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These lads asked their followers for random challenges then went out and did them - some of these are hilarious 馃槀馃憦
Go to subway and get it twisted until they make you stop Can you touch a little bit more than that? just a little bit more? Could you toast it a little bit more than that. Can you tell it more than that? I feel like an oh I like it black. I like it. Yeah. Okay. Can I get more than that More? Yeah. Okay. You got the fire Department. Bro. Did you see it? Oh y'all Take some mayonnaise. There you go. Thank you. Tele barber you don't like the haircut. It is it done. Yeah I don't know I just I just don't like it. so what you wanna. If you can do anything, I don't know if you can do anything can you I mean it's basically what you had just a little bit shorter. Yeah. I just don't like it's really bad. So what part don't like all of it. It's pretty it's literally what you just had. Yeah. I just don't I just don't like it. do you like it. No. I'm just joking. I don't like you. I think for the haircut. thank you so much you're welcome go to Chipotle and say no to everything. No. Thank you. No. Thank you. No. thank you. you know I don't want any of that. You know. Thank you. No thank you. Anything else that's it. Okay. Thank you hit the target with a plunger. No way No. Bullseye baby Go to Olive Garden and don't say stop for the grated cheese. Alright, we're. Is that good? this perfect give a little more? There's no more in here, but I got even more. Appreciate you. Go to Chick-fil-A and keep saying thank you or they don't say my pleasure back. Thank you. Thank you my pleasure. Thank you so much. I just really means a lot to me my pleasure. Thank you. so much. you're amazing. I just. I love you. thank you. My pleasure, I'm really thankful. for you and in his bag. Thank you. Thank you so much. here you go. Alright. Thank you. I'm just really thankful. so good. Alright. Thank you my pleasure.

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