Tom Cruise Returns Golden Globes Awards to Protest the HFPA

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Tom returned his three globes to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in protest over the lack of diversity among its members.
Yesterday, the Globes...

Posted 5 months ago in TV & Movies

Theresa Zacharias 5 months ago

Tom Cruise is giving back his awards because of lack of diversity. Why didn't he decline the awards when he received them? This kind of crap has been going on for decades.

Acquiesce To Parliament 5 months ago

The only opinion on Earth that matters is the opinion of people that have coined themselves as white and the underlings that are adopted as white or close enough to it, I said that to say this until that ends there would be no refuge for anyone who is of African descent everybody else can get in with a fit in I'm speaking as a black man and I have 29 years of experience in the lack of progress.

Jim Odom 5 months ago

All just further evidence of what's been obvious for many years: these awards are more about things like politics and sentimentality than merit.

Steph Lilly 5 months ago

Scientology told him to do it?

Shannon McClure 5 months ago


Derek Rastin-Vaughn 5 months ago

Nancy Brock 5 months ago


Traci Stoltz 5 months ago

Lol who cares!!!

Dean Horne 5 months ago

So what is tom cruise really trying to say. Is he saying you got these awards just because he's caucasian? I thought these awards are based on talent not skin color.

Kathleen Lyons O'Bryan 5 months ago

Don’t really care...