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The roommates take a road trip to the beach where Dondre confronts Tovah about her accusation that he was physically aggressive towards her. Arely fights...
You do not tell this man one time to shut the fuck I'm not going to be in the Middle Long distance don't work from birth to move in together that scares the out of me I'm doing you over here but I don't have to want that ring You're gonna have to learn it I'm really confused at Tobin Clint It's like they wanna be barbie and Ken or something but like a really cheap version I'm down here at the L This is the true story who you texting seven strangers fam to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped stream and shared across Facebook What do you mean? No to find out what happens you are not listening people stop being polite Oh my God and start getting real Santa baby so real Y'all this toothbrush. I could do an ad for this toothbrush This toothbrush It's affordable It's lightweight and it comes in really cute colors black like your soul White We went to the club House It's pretty fun You talk no but I was crying cuz like a joke that was set and I got offended your home No, you have a baby one of the roommates but like it's fine like it wasn't that big of a deal I'm really just kidding You're now give me Oh no it's fine like I stood up for myself and we talked it out It's okay. Now like really there's whenever I get over there No No. Like it's fine like it was literally just a misunderstanding. It really was cuz I'm gonna be no David No No Please stop You should tell them to watch your mouth Stop. There's no reason for you to like that Yeah. Well I'm sorry I'm looking after you No, I know David's very protective over me I feel like he didn't really listen to what I was saying he just heard someone called me a hoe and that pissed him off I just feel like he doesn't want anybody to disrespect me in that way Talk So like I just like wanna be upfront and honest so like I called David and I told him what happened last night and he was just like oh I'm a bit as come finish the story so he thought that we were stole like beefing Okay Well I guess when he gets here we can talk about. Yeah. I mean I told him I'm like it's really not that big of a deal cuz me and Dodger like we talked it over this understanding Yeah. You weren't and I'm just telling you I was an I apologize to you too cuz I didn't want it to seem like well. I appreciate for you to tell me I know it will be okay but I wasn't trying to degree To all the whole No, I mean I get that now but I just wanna be upfront and honest so there's no don't be stressed out about it I apologized to a really 50 million damn times when I called her a whole. I was literally just playing but that's what I get for talking to people are reckless and I knew I shouldn't have done it so cool but if he comes and try to be my own like he ain't gonna be, you're gonna try and beat your ass. Okay The Clintons over back and forth is getting old We'd never know if they're together or not because one day they are when they are not I think everyone's just over it We just don't wanna deal with it anymore We were talking me Justin guys learn about like he was wearing flip flops and I was like we should go to the Beach so I'm thinking we should go to like Savannah for the day and they have a Beach right next too How do you all feel about that about? It was like a very historic place like almost like an old Savannah, Georgia. It's somewhere that I've always wanted to go It is actually a place that is on my bucket list are all down Yes That's a good idea All day we also play you don't lose Growing up, it was like I was always around like White people I never really had the mindset of like my skin color could escalate a situation like that in that situation in the car would probably took another turn if I was a White boy or something 11 oh bitch with that too. See her I feel like she literally played the victim If I was why she would've been like clean, it's not that big of a deal bro you feel like you're not scenario You're kinda like painted as aggressive black Yes exactly I actually think danger is starting to understand certain things that I've been pointing out to him like a White man might blow up and get angry and that's just him. He's just he's just angry. He's passionate if a black man Angry blows up then he's just irrational and or crazy Let's say there were no cameras and there was just a a police report file right basically is this Tobias word? She's just like right like the White lady and is is your word and now I'm getting tool with her boyfriend because a boyfriend is saying he's trying to defend her me thinking about the whole situation at hand and what happened was kinda brought up some questions in my life beliefs as a black man. It's just like was oblivious To the fact that there are like racial issues nobody attacked dawn great tonight I don't understand why it's dangerous. No, I kicked off That's something I gotta keep in mind There's a lot more I know Yeah, it's a whole lot Everybody ready to go Yeah We're excited to go to the Beach. We're excited to get the freak out of Atlanta We think that it will be Super good for all of us. You know to change environment Do this man? Get on Check it out Savannah here we come I think we're here It's so cute Dude, this is sick This is nice too Look at the room Holy She's a bad ass Beach House chandelier made out of seashells Got a mirror made of seashells Got a fireplace made of seashells Seashells are bad ass This is Clinton room Look at that big shower. They got Oh they're gonna be doing a lot of a long time in there Click in total were just fighting to having drama No here on the trip Clinton's over are sharing a bedroom in a relationship is just going in the same cycle of B S Come on Y'all. Let's do it Wow, it's great October thing still haven't figured it out and I think it was pretty confused on what she wants Sunscreen No, I don't Yes Oh yes But right now reviving like everything's fine You know it's weird I mean we both see that little bit there in here too I love to be Let's do it I'm already hungry for my sandwich American Eagle Away What is that? That looks like a demon Bird Nothing was scary Oh my God what's up there so much back and forth open one bike there is not good for each other is just comment i know it is very sweet attorney arnel oh my god oh my god it's so foreign thank you for watching which is 'yong picture i'd like to feel the children content because they're doing this room madam take a love moment it would be wanna be barley and cancer something like Really cheap version How do you stay with turbo It's just like constantly on and off like he just gets to the point where it's like saying like Y'all just having fun right now How do I know I know I wanna keep it moving after this show. I don't wanna do the whole long distance relationship She wants to go day by day and turn away do perfect and she's like it's not you. It's me I'm like the classic line Yeah It's not you. It's made I've never got that Well There you go Straight down this way Like we want around here museum is a House owned by a wealthy White family and there's also a mini slave like black people there So this really puts the history in a physical form is something that was a was a reality You know just one square over on right square There was a slave sale the first Tuesday of every month you walk around that square You won't see any mention of that whatsoever and this is why I get so passionate about telling these stories because history to me has only one purpose and that's to learn from it The saddest things I ever read was called the Weeping Time. It was the largest slave sale here in Savannah 430 -. Five slaves were gonna be sold. There was a woman who was a hundred years old and her One group of people came to this other group of people and decided they own them This is like the foundation of what the United States of America is built on and it's such a painful history It's hard really comprehend. Sometimes what human beings do to each other looking at where slaves were interacting with the real world It was just sensitive moment for me and there's still some things I wanna bring up sober to talk about and having this tour encouraged me in Motivate me to actually be strong and bring it up now There's something that I want to talk to you about over about the fight like me quit had about why are you sitting there playing the victim like I really just slap your face You don't remember hitting my arm I feel like it was kinda racially motivated for you to say that I slap your hand Yeah. You push my hand. You push my arm I did not hit you Okay Push you didn't say that you said, I hit the different hitting push like how law enforcement responded to it dog or even a black man hit a White woman There is large With us you as a White woman could have played that situation up in literally affected my well being by the been detrimental to me as a person and you are saying that if you are a White man, none of this would have happened If I was your White friend who moved your hand off cleanse mount it would not have escalated It pisses me off that you think after knowing me for this long but that would not have happened. If you were White you guys are putting this White on me all the Damn time and it is getting so tiring Dandridge should know that I'm not racist. I don't give a what color skin you have so for him to be saying this to me right now It just pisses me off You just got Super defensive I even started off changing my tone of her posting right He is so calm and he's explaining it in the most simple way I'm really proud of and I think that's a form of progress Let's go home My gun burn front Around for an hour just cleanse your butt cheeks together Mentally you know I'm struggling Where is this relationship going I wanna hear what you're thinking So yeah I'm upset In my past relationships even if I'm being treated in a way that I don't like I'll stay because it's a validation that I'm special I know that the situation with me and Clint isn't good and it like bothers me that I feel like I'm not strong enough to walk away That was the longest ride in the world Hey, I just need to know what time you're gonna get here 40 - five. Okay. When David comes to the House, I want to address how he talks to me and how he's very controlling. I want to let him know how I'm feeling and confront the issue before it gets worse Alright. Well, love you all. See you in a bit. Okay, I've been Can I talk to you What's up girl so I wanted to talk to you about our conversation that you tried to have with me in Savannah Yeah automatically I got defensive but I just wasn't in a place to be like I agree. I'm so sorry I was like all up in my feelings but I respect you and I would never do that to you to any African American and I'm not blind to the fact that you know if there's a White man and an African American man and it's the same chart Urge the african-american man is going to get a more severe punishment I will never fully understand how bad racism still is in America but you know being around Dandridge and Justin and hearing their stories It's opening my eyes to more of what they're going through I just wanted to like apologize and you know like I hear you, I understand you That's all I really wanted to Yeah, just for you to understand that it could be detrimental to like a black friend of yours or anything These are the repercussions it could have and whether it's racist or not your actions have consequences I do feel like total understands the message that I was trying to get across and that's what I'm most grateful for it I appreciate that good We good Love you baby A rally What time you get here he is a couple minutes away need talk about anything new that I'm good I really did it are going through some things and I feel bad for was that a knock I just think that she needs a way out her options here and just figure out if it's always gonna be like this with him or if it's something that can change Hey Hi Come on in everybody Alright guys. This is David Hello I'm a hugger I'm glad you made it safely Hi meeting David It's hard because I've only heard negatives This is the kitchen I don't think David is a bad guy but I really want a really to be able to stand her ground stand in her truth and stand up for herself although this is yeah just like I'll see we'll see scared. Nobody called me a hoe Obviously David got pissed and said what he said so I'm a little nervous because I feel like January is a very confrontational person so I don't know what's going to happen Justin Dodger, this is David I don't mean they I'm the guy said. It's gonna be my ass bro bro don't be saying you can't beat somebody as that. You don't know find a boxing gym bro and we can box We can settle it like that I'm down. Just ask for permission I'm Davis David is going too much. He's like taking it to another level like bro I have no intention of fighting and scared I didn't tell you was here I'm just telling you you're not gonna come here Say you're gonna be my ass Shut it Shut it You no, you you jump what I'm right here man You gotta tell me do David is trying to fight dandruff and dangerous all nonchalant about it He isn't being aggressive Come on Are you trying to fight you like you don't even know the situation that occurred from well really told you Yeah. Whatever get outta here Stainless steel Watch your mouth man I'm glad that I've progress in my own self because I would've flew off this damn bed so fast anybody that makes me feel like I had to put my hands on them then they don't need to be around cuz I don't need that around. He's not gonna know what to do You can't just come in like that Okay. Well and talking to me like that isn't cool. I know but what did I say when you came in I know it's hard but you can't let your emotions get the best of you I'm telling you this because like I feel like this is a very important thing to discuss There's a couple things that you have said to me that I don't really appreciate like you said half the time you don't even pay attention to me. Anyways, you pay more attention to your friends even if it means losing everything you love for that I am the true It's very hard for me to read those messages I feel like you need to realize how your words come off cuz I don't think you truly realize that It's just really funny to meet. this is being brought up now I just feel like I'm being made like to look bad No that's not I get no I know first of all first of all you know what I don't like but you do what you wanna do I don't like that I'm very irritated and push to my limit I need you to hear me out cuz I'm done not saying anything Talking to me the way you do isn't okay I've let a lot of people walk all over me but I'm done letting anyone walk all over me but a lot of things slide and I never really stood up for myself but I know I deserve a lot better I deserve to be respected and if you're not gonna do it somebody else would be willing to do that What's going through your head I feel like I'm being put on the spot I didn't think working out to this But talking about everything just makes me think about everything that I've said to you and like I need to be a better person I'm scared to lose you listen not doing this home I'm working on myself too Stop taking me for Brandon because I have a lot of faith in us to grow Together learn this was a very big moment for me to really tell him how I feel cuz I've never done that in the past I'm gonna go inside You know it takes two people to make a relationship work and if there's no communication then it's not gonna get anywhere There's still a lot of things that we need to work on I'm very hopeful that we can overcome this obstacle I'm sorry mom I didn't mean that gets upset her man. I wasn't upset I was gonna talk to you about the situation and just move fast it It's just something I need to work on. You know I'm glad there's no animosity or hostile attention between the top. Go good I do feel like he loves her and he means the best for her so I just hope they find a way to work out Do you wanna talk Let's just go in the confessional better But do you think that I'm not sick of the up and down but you're wrong I'm so ready for just something smooth So what the okay cuz you're not you have no idea what you wanna do when have I ever said I don't know what I wanna do I just that's how I feel I feel like you give nothing back I'm the only one hurt right now you don't you don't have any anything going on It's like it's just nothing You have some big problems too because I don't know if I wanna No no, you can say that but I just don't believe you don't believe you don't feel it It's not fair to me It's always on me. You literally always put on me cuz I'm not knowing what actually here putting any actual real feelings on this So I don't know what you've been saying to be honest I'm tired of crying. Clint I'm seriously sick of it I don't have time to work I'm sorry but I don't and I'm tired of not being enough for you dude I'm straight on this conversation is actually run away like you always knew For so much of my life I've never felt good enough and I'm just sick and tired of like Clint saying everything is always my fault We're done It's over You're a bitch We're done Yeah. Cuz I called you a bitch Whatever Clint I hope you find what you're looking for man There's a lot of girls out there. Man that are gorgeous and Imma go meet a new girl That's what I'm gonna do I tried so hard My mom has been wanting to come so excited. Yes I'm still conflicted about it like earlier. Parents are still considered illegal immigrants so it's just like I don't know something is wrong and I haven't got my period yet. So I need to like figure out what's happening Are you gonna do a privacy? Just obviously mean Clint are not doing well It's a pretty scary thought to think if I am pregnant like what what would happen Hey, everyone You follow the real world on Facebook. Watch. Look out for new videos dropping daily If you're not doing that need to change that right now you can see even more of me and my roommates on Facebook stories Let's get it

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