Nogizaka Under Construction Ep. 12 Eng sub

Nogami46subs • 6 years ago   29     8  •  2K Views
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Here it is, sorry it took a while. it was kinda of a busy weekend by busy I mean because the All-star weekend came so I had some delays. but as I said I...

Posted 6 years ago in TV & Movies
Ardan Rizkianto
Ardan Rizkianto6 years ago

Wow, thanks.
But can u upload the soft sub? :)

Keanna Reyes
Keanna Reyes6 years ago

Thank you very much. I'll patiently wait for your next sub projects.

Rachel Ly
Rachel Ly6 years ago

Thanks heaps for the sub Nogami46subs and yay for nogi-doko 124-126 next !!

Det Dqn
Det Dqn6 years ago

good job
are there any nogizaka46 subbers working on that paranormal film starring ikuta, hashimoto and akimoto?