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The very awkward time Anna Kendrick stayed with Steph and Dom from Gogglebox... 馃槀馃檲
Alexandra Alexandra Alexandra You've You've you've noticed noticed something about British British people people people and and and the the the the way way. way way way they. they they they speak that we do a a funny funny thing. thing. Well. Well, well, what what what? what we we we think think think it's it's it's well. well. well. well. No. No. No. I mean I love all all the the the every every every every regional regional. regional regional accent. accent accent accent every every every time. I'm a a big big fan. fan. Yeah, Yeah, you're you're not not gonna gonna use use that. that we don't. but I I like that because there's so many accents to such a small country, everybody's sort of puts on different voices when they're doing a little bit of stuff. Yeah. But I had a thing where I was checking into a hotel and somebody came out and said, Oh, do you need help with your bags and I've I thought they were doing a bit so I went Oh I've been traveling all day with no idea. kept talking like that, so I had to like slowly transition out of it, and I know that that sounds like an exaggeration exaggeration of of their their voice, voice, but but but then then then I I I was was was back back back back in in in. in the the the the country country country country Several. several several several years later and they were on on TV TV on on. on Gogglebox Gogglebox Gogglebox cuz cuz cuz it it it it was was was Stefan Damm from from Gabo. Gabo. Gabo. It's It's It's really really really amazing easy. easy. amazing, so so so they actually talk like like that. that. That That is is a a a lot. lot. lot. I I I never never never knew knew knew that that that was was was. was a a a a real. real real real hotel. You You stay stay stay there. there. there. Stay Stay Stay there there. there, there Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah and and and accidentally accidentally. accidentally made made fun fun of of them them to to their. their face. I just Alan what's that story you have about your is a very good friend of mine. She's going through a really stressful time and a lovely, said. Listen. I'm gonna get you a head massage, so she went to this clinic at the head massage. she was in the room and the woman said. Can you take your necks off? but we're okay? Yes, so she took a nap as off and she's like that. And then the woman came back in and she was South African and she said No Nicholas Nicholas. Put it in a necklace. Nicholas I get it.

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