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Tyler Perry
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THE NUMBER ONE NEW DRAMA ON CABLE IS THE OVAL!! AND SISTAS IS NUMBER 3!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! They are both on tonight on BET!! I’ll see...
so y'all know me right I'm not gonna be uh calling uh texting sending out Emails all the stuff for Twitter and all this stuff every weekend about the oval and uh sisters but I just wanna say thank you for making it the number one new drama on cable television thank you thank you thank you to the millions with an S of you who are watching those shows thank you they're only gonna get better man yo y'all got my back I came take this in some time just tell you all the love and support and just taking it all the way there and then to the millions of you watching this on every Wednesday on BET it's probably gonna be my final message posted about it until the finale comes up because I just just keep your eye out keep your eye out this show is gonna get further and further off the chain thank you thank you thank you to the millions that watch the first week and this week and made it number one god bless you thank you so much I'm still working like I'm broke and I appreciate it I wanna be rich work like you broke I'll see you in a bit

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