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{NEW DUA SERIES} Supplicating with the Names of Allah
Dr. Yasir Qadhi in partnership with HHRD

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The larger I'm. so today we're gonna be finishing up our final about the news What it when it comes to the concept of drug and then our last two lessons. If we have a listen to those who listen to those because maybe some of your questions over there, the last time I went to a very briefly some of the concepts of the names of all the attributes so we went to the. Two most important and commonly that I said in the Andra without exception and that is the name Allah in the name Loma those two names. it doesn't matter what the are. The object is ara whatever you're asking for your spiritual Orly for yourself or your family or friends or for the umma. Whatever you ask for it doesn't matter the name, Allah Isi again, and the name of this can be used at any time. we're gonna move on. Today and move on to the names and to discuss and I we went from before that the concept of the attributes one that's not just to cover even in 10. This is what's less two or three. So today I wanted to do at least tell all of this time in Right-I at least three or four names of the weather also useful this actually given the fact that we are in the last 10 nights a month, and of course, I wanna begin with the names of Allah that deal with the concept of mercy. And obviously we want to love mercy and so let us begin with the names with mercy. So we have a number of names a category of them. We have the name of Rahman and the name of Russian and the name of Hahahah Ammi and the name of Rani in the name, Lou Rana, the one of Rahman. that's five names of Allah that that literally have the word raa some on and once again number one, it is a. Number two a Russian number three number four and number five Russia, and all of these are mentioned in the Quran and of these five, the first two or in the 19 nineties of a lot of aaha and the other three or over the divine name, but they don't typically make it to the list of the 99 and remember this is something I did last lesson for us as we go. But for those dividend event, I remember I had mentioned that the names of Allah are in number and of those. Or 90 - nine that are special and so this is a perfect example. I just mentioned five names of beloved are indoor or on and of those five the last three or of the divine name, but they're not of the 1990 - nine for the 90 - nine or a higher status than the others, Even though all of them are superlatively, they aren't the best they are the most excellent way to Allah the most perfect and the best names without any exception and all those best 90 -. Quickly over this and again, I have given lectures. I don't think I have given to develop the concept that we're working in attributes and Allah. They have so many ideas, one of the ideas that I have the right and very beautiful. These are book in English language with your company and that is all over always time for much to do and too little time and so many things to get done along with that but any case so the name of prot. What does it mean the verb or am? I should say the verb Raimi. It's not just mercy rather as Amos Arabic linguist Rani, who was the first or one of the first to write and comprehensive Dictionary, Comprehensive Leon of the language one of the first people to write a comprehensive detailed explanation of the words of everything to hold on to call the book or that Quran and in this raa the price a kindness and. That leads to help the one who you feel kindness to work so there's a and Marcos that gentleness and kindness that brings about helping and ving the situation of the one who you feel that for and so this is the meaning of Russia to feel a gentleness. That means you will translate into actual to help and the name. Raman and of course, a very special very unique. It is the only one that Allah has said is the equivalent to the name Allah itself and this, he says this is verse 110 a way of raman all upon Allah or call upon a raman whichever of these two you use to him belong all of the other names. The name of Rahman is also the only divine name of Allah that occurs by itself in the whole Quran as a separate group, No other divine name. It's just one person, and of course, that is the beginning of a Rahman Raman fulla that is the birth. There's no other verse in the Quran with the entire Earth is one day. Also the name of Rahman. it urges so many times in Quran actually 50 - seven precise, and it is all for the only other name of the elegant, but that is never appeared with any of our artificial. so there's only two of the rule of law that occur independently. Another usually the name of the list of this so I know or longer than this. I do a lot of that that I will label entity or Russia that many Doss a long list of things the only name of Allah that it occurs separate is the name of Allah itself and the name of Raman. One time in the Quran, if you one time the name of Raman Eartha itself, and it is not paired with any other kind or here's the name with Rahm is Raman and Rashi and our prophets of Allah was and also how beautiful the name of Raman is when he said that the most beloved name to me are the law and. Recommend somebody who are the most beloved names to Allah, so we are doing the most of the names of Allah or idd the law and Abdul Russia and meaning of Aman. The meaning of Raman is that Allah is the event is Iran Right-I Russia that with an intense one and quality that Rahman the way that it is structured the more the more it. The curve is described as an inherent characteristic that Allah is the is necessarily characterized by and the name of Raul is slightly different and it's more biological structure and it's tactical reality. The root is the same Rahman Andra are both from Rahul, but what is the difference between Rahman? Andi is, of course? How are you going to the Morey toxic? Plan is Thailand. What is the difference between Thailand and business between the cause of the rights that are given much about that, but try to get the forgot to mention the word of Raman, the name of Rakim Suri, the name of Aime 114 times can be on 92 times with are rushing and the room without without the other and the most common combination is A-. Four of Russian. This is in fact, one of the. Common combinations of the entire Quran, what kind of level of food raa This is a 71 time and once it is pushed around Russia, A- four. It's so some of us also the term as of Rahm Chriss, 13 times the world. We're Rahm verses nine times Rakim eight times, six times and one rushing and once I'm one -A Russians, This is all 140. Time that the name of Rahm is mentally as for the Russian and it's really it's more than 500 times in the world right in Allah, Allah that Allah Allah has mercy and it is too much to linked in one lecture. So what is the difference between a restaurant and brushing the difference between them against all the different, but some have said that Rahman. It is a special sorry that Raccoon is a special mercy that is only so it is immersive that is more powerful. so Allah is Rahman to the Muslim and to the country, and that's why the capital is allowed to live and allowed to breathe and Dream and get all of the mercy of Allah, but the Rahul is a special category and that is the special mercy so in Quran that that and and how my servant I am Russians. So this is a special and Allah, says in Quran. I'm for the people are entering so if people when they enter that are safe for them right now, notice here that Rashi why because they have been blessed with our agenda and Allah, says Quran, We can lean up He is with the team, so this seems to indicate that has a special of None and another way to say this is that a man is the one who is Russia to all. I know is the one who is special Russian to those who believe in and this is one way to to to so we use the name Hannah Time. we'll learn Allah's mercy. Of course, I said there are five of them is our Hala in and out of Amara and translates as the most merciful of all who have. And this occurs four times in the Quran and of them is you when he is in this press that that causes our our marketing. So this is a beautiful name to use when you are in distress when you're in a painful situation when you have some type of disease like a you and then you've used and they don't have. I mean that I've been you're sending a guru or or or or Russia also use as well uses that Iraq Orono. What we have so when you went to ask for forgiveness and you don't have to ask for that from high school and this similar to our in that, you are the best of those who are merciful and this is mentioned twice. So what we know that Allah is hydro and as for you or Russia, the word Do means the one who owns and possess it and you can say this of anything. so do I. 90 what they call right to a Russia a lot so Allah is the owner and the possessor of this attribute and therefore what I'm learning you you are Russian alah Quran. The Lord is the one who is self sufficient has no need of you and it is the one who gives and possesses and give mercy so we can think in our lives. when we say, yeah, we say the word has to change to that. and that's Arab Grammer here. Sousa Dds. Gros that I've developed it depends on where the word of the sentence and the the the context of the morphological the grammatical context of the word so every day that we will say yeah that I will have to say that not yet I know radicalism. It's a problem even the Rahm mistake a lot to what it looks like a contentious. the point is that we use the Russian. I think we want a lot. Mercy So this is all the names of Allah that is very important. Forman Raheem Haro and to move on to the next name of Allah or this congregation of a name and that is for forgiveness as again. we want to be forgiven in this month and we want all of that to forgive all of our sins and this is all the names of Allah. so I think indicates they don't so we want the names of for now the deal. And if you look at the Quran have you read the Quran cover to cover you will extract at least six names of a lot of kind of deal with all of them to or from the 99 and the other four are from the divine Names of Allah and of those names of the six Are you can write it down or or how you walk in or them a lot. Whereas some have as well so I didn't even seven names. it depends on how you want to categorize them. So once again, you have the four, you have the you have you have a lot with them you have to do and Iraq. You have one little Amara and some have I didn't even know and not at all and So 6478 are the names of Allah that deal with forgiven now let us before we get to. Are explaining the difference between these names let us understand let us understand what exactly there's a lot of mean what is the birth of so the verb of raha it needs to cover up and to conceal in order to protect okay. So there's two things two things number one something that's covered number two. The reason why you cover is for protection. It's the both of those connotations exist in the Arabic word and the. Like to understand this is the word or helmet the word for helmet is of or in the world of and what does the helmet or first? it covers your face. Secondly, it protects you from the enemy. So that's exactly what the product is supposed to cover up and protect you from the consequences of your own sins. That's what Ara means, and it's all also means that our product needs to be done with knowledge that you know, there's something there that needs to protect so what product is not done. Ign done with the knowledge so Allah knows. Your sin and that will cover them up and then chooses to not hold you accountable for that. And of course, these names of Allah are the most common things in the Quran and the most common is that of our food. it occurs a staggering 19 one times in the Quran, 70 - two times with Ara Orr, Russia was one of the most common combinations in the entire Oran is for all the way six times we're heading. We're heading four times without over A- one A- 43. Reporter and that A- four Shakur two times when I reported, I reported to me what I need to look for and one time with we're doing or whoever order what I do so these are all of the times that are occurring as for the name the name of it occurs twice by itself, but in a descriptive sentences not as a Allah, says in humans on the hand and three times in a. With the name so it occurred five times in the Quran three times in the Scripture centers and two times with the name and what is the difference between these two names of Allah and without of A- four of A- four and I was if I would and the difference between them is very profound in that in that nature. Or giving me-I about far indicates that it continues to forgive and so you can say that's a lot of food indicates the quality and as far indicates or to interrupt, I didn't mean to, but I think the sound is not clear so a lot of people are asking if maybe the mic the the so the mic is now it's much better now. sound is just talk a little bit so we can hear testing 123. Yeah, this is much better. I'll get off the the stream now okay, So maybe the mic was a little bit farther away from me. So this is the Mike here you can see it here. so maybe the mic was a little bit far away from me and I hope that is better so I was saying that a lot of food is for a quality and I found is for quantity and so by A- four Allah Rael can forgive the largest of sins of Farah Ziyi continues to forgive the sins. So the two the difference between them is basically the food can forgive the sin and of the far does not count how many times he forgives the sin. so these are some of the differences between a four and four of Hafer and Aaha also calls himself a law filled with them be the one who forgives the sins and Allah calls himself Alfre, where he said a Russian. So this is alah the one who owns the concept of forgiveness that Allah is in Quran that. in the book that the Lord is your Lord is Farah, the one who is forgiving of mankind for their sins. Oneal Farah is vast and forgiveness, and this is one so that the verse 30 - two waseda that Allah subhanahu, WA forgiveness is very vast and as for Alu Alf Farah as for aiu Alf Farah Mora means that he is the. Who is the one who he is the one who is qualified. He is the one who people go to for forgiveness. Of course, we've considered to be family but over here doesn't mean family means the one qualified to so Allah is the one qualified to forgive. So this is the name of Allah we use especially in these nights of of Ramadan. We use the name that the food and Haifa we want Allah's forgiveness. We use the name Was' Mora. We can say yeah. No one that is qualified for other than you, and we can also say, yeah your your mouth is so vast. it will encompass my sins because your mouth is too vast to count. so use these names of Allah when we want to have our sins forgiven I know the name of Allah that is definitely very important in these last 10 nights of Ramadan is the name Alah Oahu. Who is a is a name that is mentioned a number of times in the Quran and in the Sun, both as the name of Allah and as an action, and it's actual meaning is actually very interesting. A means to neglect our family means to walk away from our family means to erase our means to have it gone to erase it away. So the Arabs would say that the wind are the footsteps of the guy walking in the desert. That was famous Islamic poetry. That's the. Will the footsteps so when you walk a little bit, you know that soft sand and then after a while the wind will go so this is what a means literally just to erase as if it never existed So is the one who by his nature is continuously overlooking and wiping out the sins he overlooks their sins. He neglect them, He says. If they never occurred, he neglect them and he continues just like the wind wipes away The. Footsteps so as well, wipes away and we're not for the Aleah, not a single creature would be left walking on this Earth where it not for the Afro, but none of us would deserve any of his blessings for our sins and our quantity of disobedience is so much Allah. Taal continues to forgive and forgive and forgive and the word Alf in its meaning is more powerful than one sense than ever before and in other. Of food is more powerful, each one is powerful in its own way, and of course, the The reason for this is that means the sin will be wiped away completely. And so in that that's our food is more powerful because the sin will be completely done with and Lara or a food means the sin is still there, but you're being protected from its consequences and that is why when it comes to the last 10 nights of Ramadan, which is the do we make Allah Inka who wouldn't to have buddhas f- 13 times this verb and it's congregations is used that's how important. And he our prophets, he will send them to this to to our mother is the most beloved of his wives. He taught her this to in the most beloved of nights in the most blessed of months. So how can we not take advantage of this tora along by Inka A- one tobu and and so Allah Issa is a he erases our sins and he makes them such that they never existed and our slate. Bad deeds and our registrar of of of of of negatives and false, and I will make the page clean again and will make it absolutely as if there was never any ink of the sins done all that is what is you can say is the one who puts you know that White out you know that's a lot of food so the food is covering it up. It's not there, but it is still there and so in one sense, A- four is more powerful and in another sense of food and that Allah knows is there and he. Consciously choosing to ignore it that is alif so Alf not only is that Allah Allah, but as our props, said Inka to Hela, you love to forgive so Allah not only does it. He loves it And so he is the one whom we ask and then we say I know and so we should then ask Allah Zt for the name of Lao courses five times in the Quran. Proper now and as for the verb, yeah, who it is many dozens of times, but the name Uhf is five times and four of those times is paired with the name Afb of who one -A food, Allah is both a full and a food. If you wishes you can wipe this in if he wishes he can cover it and protect us from the consequences of it. Both is Allah Aaj and once Allah mentioned as he's Aretha that he is a and kael that. He is able to he's able to that if he wants to, he could have held you to task, but he chose not to do so. This is the name of Allah Alf I wanted to do one more thing before we conclude this one of my favorite names as well, and this is a name that does not occur in the Quran the occurs in the Sun because as I mentioned in my first lecture, the names of Allah are 90 - nine that are that are of the divine as we said the the special and all. The names of these 99 names they are not in the Quran and if you were to count the proper nouns in the Quran, you get around 80 or so proper nouns If you were to do conjures you take from a verb or you take from a verbal now where you take from an adjective, then you can get three 400 If you were to conjugate, take a no from a verb, For example, Allah says Wye Ahab, the face of the lord shall remain. This is a verb yaba Paula Bako. To derive the name alki, this is a proper noun. Elba does not occur anywhere in the Quran or in the Sun. It is something that we have derived from a verb Elle Bartley, for example, the famous ball out of the summit. Okay. Where does this name out the Deva? It's come from where does the term come from well? Allah Allah Wei deal with holes and gives Allah does not mention. In the Quran is the prophecy of mentioned that of his names is Elba. No, it doesn't occur that way. Rather, we have the verb yabbs and from the verb Yaba, which means to spread forth and to give we can derive the proper noun Elba it anyway, That was a tangent the goal for what to say is that the derivation of Allah's names is the science unto itself and the names of Allah are not just found in Quran. They're also found in the Sun and of the aims that are found in the Suna is the name a city. A city with a and then at all and the word A or the name comes from Seth, which means to cover up completely and the morphological structure of Cid, which is fair in it means that Allah Zain is eager to do this verb over and over again constantly that Allah is constantly covers up. What is it mean to cover up? It means that a? Covers up our sins conceals our sins hides our sins from the eyes of other people. How numerous are our sins? Allah says in the Quran that Wahab Abbi Newberry Basra only Aaha Rael is able to count the number of our sins and he knows and he sees them and the numbers of our sins are numerous. We sin day and we sin at night. We sin it's secret we and sin in private we. In with our eyes and we see with our hands, we spend with each and every limb and yet Allah is a city. He covers our sins and conceals them from the eyes of others and one of the scholars of the past 10 that if you need my sins rather than taking notes from me, you would be pelting me with phones and another scholar said If sins had odor, then the odor coming from me would be so bad that nobody would be sitting around me and you would plead from me if this is some of our early to have your own set. How about me and how about you? this applies even more. So then why then is this the case that's a lot there is Allah is the one who covers the sins. Allah. Issa allows our sins to remain private and if Allah he would have exposed our sins for all of mankind and we don't want that we don't want the humiliation of this world or the humiliation of the hereafter and we are as well are supposed to cover our sins and not to go and tell other people about them in the famous Hess. Pattie, our Prophet said the my own Michelle be forgiven, except those who are open about their sin. A man does a sin at night, And then when the day comes, he goes around goes to the people. Do you know what's in? I did tonight and he tells the other people and in one Haith, it says even though Allah on his sin lifts up the set of so so Allah bless the man at least in one level this. A blessing no doubt that he committed a sin, but it was secret and private, but for this man to Plo and to then boast and to lift the veil of Allah that Allah will lift his veil from him and our prophets ally, who said, said Mensa Ahi Muslim whoever covers the sin of his Muslim brother, Allah will cover his sin on the day of judgment and our prophets of Allah Wali. He was would make Dua to Allah that Allah alah. Allah cover my fault so we want our faults to be covered. We want we don't want others to know of our false and we've been Omar Nats in the famous Haith that on the day of judgment. this is the Haith of privacy of the Hadith of the direct. the direct conversation with a lot that's Aaha will come close to the believer and cover him with his shelter. Yes Toru, who at and will ask him, did you do this? Did you do this? Did you do this and he will list all of the sins of the person will confess. That he has been destroyed, then Allah will say I was the one who covered the sins from the eyes of others in this world. and so today I will also cover and forgive them and so we want the Santi to cover our sins of the tora we should be making yes or pss Totti Osier cover up my weaknesses and my and with that. So these are the names I wanted to cover, especially in this last night. Ramadan we did five names of Allah. We did six or seven of Allah's Ara and then we did the name and then I want to stop here and then say that this is just the trickle in the ocean of the knowledge of Allah's names and attributes, and I hope that Inshallah to your inspired to study the names attributes of Allah to go further in this regard and to read the Quran with an understanding of let us look at where the names and how we can apply. To our daily and our to us May Allah forgive my sins and your sins may Allah have mercy on me and then all of you all that cover my sins from the eyes of others in this world and the next and also your sins as well and that is shallow handed back to for it to shift Assalamu alaikum chef doctor Yessir Adi for those beautiful teachings as you know, brothers and sisters that we are in the blessed last 10 days of the month of Ramadan and we are. To an end, you know to this beautiful month and as you have probably seen the series, it's also coming to an end today is the last day of the series of the 99 names of Allah. I really hope that we all benefited and truly gained a lot of knowledge from this and inshallah we will have a segment to ask some questions to Doctor Yaar Adi and so that we can Allah to Allah and gain a lot of knowledge, but I do want to bring your attention to something that is completely you know in our. 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Of you know vital services for their you know disabilities Inshallah. So with that, said Inshallah. We're gonna play a quick video so that you can kinda learn about what the program is, and you can be educated about what you're donating to and how your donation today is going to impact someone immediately made in China. When a physically disabled child watches, other children playing and jumping around knowing that he or she can't join them. Imagine what it does to the poor child. These disabled people are a part of our society. They might be less fortunate in terms of physical abilities, but there's no less than a normal person when it comes to intelligence and talents. The concept behind the program is ability not disability and the purpose is to train and develop the CW D's to live their lives like any other citizen and play their role in socio economic growth of the country. That's not too much Carlyle Bata. No is is ital will be more make more. you know. it's like a journey. you give me a kiss. a good. you didn't send me to tell me that I have never trick or treat you. The program is new, but a HRD will soon work on the expansion and enlargement of the scale of the project. Let. Create a world where all people with disabilities feel safe, happy and healthy. Is that now we're back with our Estee chef doctors Saadi to do some Q and a regarding the segment today that he did and this is the last segment of this wonderful series that we've been doing for the blessed month of Ramadan. so if she has the first question that we have from the audience is what is the factor that causes a lot to forgive at times at other times so Is he differentiated between forgiven pardon me? I think he's looking between the difference between a lot and I think that's what the question is really why is it that one time is Moira? It's not mutually exclusive. It's not mutually exclusive. It's not either or at one level every month. there is a in every month and at the linguistic level, so this is just these are simply different synonyms for the same concept. They're not two separate concepts, but so even when there's mouth there even when there's more that are Allah. Annoy ignore he's not going to bring it back, which is awful, and there also has to take place with malt. So this is not mutually exclusive when we ask for Mora. The net result is the same as for AF, so we ask for more and we ask for AF. the net result will be exactly the same allaah and the next question is what is the best method of making Doa from beginning to end? is there a formula that increases the chances of that? I've been answered My job because all of the much longer details but to summarize there are certain tickets that should be done of them is that we'll be in the state of Google of them is that we have an attentive heart, which is the most important condition put this at the beginning, the Middle and the end of this, the most important condition I with them as we face the fibula of them as we raise our hands up to all of them is that we speak in a softer voice. We don't speak loudly with you of them is in our hands. In the proper manner, which is this is the proper way I don't know if you can see this is the proper way like this. okay. This is the way not like this. A lot of people go like this and that's not the other. The other is your hand should be flat out in front of Allah. so I literally We are begging Allah to Hannah Taal of them. The general rule is that our eyes are lowered down when we're making a Doa it''s even in the process and actually for beta from raising our hands up now once in a while, a very rarely across would raise up to the heavens for a very severe. time frames outside of our not inside not inside of of them is that we begin our tora by praising aaha and we end our doa by praising and sending out upon the prophet mighty he was of them is that we begin our to us by first and foremost acknowledging our own imperfections. That's how we after we praise the Lord. The next thing we get to the next section is we acknowledge our own imperfections like our father, Adam Robb Beal and Fusa, where in them to fill Hamm Cus. The shows our desire our sincerity, our passion like we need you Allah We look at how how how you know explicit that was. and of course, all of them is that we ask Allah from the jawa from the comprehensive Tora Raffi Hassan Watan Longa of them is that we try to use the Quranic and prophetic to us as much as possible but more important than me. Repeating what we read in the book is it comes from our hearts so if we haven't memorize those Doss, we say it from our heart and there are other etiquette as well, for example, to be a pure, it is and to wear a pure clothing from Pure money. Basically for our food and drink in our clothing should be pure of them is that we haven't done to other people because if we've done, then that access a barrier between us and our to us, so these are impediments and factors between us and our Dora and also we never give up hope. Constantly make and we never give up hope of Allah. We just responding to us and others but Inshallah for this very, very comprehensive Martial a lot another question that's coming is what means of Allah does he prefer the most to use when making dua No. there's no such thing as one name that is most preferred. Firstly, as I said, the name Allah and the name Robb can be used for anything after this, the name that is the most. Is the name that fits the context? Okay. So what are you asking Allah depending on that you choose the name. So if you're asking Allah for some type of mercy, you use one of these names. We just mentioned one of the five names of Lema Rahman Rahman Yarra Hamm Alah Ara, so you can see all of these different types of names of Allah Subhanahu WA and if it is for then you have forgiveness. We have all of these things already we already mentioned as well. We have food we have found okay. yeah All of this will be there if you're asking for sustenance you want money. you want a good job. Yeah. Yeah Raza. if you want a child, let's say. so yeah we have okay. if you want Fifa, you have sick or you have a relative. that's sick. Yeah. okay. So these are names that you use depending on the context. so there's no one name that is you know as I said. The best name like that doesn't work that way nonetheless, we mentioned I think in the first like I mentioned that the combination of high and is especially powerful so that can be used as well. You yy this is especially powerful and what are the you know? How are the names of Allah compiled as we see them today? We're here at 99 names Asmaa. every time I mentioned this lecture I confused 99 people and guide one of them the the because it's very complicated because people are just shock. When they hear that poster that they've been seeing since they were five years old is not from the Quran from the Sun, It is the opinion of an island. It's not wrong. You don't have to tear it up. Oh there. It is just the opinion of one person who lived in the second century of Islam and he was the first person to think about what would be the 99 names because he's the first that had a domino effect. and so people just took it and then the Legends or the popularity that this is from the prophecy no of the prophets of Allah. Did not leave us a list of 99 and this really confuses people well, then what is it just like we don't know that the other we don't know that is Allah told us about it and we're supposed to find it so we don't know the 99 names. There is no definitive list and this really freaks people out. It's a look first out of these lists that are there and there are over two dozen attempts in Islamic history by reputable or to compile this list. 99 we have over two. Or 30 lists that have been done by by the specialist in this field, including one by my own Andi Kamin, who is one of the last to really attempt a very you know many years research and he has just Google has come with Mme 99 names and he has a list now. if you go over all of these attempts, these 20 attempts, 30 attempts and Muhammed around 85 of them were all the same. Okay. Issa comes in the other 1015 and even that if the It's not like to have it's like it is the name of Allah from the 90 - nine, or is it just from the other names of Allah because you see, we said. Alte is one of the names of Allah. is it one of the 19 nine. That's a separate issue. You have a separate question. Okay, so we can say Albans I'll build an asset okay and some people did not include this in the 99 and other student included in the 90 - nine and so this is the whole issue is that we don't really have a A- one definitive this but in all the names that or you know or aware of general. Speaking and the ones that occur as proper now in the Quran, all of the proper pronouns in the Quran of the 90 - nine, but you see if you were to make a list of all of those, you wouldn't get that you wouldn't even get 8083. I think as you can get just about get 8382 Okay so the proper nouns Assam Mohammad Aiza Jasmin Rahm Those are the proper pronouns. These are the ones that the average Muslims are aware of the proper nouns in the Quran. All of them are from the night. Nine names of Allah okay, so that's leave it at that for now and then the more advanced stuff inshallah. maybe maybe someday we will say we'll see in the first lecture you mentioned that eliminates grief and worry can you please repeat that one of the questions I don't know if that was I don't know what the other referring to there. Yeah. it's I cannot. I repeat it, but it's you you won't be able to write it down. It's like you need to look it up online that our props said, is Muhammed that never does a person afflicted with grief except that he makes this. That TV and Eman who submitted Beano Vga, I had them in that behavior in the and the Quran Andrus to dorena that the whoever makes this to his hand will be taken away and he's grateful will leave. So this is the Doa just Google it The Dora for grief from the. At the Center and it mentions in it, I ask you by every name that you have ever named yourself. That is why I use it and that's lecture and another question is how many times do we ask forgiveness for a sin is once enough, so firstly we never stop asking generic forgiveness until we die. We never stop asking generic forgiveness. What is generic forgiveness along with Allah, Allah, Allah forgive my sins all I forgive the public and the private. It's all I forgive the Lord and this is generic. We never stop until we die our props would seek forgiveness for the 70 times a day you never stop now. I think the brothers is asking a specific a specific major sin because minor sin they come under the general and they never stop. So, for example, Yeah it suppose you did one evil that you feel very guilty for A- one of major between you and Allah and you repented to Allah and you felt guilty for that sin so yanni. There's nothing wrong with continuing to make repentance until the day that you die, but our scholars mentioned that if enough time has elapsed and you have converted to a better person and you have made up with good deeds. that is it's not something that you need to always constantly remind yourself of nonetheless to forget about it as well is not healthy. the greatest the profits will come on the day of judgment, Ibrahim Ali Salam and Norah and they will remember that one slip up that they did in their lifetime one time two times. Something wrong and they will remember it and they'll say I have to ask Allah's forgiveness. They never stop thinking about it. So it's a it's a balance. Obviously, it's not healthy to become so obsessed that you are able to lose hope of Allah mercy. That's definitely wrong and obviously you do need to move on and turn over a new leaf, but at the same time you never forget the sin into a fatality. There should always be a regret until the day that you die and there should be whatever that comes up with Allah. Allah forgive me, but no doubt when it is something. You have just done it, no doubt the guilt and the repentance has to be much stronger than many decades later and Allah knows Best Jeffrey and if you two more questions Inshallah one question is related to this discussion. We're having of the ninth 10 names and the person is asking. is there any merit in just saying the name of Allah without asking for anything so making the of the last. The 19 nine Names of Allah no, there's no, there's nothing known from the Quran that our prophesy, he was said, was simply mentioned the names over and over again and neither is this something that actually even makes any sense from a from a the perspective of Arabic language because if somebody's name is Mostafa and you say most of Mostafa most of most of you end up. Irritating more stuff and you get nothing. It's not a ticket to simply repeat the name and the Quran Asura has never repeated a name except it's in the context. praise the name of your Lord, said. Okay. You're praising the name or you're putting in the context of a Dora well for him or it is a description. What kind of love Sendai andro so the name is meant to be used for its meaning and not just to repeat it. Without any context of that meeting and then a person ask this is not related to our discussion, but what is the cost effective to do so the tuna is to give it on the morning of the day of it, but that's not possible in the times that we live in Muhammad for most of us who are living in our we'll forget Colvin, 19 and locked down even if we're in normal times, you know in those days and even in lands where poverty is everywhere you walk into the. And you will pass by people who need your money. Okay, we live in a land of the Western countries by and large were poverty is not that apparent. It's still there, but it's not that part. when you're walking to the message, you're gonna give us so therefore because of this, our scholars have said you may give it some time before and I don't see a problem giving it even now because you realize by the time it gets to the people that even longer than when you are giving it so in shallow, you may give it time before at any time in this month of Ramadan. May give us a Catholic no doubt the ideals that is the morning of but who can and it's not possible between Frige and the allaah you're gonna find it and so and even if you give it online to a website as you know on average, it takes at least two to three months for your actual donation to translate into food. This is the reality. If you didn't know, I will tell you this is the reality that it takes a while because obviously the money comes then by the time it gets to the Quran. An entire process so given that Inshallah, there is no how to, in fact it is wise to give you the even from now and and you know give to reputable charities that you know or a child are doing work actively on the ground at all. Yeah and Natalia Zac Kati fitted you can give it to HIV as a shout out here-I'm giving one last question is there any sorry last question here I was regarding Tora we. And I think we're almost at the end of Ramadan I but this question maybe it's important to those people is it permissible for the man to hold a must-have? what about the followers you know? so I give an entire Q and A about this a longer I tell you can listen to it online and I mentioned there that the the majority of scholars have allowed the most have in the Salah and it is something that there's no how-to. For the imam to do so and as for them the issue is will holding the must have increased the concentration if it will then it Allah because of that it would be permitted. Otherwise, the general rule is that you don't do anything that's gonna be moving in the South without a need so if you're able to concentrate by listening to the better that is definitely better. but for those who do not understand Arabic, I understand I too once upon a time did not understand and I fully understand that you just don't understand that. You better, you're following along is better than so it'll have more for sure so that there's no power in that with the one who follows Allah and I think that is the last question she has yessir any final words today is our last day of the segment of this program. it's for organizing this and Helping Hands is doing great work and I have. I know the people involved and I'm very happy about all the work that you're doing and I ask that Allah accepts from all of you and all of us and I do. those of you that are listening to give to helping hands and to multiple charities. really, this is so important. we are all cooperating with one another and we need to give to our local massage and we need to give tora to orphans. There are so many causes look at how much you're able to give and give different people's different causes so that inshallah you would diversify like we diversify our investments. We also diversify our and our zik and there's so many good causes There. So find and relatives also need everybody needs you know, especially if you have a relatives give a portion to them as. But definitely one of the causes, which is so good our children that are you know struggling disabled as you've seen the videos yourselves and how and what a great and noble cause so it may allow you to open our hearts to be generous to all organizing this Shahada until next time. Assalamu alaikum WA assalamu alaikum again Final, Ask to all the brothers and sisters that are watching this today is our last and final chance to get this target Inshallah with our esteemed chef Saadi. Please go to HR V dot Org. Y to donate and sponsor one one one child with disabilities and just wanted to mention one important thing that helping hand for relief and development a few years ago. you know I was working with one of these children their name. The name of this child is Seba. she was born with physical and intellectual disabilities, and that made her unable to sit walk stand or even eat on her own being completely. Her body was you know beginning to waste away, so some of us treatment was also too costly for a family so our children with disability programs team in Pakistan reached out to help provide treatment with our physical therapist and psychotherapist to provide that you know her with abilities to how to learn to eat and and stand on her own and you know physically be able to do the most necessary things now and how. To the sponsorship of our donors and the support of our donors, she is now able to eat and stand in the independently while taking a few steps on her own, Her attitude has become more good-natured and less dependent. this is the you know the work that your donation will do so it will take nothing more than going to right now to HRD. You can see the pictures right there, the brother sharing you can go to H R D dot Org slash Q Sponsors. One child give support and life to that child and Insha Allah Allah Subhanahu, WA will bless you in this world and the hereafter thessaly and where he tells us that the the I of the Angels are for that person that gives for the sake of Allah and that there is all this is a series of learning about the This is a moment for you to seek the blessing of Allah and the the great name of Allah, Subhanahu WA. These days, it's it's $2 $2 a day you know $60 a month you know to sponsor and I'm hopeful and very hopeful that we will see all of those 50 children by the end of Ramadan sponsored so Inshallah it takes nothing from us other than sponsoring going there and donating whatever of our abilities and means that we have it is the eligible so if you're giving Zac or looking for a cat to give you can give your Zac, it is tax deductible and you will. The life of a child, we ask you to inshallah to support that program, which is our assalamu alaikum. When a physically disabled child watches, other children playing and jumping around knowing that he or she can't join them. Imagine what it does to the poor child. These disabled people are a part of our society. They might be less fortunate in terms of physical abilities, but there's no less than a normal person when it comes to intelligence and talents. The concept behind the program is ability not disability and the purpose is to train and develop this. CW D's to live their lives like any other citizen and play their role in socio economic growth of the country. I missa Alta Andi about this ruy up too much Gst Indians cynical Liotta. Both Patti is that. P-make Morena. It's a journey you give me a kiss. a good. you didn't send me the I had to look at the me-I trick or treat you. The program is new, but H HRD will soon work on the expansion and enlargement of the scale of the project. Let's. In a world where all people with disabilities feel safe, happy and healthy.

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