Longest-serving Minneapolis police officer classified knee on neck as deadly force

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Longest-serving Minneapolis police officer, Lt. Richard Zimmerman, describes Chauvin's use of force as "deadly" during trial.

Posted 8 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Kevin Anthony Pope 8 months ago

He the black negro floyd had already self willingly taken his overdose dangerous life threatening Illegal Drugs & has already self triggered his own heart/lungs/breathing into death mode which was on his own black body ongoing when the USA Police arrived & themselves called by another retail shop black negro - So Don’t Dare blame Or False accused the Law & Order Police force

Rita Tobin 8 months ago

Glen Pollard where are you getting your inside information. Wait for toxicology reports until smearing a dead man’s name. Try a little kindness.

Donald Henry 8 months ago

Really tired of hearing about that fellow (Floyd) who died while fighting police. If he had not been involved in this melee, he would have not gotten hurt. I have friends and acquaintances who are police officers and I know what they face when enforcing the law. I support the police.

Jim Mike Quinn 8 months ago

I'm afraid he's toast

Izakiel Almodovar 8 months ago

My vote lock the cop up like they would do us

Jim Jimmy 8 months ago


بدر جووه 8 months ago