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Do you ever feel insecure about yourself? You may be overthinking it...
Gosh Gosh it's him. That's that's a. a a different different shirt shirt from. from from yesterday. yesterday it looks so cute isn't isn't it? it okay? okay? okay? This This is is your your your. chance chance to to say say hi. hi. hi he's looking at me. me. I I hope hope you. he didn't didn't see see me me in in this. this nerdy nerdy glasses glasses. that look so ugly. ugly. you. you will will never never go go for for a girl like me I I mean, mean. look look at at me. me he he could could. do do way way better. better. Wow look at that dress. It must be so expensive compared to me. I probably look like someone who just got out of bed. Oh, no she's looking at me. She's probably thinking how it is my outfit looks. Oh gosh look at that girl's body. Please don't look at me I'm so gross right now, you're probably thinking how fat I look. Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I'm sure what I'm going. I'm supposed to be wearing my glasses but I'm too embarrassed to wear them. They're so nerdy if everyone looks at me, funny, no, it's totally okay. but why should you be embarrassed? Wait, you have the same one. let's see you put your. Wow. I think you look great you look stunning. really this whole time. I've been really insecure about them Well. I guess guess you you never never really really know. know what what someone someone thinks. thinks about about you you unless unless you. you you ask. ask and all those funny funny looks looks you've you've been. been getting. getting they they might might be be. looks looks of of evaporation. evaporation. Oh, I guess I'd just have never thought about it like that. promise me moving forward, you'll be more confident and won't always assume the worst. Excuse me I saw you earlier today and I just wanted to say hi. Oh, yeah. I remember you I don't wanna go on a weird weird or or anything, anything. anything but but. I've I've always always wanted wanted wanted. to to try try yoga so so maybe maybe maybe. I I could could you you know know. know lose lose this this big big big. stomach. stomach so you're staring at at it it earlier. earlier. staring staring at at it. it. it No, I was was just. just thinking thinking how how great. great great you you look. look and and how how I I wish I had a body like like yours. yours. A. a body body like like mine. mine. mine. That's That's why why you were staring at me me earlier. earlier. Yeah. Amazing, I mean whatever you're doing, it's working, I should be asking you for advice. Wow. Thank you sure see you around. Excuse me, I saw you earlier today and I thought I would say hello. Yeah, I remember seeing you well, I just wanna tell you how much I love your outfit You look beautiful in that dress. Thank you. really like I was just looking at you thinking how beautiful you look that outfit. me me. beautiful beautiful beautiful. in in this this. thing thing. I'm. I'm I. I thought thought you you were were looking looking. looking because because you you hated my outfit of course not. You know what I was just thinking how you look how you have no idea how much it means to me what you've mentioned it Have a great day. Okay. Hi sorry to bother you, you probably don't know me, but I've seen you around. Oh how terrible. I feel so embarrassed in my glasses on. I'm sorry. I yes, Of course I've seen you before. I see you all the time. I was just too shy to talk to you. You You were were too too s. shy shy to to talk talk. to me. And those glasses are embarrassing. You look great in them. you should put them back on. Promise me going forward, you'll be confident and not always assuming the worst. Thank you I I promise. Hey, what's up Facebook Fam? It's darr. I hope you love this message about why we shouldn't always assume the worst in every situation now it's time for our $100 giveaway winner this video we have Gloria Gloria a. Avila. Avila anyone anyone can can enter. enter enter my my giveaways. all you have to to do do is is click click click the the share share button. button. button All all the the details details are are pinned pinned at the top of my my comments comments and and and please please know know know. I I. only only announced giveaway winners at at the the end end of of. my my videos. videos. I'll I'll never. never message message you you saying saying you. you want anything so please. For any of those fake giveaways, I really appreciate you sharing my videos and when you do remember, we're not just telling stories we're changing lives.

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