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PTV Drama Alpha Bravo Charlie (Episode 4)
Starring: Qasim Khan,Abdullah Mahmood,Faraz Inam,Shahnaaz Khwaja,Aarshid Kazmi,Wiqar Ahmed,Hashmat Shaikh,Rafar...
What's on what is this and this and this what I be makeup metal home but I kinda hundred understand so little child the money blocking in side a lot of money to make you sweat or man but I have nice tickets are bio seven you're gonna head up vehicle what was I gonna portal where home okay my mama you check crown are you okay baby yeah hmm no mom together not kyla okay afternoon I am who coming Center come get me out the pic of me what you must know we just made it here good morning set up giving me the fun app we're gonna be such a good idea you have them for some of that but you know sometime you how much everything you got me a second here what I have a back which is gonna join my band my perfect benson that's about the second that's something to sign up give me that not together President energy I'm gonna try to better anything helping should ask I'll be something I just making fun ever is there to push you don't give us a buzz I been thinking she might go the happy support you guess this I can give back something to be everybody please see what's up uncle jesse's that second em that's people came together to watch some flows can pretend inside of me that's what you is the painting exciting because giving them get a very timely event your junior when you choose something boom at you who will I think he can eat but this I know he did was to busy jumping I'm time cute hmm huh hmm hmm if you get her what good men kissing mommy son can broken is a beautiful musical start bringing them happy camper kid in good concern of home buying hmm love shit too can moved up okay okay time again and that loving someone could you give this lovely two good what's up full of it up to sit good I'm gonna kid go uh said he can we know that many but I have no problem gonna hello hello God um magic is a boil I'm extremely study uh oh God somebody need up um nothing to share the survey basic course liquid that's it again put you up on humanity but can make on work hmm hmm thank you you Larry ready to change your done to be where stealing my yes so something was up don't help yes it was me it all game happy matter yes we're giving you guess what your education to provide the quantity get those with the link get payments can be sure you're maybe here I study medicine people give up yeah people want to buy that I truly would you bother to look into the future is not something for people manage to take up with one pick this book appreciate good all of us I'm so never tried something you want something push hard I'll get some percent happy but as you know I mean season but on such a cookout me out did me help you with me do me give me achievement if we hang up they got me thinking what is he looking up to that they make it you could love somebody other sandwich the makeup with me about this so much we are jenny Tv can agree highly technical name but you can see that you look good deal but there is a ticket our guy energy but you though I'll be there will she get this out of the month you took a look at no gi you this new gear meet up your back on the boat focus making dot com don't what up enjoy commuting festival make it to the tune in oh God who's sign up it's like a family because I've been taken to the timothy anyway I'm combining a medical miracle without Pacific on a King can be a Beach with seminar support when I take a chance on and should even honest and straightforward and two big bulky community I've been the confidence better body weight animation keep up mean put office got much fuck with me girl I kinda thought you bitch come on running you off on purpose knowing I was not going bit welcome was it is nothing new in coming let me constantly big the kind of business it is much different than me up you can fuck me with a good of my mother okay push the new me recruiting as well as anybody that you could do the morning with the but you look up you couldn't you what's up but gave them up with any name if you do you should stop complaining me up in couple teen I would doing up up get there can never whatever yeah try like they're about to gonna get you hook up there well thank you I do not getting out I should looking again okay that's you all it's monkey that color may cause it's gonna be cap is not little all of it keep its got the joker take a sibling separate it better be using it I just think we still going to self grooming over hold through you again in something about it shapes it this is about computer okay you okay on this month you can join up pinky I don't need this uh Middle heart of Israel that they get them uh I'm experience it said Apple pear um licking your body on your situation it I'll be dropping idea this man the campus talking a good guard anything of no no said yeah nigga to be honest what with any method so much you think I should now about me focus without you like it up to it's ability Virginia tonight the butter but maybe they didn't commit about image on the journey up I took even be something because it could get to get daddy he should be showered me the children India is connection as you could get app maybe today 30 be shower with the House is keep is good bud off of your body then camera in this not the Street maybe dancing on the scenic and it's going down in thousand of visit basque you so that with the luck is she flight opted mancha cut up what you got them even because they could hey captain in the cut a brand new mercedes like they could lifting silly me now when I got there kinda double date it ah doctor about shooting people can leave you tonight you happy piece hundred safe is my look up and said I could do give them a little big to the baby take a little bee other day not a maybe to me to give to your yeah baby excuse me up yep you after our brokers are the most of jesus said that looking back up don't look hot tub universities such as strong as on the job that you can't get me then you can I think you can kinda messages to Nasa said you don't get it then it the right up here kinda the judging you get kinda think about opportunity no okay by the manicure that this generous so that blew up but you but we do sell it all over the damn in we got into the fifth who's gonna giveaway game um are you look at you look good job but I can video it smooth I look that are gonna think of me okay guys I think but it away from another week of good job and they got the name thought yet maybe up moving with confidence from high but the bloom is that you know hey to meet what you do is you name it was kinda commissioners and if we going to taking one aged look at the the table I got now to dungeon low nigga chair could share you a people you care I hey kid good baby baby the cuter the gender gap be kind be made up of what that okay get up to said that gave me show you got up you are down with a cold cocktail with just the push you up knee called talk yup a chance on us and European it's check of money for thinking we're looking ahead to keep which upgrade ship me thinking about the tense on is the community coming here to nothing but okay living yoga the yeah yeah I'm button come up make mischief dog in do absolute fun good lead to map about doogie yeah did you family comes in family yeah you unused have been go today it many people have been okay that's also good but a hundred dollar a touch too to jump in many interviews for that can you okay but then he just look at the map focus up maybe maybe a v you going okay more yeah me up video visit I believe people shouldn't you already especially to be tonight at nine oh that is it me attending but I know get so who's here but delimited so simple I can come into what God that ending got nothing but the good baby you got those come get me one thing that was my name is in with me what you how did you guys like a couple of people know who put the land I'm going okay I didn't know he's a queen but any traveling to attach met demanding them negatively didn't kinda let you get away from that I've second put a little kindness to me by the United way is never shut up move size cello can be giving about give me could that's gonna provide both to them and we have them as a gonna be a busy baby you are too but I think ability get that set aside the movie I've got different seconds at the attendee happy about this arena but over that every time this cat what the hard question that could go on the top with the new gonna be not at an event uh comes everyone take a nigga I chubb be doing the excited to enjoy this time good looking not just for that is many kind of what you guys out there all that good we're done filming you can give good come on now come on that's it the more God new friends okay man and I'm no where if you okay do better but this is gonna be good pretty because about the idea running up better minute what would you took but now one thing I don't fuck live okay baby mamas babies and you put them coming up because everybody is going there many buck think about the Wall available data to the Sun excitement doing vegas with you look at my now that's their baby up to a touch of good good it was got them a little up you have to stop being on it the method on about this that booty somebody the money may man need go going over live about the you can you can get a turbo thank you who's watching me good because it tell them to tell you something what they're always have done think are gonna infantry think about that question here thanks looking in this winter like limit the identical to that but it was a lot but I took up in he could be it's never stop doing and you think the body pesky W me that's just just thinking somebody they be like look up the hard and get that up and the course of that the how addicted my support to get the most don't get up your hands entry popping up but I can't the product get you back I'll be grace keep your fishing can get the kind it all this is tim with the 21 and they tell you just go home Frenchman card and get give me percent I'm finger like that nominated by bikini man with the yoga you think about them making something better job we have those that we now you doing and they put shit shit shit good shit oh no ha way to use that too yeah but I was there was headed to another day go get better me of the body it brought me something yeah yeah without a weapon group who will be like that girl with the new lot of you I think I did any because my little boom which we love so we're man okay but what's up baby happy you put the get the you okay you gotta lemme three lucky we are ready to put someone put a banana hope than ever because of the new I don't think that I got a family but I tell you that but then let your that's okay man family belly with their this is mitchell go with them who are off to a good okay man nigga his good work on the way better idea got their own thing then when movie should be really candidate on any man if I give you me kathy love me boy who becomes about me my nigga you being who getting burning I'm Ben jen you okay okay it's gonna learn good but to come you who gives yummy melon be I'm running with the over here let me personally hello right here okay I said wait telling to because you got this you got this up uh but what happened touch I don't even got a present for me can you be that we got my man about you because it's you shall who a trouble stepping tell I guess that I'm giving people my money landed come about aunty but I don't think we post it yeah we'll be signing a better fuck you baby have I found the going good I think this time that time can see up there could you get me on here went down because you are that I'm back to kill the that's not fair that good you have any question if you're a k two special because I'm deficient that's looking but you can could actually with the space and she's like a baby shot me working better you can equip with fishing which oh that is what everybody yeah is it doesn't set up everybody who put family got across a man can get pretty working girl listen we're okay man okay say great the knee Green this mega members love you ha not somebody that how come he believe me cause of it yeah but it once had been good this has been a little clinic at chuck mankato I know how to get your okay looking pushed me thank you Anthony could be join up coming up so much and I like them that's what you think so for a drink or said Mr was gonna look at certain you give them about their that's my parents off okay don't working yes sir it dot com with them and receive it is gonna be like different that oh you got the okay gonna turn it up so well could be okay but it didn't clinic moving cameras up come at the past the magic don't come meet the watch I think bucky bucky the Sunday because click from high success but I we look back up to Alaska I'm going to play with these things in future is that clicky listen okay okay let's put that blender video Sam credit the head happy I just got in from going can I see the tender so thank you enough do them another battle with them come on a spending cuz then the girls so many but thank you at those that the most unfair I choose you Jack you coming back to way things about them what the 98 save on over to my big time delivery day this game but that's up high such he's such a big man yeah it was not a gym planet hungry meadow make in doing shall do it you sodium neighbor to be but never going welcome up you know what I'm saying I will okay I think that is a very nice play no man you can study what up we was like yeah I probably skip inside the road as the meadows easy you could make you some good flash luna we are not doing uh please visit their work done as I should not be dante's I'm so you this you know a lot about me exciting right today yep was it look you base it that's what you did it's about putting that no that's how he's not bad shit if you just put your man give me I'm gonna be me and you wanna become okay getting a bit about today but I didn't go together leaving the body you understand what I'm saying to you huh man if he stops it somebody to think about County but nothing we can be body only because it means I'm not just gonna use it up hey guys on this this up yeah okay okay what you should brush so this kid wants to the public got most of them so what if the ball took me money doctor Virginia sm 12 video well baby body building Tv her close up experience our ex students you know this this world date of giving much to look by us help you be there for them right standing position bit if you'll be subtle but again you miss today's gone to give it is that a school where the home exercise video man with the free becoming so it is something you should be doing doesn't made it known as long hot sticky I'm gonna see you there to tell them up this little nigga other University kinda I possibly going to me because we didn't get that I'm about to buy the boys coming even walk you say uh man the one looking up at technical back get it kinda card get you started in mesquite chicken nuggets that you probably but together hit it cannot be heck uh he okay that when I get out to look at the you can get them but it's not a good choice of people here okay but danny really hard but the words me the jetty lifting when it leaves the lucky that lazy dog because the bond okay good news that I live and actually got the they don't get that ball sitting there doing this thing should happen to your House and he hit on people not need much go maybe keep Department the minute they come get the weight we think you you what okay what bus the body cause you're the worst since I've been part of and other people you maybe have to come try to music but that hope it see what that is to get them going like you sneak you use it so I'm taking christie so please save your up go he definitely send me the message of live upgrade to visit zero body with people or just about video bit cookie was me to John again sitting there but good shit course that's not a sound that's gonna do like a moment was go yeah good boy but nobody said potential to you call us we'll pick up the check in your question so what's up with a photo can go with it the more you go you took that idea go to the Chicago loop sir but no medical like I'm could you come pick up his look of you they confront it's gonna be the other little of you I believe up the mess me driven by them about cheated by then you got him I on said the go go yo power mommy up to me which it now and get lucky to be up me why do you have a data cap now it know it can can you but I'm thinking that option give in because hospital with copy know about me by take up there I think I go and rest for everyone see you both of the Union I will clear soap what you view the fam and also to get this new service manager of fun because it can ease and okay and keep movie yeah jenny mommy I want to judge me but that how are you and how is England I'm fine and England is the same from without them gets you a congressman teller a one maybe you're gonna be then decided school maybe drink whatever or Sean cool I want your make up check the rooms to fit their don't think of it can be in you and save up it's gonna happen but I continue to community will have them put into scarcity t shit mommy mama was kissing movie with us in the game man as a people they have them cookie yes I do honey I am special education he made a video here this is what I want to do and this is what I'm qualified to do should not get the great good of number of people by staying pickle many this should be a family give the good it mommy up there with me yet the fucker up this sukkot you're giving I could even there are many sub good my group and on a dirty pop up the decision taken dented are maybe a piece of politician I'm glad to see you settled and happy for medical because he here not the needed genesis commit the police the bubbly to me it's too late anyway and I'm a big girl now shouldn't you don't have to worry about that I must be looking up

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