DeFuniak Springs Fire Department PAT 2017

Monday Motivation
Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Fireman with the City of DeFuniak Springs Fire Department? Here is a video of one of our Firemen performing the annual Physical Ability Test. This tests some basic firefighter skills along with evaluates the firefighters physical strength and stamina, to ensure he is ready to perform at a moments notice!

Wearing full Firefighting Protective Equipment including Helmet, Jacket, Pants, Gloves, and SCBA the Firefighter will complete the following:

Evolution #1
Extend 150 feet of 1.75 charged hose 100 feet and knock down all 3 cones in no specific order

Evolution #2
Hoist a 40lb. bucket from ground level to top landing 5 times, using hand over hand method

Evolution #3
Climb stairs to top landing where you will use a rope to hoist a 50 feet section of 1.75 coiled uncharged hose over the railing and place on landing and descend to ground level. Repeat for a total of 5 times.

Evolution #4
Strike tire using sledgehammer 25 times raising the sledge to shoulder height before next strike.

Evolution #5
Carry (2) 40lb. buckets a total of 75 feet.

Evolution #6
Drag a 50ft. section of of 3in. uncharged hose a distance of 150 feet.

Evolution #7
Drag dummy a distance of 75 feet.

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