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At Dr Chinhara, Orthodontic Centre like I told you fixing the smile

Posted 1 year ago in Health & Medical

Mureverwi Ras James 1 year ago

Awesome a fun of Braces......Big thank you to Dr Chinhara......🙂

Lisa Pam 1 year ago

But we used to u makadaro😭all the best mukuru hope u get the best satisfying resultz ❤️❤️

Musaope Mtamba 1 year ago

I think those teeth ndoautoita zvisekese other wise new voice pakaipa 😂😂😂

Alexio Gwasa 1 year ago

Bad idea we like the natural you not edited

Maullanah Zubair Kassim 1 year ago

But manje mukazogadzirwa moita handsome hamuzonakidze.rambai makaita sa Shrek comic,moitwa Cute career ikapera apa😂😂😂

Charles Menard Saki 1 year ago

Wisdom teeth can be wicked

Tinotenda Tinapi 1 year ago

Am not happy about this hanku personally

Doreen Mpf 1 year ago

I hope this is not because of people's comments, people are nasty at times. If that makes you feel better then go ahead.

Faith Dube 1 year ago

Please balance me here comic varikuitei

Adah Farai 1 year ago

Go for it, I fixed mine and almost done, ❤️