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Fam! When I first performed 'Nothing Else' by Cody Carnes I knew I needed to share it with you! This song reminds me that despite what is happening all...
You do. One Nothing. Nothing else. I just And nothing else. Nothing nothing else to do I just want to. And nothing else. I trust you. Nothing else. I'm in prayers. I just I your feet. Never leave. I'm here for. You don't know anything. More than anything. I trust you. Oh, Oh I'm. I'm. I'm up. I just want to see you I your feet I. You are. Another one. Hey. Oh my. She. Know me. More loving feelings that. I just want you. I just one. Lets me do I'm just one. And now. And nothing nothing. Oh, I just want you are just for you. Nothing else. Nothing else. Nothing else I just wanna know why. And nothing else. I know. I And look at that. Nothing there. For you guys, I just want you.

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