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This cake icing is something different 😍

Posted 4 months ago in Food & Drink

MetDaan Cakes 3 months ago

Huge thanks to NHO �Ỏ CAKE for this video. Check out their Youtube Channel for more videos here:

Margaret Loughney Mathewson 3 months ago

Beautiful cake but so much icing!

Christine Anders 3 months ago

Very clever but much MUCH too much icing.

Raquel A. Nethken 3 months ago

One does not need to put every technique one learns on one cake. Editing!!!

Barbara Srhoj 3 months ago

what the icing made off

Michelle Anne 3 months ago

WOW! So incredible to watch this artist at work. I would hate to mess it up, but it looks soooooo delicious!!!

Raj Bee 3 months ago

Lol that looks so bad.

Way too much stuff on the thing

Iram Asad 3 months ago

My cupcakes ha e bubbles just like bread ....plz tell me what is wrong with them

Maree Reghenzani 3 months ago

It look like a meringue type frosting