This LeBron impersonation 😂

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The way he got all of LeBron James' reactions down 😭

(via SwishoMode/Twitter)

Posted 1 year ago in Sports

Ryan Faulkner 1 year ago

A more accurate impersonation would be to kneel and cry and pout like a little spoiled brat.

Travis John Folmer 1 year ago

Be careful...heat fans will be pissed over this

Tyrone Brunner 1 year ago

That's as wack as her laugh

Long M Cris 1 year ago

Did he cry over cramps ?

Eric Carano 1 year ago

So much salt on here. I think my favorite line is “he’s gonna steal one from his former team” hahaha what does that even mean????

Bill Daniels 1 year ago

Oh know james says nba will sit out over this and blm is his creation

Eddie Weston 1 year ago

Does he do a buttfucked by China too?

Kneega Tuyisopo 1 year ago

Trump 2020

Rocky Moua 1 year ago

Walk like a penguin

Jovan YellaBone Green 1 year ago

6 out of 10