this
direction, Chief. Okay, thank you.
- Thank you, too. I talked to the man. Huseyin Demir was here alone.
He left on foot. He could still be there. There are luxury buildings and coffeehouses
here. They all have security cameras. We should get every recording
at the time of the phone call. Fine, Abi! - Fine! Where are you Huseyin Demir?
Where are you? Abi! Get up, Abi! Abi! Fine, I am up! I brought some tripe soup.
Eat some and wake up. Otherwise, you will get
sick on the plane. Stupid man, are you playing games with
me this early? Get this out of here. Good morning!
- Good morning, Miss Nilufer! Where is Elif? - She went to
her house to get her clothes. Now we will meet the lady that Pelin
recommended. Are you excited? No, I only want you to stay at home.
- Mommy has to work, honey. They are here. Good morning! Good morning! Yagiz, go inside
for a while. Go on, run! I was passing by and
wanted to pay you a visit. You did the right thing, child.
Thank you! There is no need to thank me. I did
not talk to Elif because of you. Why then? There is no need for
you to know that. Ipek, you know that you can
trust me, right? Because I trust you too. I know that you will
keep our secrets. Don't get me wrong, Miss Nedret,
but we were on our way out. Of course, child. I did not call you
before I came. How could I misunderstand? I was intrigued
by what you said. If you did not do this for me, for whom
did you do it? For whom did you lie? Plus, I can give you some advice.
- About what? What do you think, child? About
you and Omer, of course. Miss Nedret, it seems that
you don't understand me. I am not going to work behind
people's backs with you. You are right. You cleared your path, anyway. Let me tell you one thing.
If you ever need anything from me, don't be afraid to ask.
I am here. I don't think I will
need anything from you. Now, if you don't mind,
Yagiz and I have to go. Of course, child. By all means.
Have a good day. Goodbye. Even if we find a kidney, we are not able
to do a transplantation at this moment. First, we need to improve
your results. I am sorry, but you will be
on dialysis for a while. I have seen that movie before, Doctor.
It had a happy ending! Be careful so that this time
it does not have a bad ending. If it were someone else,
I would be so forward. But I saw how fast you got well. I am
sure that it will be the same this time. I look to surprise
people, Doctor. Pass me those newspapers to
improve my mood a little. Let me read about the problems
in our country to forget my own. Oh, the wedding of the
year was cancelled. The wedding of the CEO of Denizer
Holding, Elif Denier, was canceled. According to the information we
received from the family, the mother of Elif Denizer's fianc�,
Omer Demir, had a heart attack. That was the reason
for the cancellation. Doctor, give me your phone. Mr. Tayyar, the policeman wants..
- Get well, son. Tayyar Dundar! Look who is here. The tree policeman of Istanbul
is here to visit me? Make me some strong coffee. What are you looking at? Hurry!
And boil it slowly. I am so upset. He is
ordering me around too much. Since you are up, give
me the newspaper. Don't let Huseyin
see the newspapers! Stop! Don't give it to him!
- Why? It is yesterday's newspaper.
Let me get you today's. Ok, let me take care of it. But I
will not have time to make coffee. Tayyar Dundar, we have information that Huseyin
Demir was taken by your people. Really? I am fighting for my
life here, and you are accusing me of kidnapping.
Isn't it strange? There was enough time to take
care of it from the moment of the kidnapping to the
moment when you were shot. That means that you are
good at mathematics. Unfortunately, I can't
help you, Omer Demir. I don't have the kind of relations with
Huseyin Demir of which you are accusing me. Listen to me. Husein Demir committed all
those murders because of you. As far as I know, you can't prove
something just by hearing about it. Am I right, Doctor? What are you saying?
- Omer, Omer! First, I will take Huseyin
Demir to prison, and then you. Nice. It is a man's purpose that
keeps a man going through life. I see you have learned a lot of things.
Did you tell Elif who killed her father? Answer my question.
Where is Huseyin Demir? I don't think you did. Otherwise, Elif would turn the world
inside out, wouldn't she, Omer Demir? Don't you dare die. You get well, do you hear me? I will take you to prison
with my own two hands. Listen, if you want, I can call Elif. Let her come, and I will talk.
I am offering you my support. Stay away from Elif!
Do you understand? Maybe you did not kidnap
Huseyin Demir; otherwise, you would turn
the world upside down. This was my father's
favorite watch. It is beautiful. It is yours now. I wanted to give it to you after the
wedding, but since you are here, I am giving you my
wedding present. Daddy.. I am so sorry. Daddy, please forgive me. I am sorry. Forgive me.
I am so sorry. Forgive me. Forgive me. Forgive me. God damn you, Omer. God damn you, Omer. God damn you!
God damn you! God damn you! God damn you! God damn you! It is clear that he is hiding him.
- And he is playing with Omer. Call Tolga to look
over the hospital. He should look for a man who keeps
going in and out of the hospital. Fine, Abi! Hello. Yes, it is me. Burglary? OK, I am on my way. Where? What happened? What happened with the newspaper?
- They are finished. They are sold out? What
news is there, I wonder? If you want, I can go out
and look somewhere else. Go, and bring me something to eat.
I am hungry. And tell the one inside
to go to the pharmacy and get me something
for my stomach. Fine, Abi! Come on,
we are going out! The wedding of the CEO of Denizer
Holding,, Elif Denier, was cancelled. According to the information
we received from the family, the mother of Elif Denizer's fianc�,
Omer Demir, had a heart attack. If you get up fast, your blood
pressure might drop too low. I know, Doctor! Should we try? Give me the phone, Doctor. Hello. You, SOB! How can you
keep that my mother had a heart attack from me? Who
do you think you are? I just saw the newspapers. I
hope that she gets well soon. Where is my mother? Where is my mother?
Is she dead? Why are you hiding this from me?
Who are you? Calm down. Calm down.
She is probably fine. If she had died, they would not
have reported it like that. How did you find out? You think that the idiots who
are watching me can fool me? I read the newspaper that
they tried to hide from me. I will show the both of them .. How is my mother, Tayyar?
How is my mother? Fine, cousin, fine. I will
call the hospital right now. I will have the doctor call you. Yeah, right. I will see
her with my own eyes. I don't know how you are
going to do it, but you will get me inside
that hospital, Tayyar! Let me talk to the doctor first.
Then, we will see. Don't you dare do
something on your own. Mr. Omer came here and scared me.
Be careful not to make any mistake. Fine. Fine then, act fast. If you don't call,
I will go there myself. Do you understand me? God damn your mother
and your family... Elif! Elif, what are you
doing here? When did you come here
and do this? When did you come here and leave my father's watch
that I gave you to wear at our wedding? It was that night wasn't it?
That night! You had already made your
decision that night! The wedding was
not going to happen. You had already left me! Tell me, how can I still want you
to console me when it hurts so much! Even now, when I am so angry at you,
I can't stay away from you. I want to lean on you. Why do I love you so much?? Tell me, why is it so
hard to forget! Why? Why? If it was so easy for you to leave, why did you bring me
back every time I tried to leave you? Why did you tell me not to leave? You said
I was your woman! Why did you let me dream, Omer? Omer, please stop this pain! - Elif! Elif! Elif, my heart hurts
worse than yours. At least, you can get rid of
the poison inside you. I can't scream...
my voice is gone. I said there can't be
Elif and Omer anymore. They did not let us be together. Elif, don't do this. I didn't say that
I don't love you anymore. Elif! Elif!... Sister!... What happened, sister? Are you ok? I am here. I am with you. Doctor, how is my mother?
What is her condition? She is getting better with every minute.
Her life is no longer in danger. We will keep here for a
few days longer just in case. Wait, I don't understand -
why go to these measures? We are waiting until the probability of another
heart attack is completely gone. I thought she was fine? What are you saying, boy?
Who are you? I am Sedat Turgal -
your mother's doctor, sir. Yeah right... Are you Tayyar Dundar's man?
Are you playing with me? Put Tayyar on the phone! Sir, I really don't know what you are talking about.
I am your mother's doctor, Sedat Tural. I have your mother's file here. ?
She was born in Reihan. Is that right? If you want, I can give you her
social security number. No. There is no need for that. I... Forgive me... I was so scared. There is no need to be.Everything
is under control. Your mother is very well. Ok. Thank you. Mr. Tayyar asks
if have calmed down now. - I am fine. I am fine.
Thank God my mom is fine also. Hello, it is over.
There is no problem. Sister! I came here to
tell you something. I have some news for you. - It is not something bad, is it? No, no... I went to visit Fatih. - Nilufer, I really don't want
to hear about it now. Sister, wait - stop. Fatih wants to see you. He says that he has something
important to tell you. Nilufer, I do not want
to hear Fatih's nonsense anymore. Let him go to the police and
tell them. I don't care. It is not about Tayyar Dundar or
money laundering. What is it? - You and Omer. What is his state of mind?
Did crazy Huso calm down? He said he was calm,
but then he shut up. Look!... Huseyin can turn
around at any minute. If he decides not go, or if he tries
to run away, take his things at once. He has a USB flash memory; bring it to me.
He is hiding it from me. It is very important. Take it and, if it is necessary, shoot him.
Shoot him until he dies. Do you understand? Be careful.
Now go. Hello! - Melike, it is me. Huseyin?! - My mom is in the hospital.
How is she? Where are you?
Tell me right now. I will tell you, Melike. When the time is right,
I will tell you. How is my mom? Tell me that. How is she? She is fighting! Her son is gone; he is lost. She is so worried. What kind of son and
husband are you, Huseyin? Don't you care about anyone? Melike! If I had another chance, would I do this?
A good son would go to hell and back and come here anyway. Come and say
goodbye to your mother. Goodbye? Is she that ill? - She is in a bad way, Huseyin.
She is in a very bad state! What is the use if you know that
anyway? You don't care. What happened? Did you find something
?- Come here, Abi. We have good news. Have you cried? Of course, we have been up all night -
that is why your eyes are red. We saw recordings of Huseyin Abi.
You can look at them if you want. Night before last,
he slept in the park. Then a man came and woke him up.
After that, they left. What did he do in the park? - We don't know, Abi. Is there anything else?
Actually, there is. They left the park and
crossed the boulevard. After that, they hid
from the camera. There is nothing more. Abi, there are three buildings.
Huseyin might be in one of them. Ah, my sister in law... Are you unhappy again? You are beautiful and smart. You deserve
to be happy, but you are not. I am so sorry. What is it, Fatih?
Why did you call me here? First, I need your help. It is very important. I don't know how
you will manage it, but ... ...you need to keep Nilufer
away from this place. She seems in bad shape. I can't stand
to see her like that. Nilufer is bad
because you are in her life. If you leave,
she will be much better. Why are you doing this?
Why are you doing this? Why don't you shut up for once?
Why are you always mad at your brother-in-law? - It's out of my hands. Maybe I will do
the best thing for you. If you want - just
don't make me angry. - What is this good thing
you will do for me? Omer did not leave you
because of the child. He lied to you. Why then? What is it, Abi?
- Nothing, the security man did not see anything. There is nothing
unusual going on. Then we have
one building left. Let's go and see. Are you working here? I am Chief Commissar Omer Demir
from the Istanbul Police Department. Yes? -I have some things to ask you. We are looking for this man. Have you seen him before?
Do you know him? No. We have evidence that
he is in one of these apartments. He must be. So take a better look! I was sick. I was on sick leave. Suleyman Abi was
taking my place.If you want, you can ask him. - And where is this Suleyman? Inside. - Come. Devrem, he is running away. - You go that way.
Pelo, stay here. Fatih, I am not going to listen to this
nonsense! Do you understand? Think for a minute. Think! Can your mind process this? Would Omer leave you
for some child? Girl, Omer and
I are the same. We don't leave
the woman we love. Unless, of course, the world turns upside down, and
something unexpected happens, and we are forced to do it. Omer would not do this. He would never leave you for
something that happened in the past. Say whatever you have to say.
Don't play with me. No, I can't do that. Omer would kill me if
I told you everything I knew. You will find out for yourself. You are a smart girl. Think and look from every side.
Look around and see where it will guide you. Solve this thing. Stop! Stop! Where are you going?
Where? Where?
- Come over here. If you want,
we can run some more. Tell me what you know.
Abi, they will kill me. They said
not to say anything. Devrem, should we arrest him? We can take him to the police station,
and keep him there until morning? I think it would be great.
- Look, it is loads of fun there. We don't kill people -
we drive them crazy. Fine, Abi... I will tell you
everything I know. They left half an hour ago. Where did they go?
- They did not say. I swear on my child that
they did not say. Come with me! Where did
they stay? Come on! Pull over here on the right.
- Why? I have to go. Keep it in for a while.
You will go at the airport. How will I keep it? Do I have to ask you
and let it go? Pull over there. Pull over. Uzan, get out. - What? You will
send him with me? Leave the bag if you want. - No, I will take it with me. What it is worth is mine. He is running away! The police are coming. Get in! Get in! Friends... ...we are not leaving here
until we find something. They cleaned it up
pretty good. It is his job. He will clean up everything.
I am talking about Huseyin Demir. Devrem, you look in the bath and the toilet -
maybe they wanted to get rid of something. Ok, Abi! Arda, you take the kitchen. We will look in
the garbage cans too. Come on then!
Let's find something. Coming. Hello, Ipek. Hello, Elif! Is Yagiz here? - No, he is at the park
with the nanny. If you are free,
can we talk? - Sure, come in. Abi, these are free chickens. They will bring us
a lot of money. What do you mean free?
Can a chicken be imprisoned? Most of them are... from the moment they
are born they don't see sunlight. Poor animals. Here we are. This is where you wanted?
- God bless you. God bless us all. I was out of my mind yesterday. It was a bad day. But... ...as time passed... ...I calmed down. Then, a person begins
to think logically. - Of course. I need to ask
you something, Ipek. Omer... How long has Omer known that
he is Yagiz's father? What did he say
when he found out? She deserved it.
- No, Abi, no one deserves something like this. Even a woman.
- You talk too much. Go and buy some tea.
Let's go! What do you think will happen
in the match tonight? - We will win! Take! Have some water.
Get up. Let me see You are so beautiful. Even when you cry. You... Kids, let's go... ....and get something to eat. I am so hungry.
Mother is sleeping, so let's use this opportunity. Fine.
- They have sandwiches here. No, no it is so dry.
Let's have some kebabs. But let me find
the nurse and let her know. Let's not wait.
We can use the stairs. You are right to be angry and
to ask questions, Elif. But, I think you
should talk to Omer. I am not angry, Ipek. Only that... ....there are some thingsthat
are not clear to me And I will not be calm until
I find the answers. Elif, really,
you should ask Omer. Why are you running away? Something is worrying you. Am I right? Yes, this conversation
is worrying me. Don't do this Ipek; we�already�
know each other more or less... Allow me. Honey! Welcome. - Can I play?
Go inside. Elif Abla! How are you?
- Fine! Miss Ipek,
can we have a word? sure. Will you show me your room? Fine!
Come on! I will take care of the evidence. We did not find anything,
but just in case something comes out. It would be good Devrem, drop me
at the hospital to see my mom. - Fine, Abi! Pelo, call me
if you find something. - Ok, don't worry.
Give my best to Aunt Elvan. I will. See you.
- See you. I am looking for a nurse.
What is the problem? Fine, Mom... please, be calm. Yenge, what is this?
- Omer, you came? They asked about me at the firm.
Mert came, and I am very thankful. Get well soon. How is mom? She is fine. She is sleeping
.We wanted to go and have something to eat. We wanted to tell the nurse,
but we could not find her. Fine, you go, and
I will stay with mother. Ome, she is sleeping.
Come with us so you can eat something. No, Yenge, I am not hungry.
Bon apetit. - Fine. Come on, kids. Mom... I am here... Am I the reason
you are in this state? How can you come
in front of me? How could you do it, Huseyin? How could you dirty yourself
with the blood of so many people? How could you make me
the mother of a killer? You just met;
give it some time. - No, Yagiz does not like me.
I understand him. Look, Yagiz has gone through a lot.
He will take time to like somebody. You will be closer in a few days. No, no... He does not like me. He would not
even get into the car. I think you don't like Yagiz.
I understand. Fine...thank you.
Thank you. Mr. Yagiz, do you want to start
with the hair or the beard? The beard!
- The beard, ok! Will you put foam on me? - Fine...But, since
this hair has grown a lot... ....let us start with the hair first, and then
we will move on to the beard. What do you think? Ok! How is it?
- Beautiful. Elif, what are you doing? Mom, is it easy to be bad? I hated myself looking at all of you
every day! Do you know that? Do you think I wanted this? That I wanted
to be this way? That I wanted to hurt you every day? I did it! I made one mistake.
I don't know. I wanted to save myself, but...
the more I tried to get out, I fell in deeper. I fell so much deeper. - Turn yourself in.
Serve your sentence. I can't do that. I will run away.
Mom, if they catch me, they will kill me. Mom... I came to ask for your forgiveness. Will you forgive your son? Everything will be clear in few hours. I will come to check on her in a few minutes.
I will look at the results, and we will talk again later. Fine, Doctor... thank you.
- You are welcome.

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