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Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic knows how easy it can be for moms to lose sight of their own happiness. Kristina's advice? Embrace the chaos and make...
Parents. It never ends the dishes the laundry the freaking school projects the tantrums the formal the year end the hoop parenting isn't saying it's a service is every extreme emotion bottled up shaken up like a strong cocktail living in and slowly destroying our brain cells here's the deal, though we have got to find ways to stay sane. We have to before have enjoyment nobody is that's how much power we mom's have now. If you tell me that you love every single second of every single day Parenting well, I just don't believe it unless you have three nannies a personal chef, a full time made I'm living therapist on call psychologist and an endless amount of patience. I don't believe you enjoying every single second of parenthood here buddy let's play no and yet on the other hand, if you are seriously never enjoy motherhood, it might be because you are the one getting in the way of your own joy, so many times when I was struggling as a mom and want it so badly to be happy. I didn't even realize that I was the one standing in the way of my own happiness parents. This is really important really really really important. You have a lot on your plate you're, so stressed out that sometimes you Forget to make motherhood fun for yourself, I we have one oh, no. I have water like you okay. I have water everywhere by karaoke machine, spend an hour singing with your kids make a cake. Yes, it can be a box cake and no, it is not have to be organic take it outside and just go. Nuts no plates, no forks make a mess, but it was erin's you have to run last music and throw a dance party in the car it's gonna be was one song that you and your kids agree on, find the fun stop being a perfection There's. No money for that of parenting living life fully is so much more important than living life perfectly, whatever perfectly the means as parents, we have it embrace the unexpected and the messy. Our ourselves with the great sense of humor and I'm good enough attitude stop beating ourselves up, stop comparing yourself to every other parent so I'm trying to prove this or that to our neighbor or our mother or that perfect mom seems to have it all together. She doesn't. I don't even know the lady I'm telling you right now. She doesn't embrace it all knowing the Shop over life will fly by too quickly and the last thing we wanted to look back at the oh. I was so busy trying to fix everything that I missed out on enjoying any of it. You enjoying any other are you a different Okay

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