JL Audio Online Training: A Lesson in Target Curves

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Join the JL Audio Training Team for an in-depth session on Target Curves. Learn what a target curve is, why we use them when tuning audio systems and...

Posted 4 months ago in Science & Tech

JL Audio 4 months ago

Welcome to today's training on target curves! Please ask any questions you may have in the chat and we'll do our best to answer them.

JL Audio 4 months ago

In addition to those optical illusions, there are audio illusions too. This is a fun video to watch (when we are done of course). See how easy it is to trick your ears:


JL Audio 4 months ago

The data from that file is essentially each individual point on the 'curve'. There is likely thousands of data points to make us a full range target. It is a lot easier to 'draw' a curve and save it as a file for use in other software. -st

Kevin Shisler 4 months ago

Ah fletcher! The man himself lol

Tyler Dove 4 months ago

Hey everyone!
Looking forward to this one!

Kevin Shisler 4 months ago

Just wanted to pop in and say hi!

Scott Williams 4 months ago

I'm using the Harmon as we speak

Sactown Steve 4 months ago

Awesome thanks guys. Yeah that's part of my point was not trying to force fit the speakers or the environment to the target curve if it's not "natural"

Corbin May 4 months ago

There is no default curve in REW if I recall.

Greg Jones 4 months ago

REW allows you to add/overlay multiple curves. That is how I utilize the the two target curves. I've tried to create a txt file of the combo and gave up.