Potential massive shortage of fruit and veg at Christmas

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Farmers say there could be massive shortages of fruit and vegetables at Christmas if they don't have an influx of workers.

The pandemic has prevented...

Posted 1 year ago in Social Issues

Doug Chetwynd 1 year ago

We have a massive population of low risk offenders in the states jail system! Get them out and working to repay their debt to society and it will financially help the agricultural industry at the same time

Micky Bee 1 year ago

Anyone on the dole for more than 3 years (that is able bodied) should be forced to go and work in this industry and other industries that are struggling to find workers.....
No need to import backpackers when we have plenty of people here without jobs.....

Michael Sabatino 1 year ago

The government needs to Offer an incentive like...if you’re on Centre link and you go picking, the cash u make picking is tax free. This might encourage people to actually get a job after the 3 month season is over.

Arie Carrasco 1 year ago

Farmers are nothing but bludging floggs the would rather hire backpackers they can exploit and make as much money for themselves fuken thieves they are..... hire Aussies and pay proper money ya fuken dogs leave the reffos where they are instead of sponsoring these job stealing floggs......put Australians first

Laura Mariee 1 year ago

So many people on the dole should be offered this work before people who don't even live in Aus it's stupid!

Rainer J Lucks 1 year ago

Hire Australians & pay them a decent wage, instead of cheap labour.

Jason Dehring 1 year ago

Heaps of unemployed people that are capable. Shouldnt be an issue. Only in Australia!

Colleen James 1 year ago

How many school leavers out there soon plus unemployed!

Tammy-marie Russell 1 year ago

Than hire Aussies instead of relying on tourists, which they only do because it's cheap labour. It's their own stupid greedy fault.. HIRE AUSTRALIANS, get rid of the harvest card for Australians.

Chris Hughes 1 year ago

3 months if that work not worth doing full time is what people need stability something the government's no nothing about