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The Biden Family Foreign Cash Extraction Operation Must be Exposed Before Its Too Late

Posted 2 years ago in Politics
John Gabriszeski
John Gabriszeski2 years ago

Our the 1 billion he and Joe got from China !!

Doris Mattern
Doris Mattern2 years ago

President needs to quit worrying about Hunter and worry about himself he tells so many stories he doesn't even know what's right and what's the lie

Dan Geske
Dan Geske2 years ago

What did he pay into income tax ? 🦨🦨🦨something stinks. 🇺🇸🦅

Connie Eddington-Moore
Connie Eddington-Moore2 years ago

Nobody talks about the trump kids who have not worked a day in their lives making money off the White House. Your tax money folks

Buck Buchanan
Buck Buchanan2 years ago

I talk about it every day Joe and Hunter needs to be in prison with Obama the worst president ever !!!!!!