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Justin Trudeau Blackface Scandal
Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada has been caught in a scandal Black face It's terrible First. He tried to say this was Brown face so I was like no I think this is black face You can't get any black and that man I see black people this black Brown face I thought she was woke You look like he's sleep to me You supposed to be mister woke Yeah And this this first photo man he was at the Arabian Night right He went to Arabian nights He dressed up Yeah Now think Yeah Arabia Arabia Malcolm more of my complex Yeah Sink Saddam Who say yeah You win this Leroy Ain't never seen no airbags that dark you went as yeah that have been fine if you went to Africa Night Well that's still being black face You still be screwed right now and it's not the first time he did that man Yeah He actually came out and apologize right and then if some more photos came out and he had to apologize again you ain't sorry if he was really sorry when you ran a political office someday in Canada and told them look, I'm mister walk now Yeah Back in the day I had some black face Had some White privilege go handsome White privilege going yeah and he said why he was apologize he he was He was covered in layers of privilege He didn't know no better Look. You ain't sorry. You can't sorry. You got caught privilege has nothing to do with this You just you just Stupid last of stupidity That's now as far as layers of privilege privilege knows no color Yeah There's black people are privileged. There's White people There's Latinos Every demographic of people can have privilege that knows no color man Hey in this picture why you got your black hand wrapped around his White woman's neck Yeah You wanna get some more black in the picture Yeah. I think you're face is enough Get out your big black hands in there Your big black face Talking about you Sorry you should've came clean the first time you apologize You should've came clean when you became Prime Minister when he was running for Prime members There's other pictures have a marriage Yeah Back in high school Oh yeah Back in high school. You went to a talent show Yeah Black face again had a wig on and everything looking at the Jerry curl that time Yeah it looks like he was trying to pretend to be Michael Jackson the black one Not the White one Talent so you're gonna want to be a White thing I gotta go with the black guy Hey enough for him Yeah Danny find another one He's got black face on again and he's making his eyes big sticking his tongue out Yeah He just he just did it cuz he love doing it. I guess it was nothing playing He said you know what I'm bored. I'm just gonna put on some black face Make my eyes big and stick my tongue out of there body Another thing Back in 2000, when you did it at Arabia night right That was in 2001 You must 30 years old A College professor 30 years old and you thought this was cool at Arabian night had a hell Did you become President Yeah there's a bunch of mismanage Canada You'll need to wake up man How can you let somebody this flow this privileged Become your promise well because he's pushing liberal ideologies and people love a good liberal Look here Check this video out I will keep saying I'm a feminist until as you say it's Matt with Yacht We know that move on We shouldn't be talking about tolerance We should be talking about love We shouldn't be afraid of the word, feminist men and women should use it to describe themselves anytime they want the future of mankind So we'd like you to we would like to say people kind not necessarily mankind not mankind People can't Come on man Dude Joy Two Talk about walk around here How much you feminist a feminist You are spineless You're ignoramus in your racist too Canada You'll be ashamed of your damn self y'all voted in a racist He's racist He's gotta be dress up like black people marketing He goes to Arabian Night You're supposed to go down You want That's double bed Yeah That's twice as bad Wake up Canada Vote this fool out Yeah Y'all get Y'all Good. Clean conservative in there Yeah Make Canada Yeah we got some new shows Come we're going to Boston Virginia Beach Rich Orlando Camp Rochester, New York Spokane San Antonio all in Dallas Houston Bakersfield Austin Oklahoma City Go to Harvest Twins Tour dot com for tickets

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