Onizuka risks his life again to save a student 😭 | Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)

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Onizuka "saves" Kanzaki 😭😭😭
🎬 Great Teacher Onizuka (1999)
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Posted 1 year ago

RetroCrush 1 year ago

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Nurdiyanah Dzulkarnain 2 months ago

"In the name of my grandfather" Hajime Kindaichi's vibe 😂😂😂

Ian Chester Guino 12 months ago

I really ship those two...I just wish that the author will continue this masterpiece!

Ceij Alonzo 3 months ago

Last part ost:

L'Arc en Ciel Driver's high

Γιάννης Τσορτανιδης 1 year ago

The most funny anime I've seen

Bren Omadlao 1 year ago

Old but gold.love this anime

Ahsan Ihsan 6 months ago

There is kindaichi refrence

Kucing Itam Man 1 year ago

Would it be great if they remake this series too just like higurashi

Siegfried Cortes 1 year ago

This duo is the best loveteam of all GTO. they should have been couples to the end

Flavio Cesar Fudino Gonzales 3 months ago

The BEST anime :V