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Clint’s new single life spirals out of control as he tries to get over Tovah. Dondre goes out on his first date in Atlanta in search of Mr. Right.
Clint this is pregnancy test bro one The governor of Georgia and just signed the heartbeat abortion law You're not just gonna upward the baby's not so black and White It's not Sir how are you good Let's go. Let's go I'm down here at L This is the true story who you texting seven strangers fam to live in a House I'm looking for some peaches to have their lives taped stream ensured across Facebook What do you mean? No find out what happen you are. Not listening. People stop being polite Oh my God and start getting real land Maybe the real Look at these pictures. They're so beautiful Look at my dimple look so I'm gonna send it to my mom I'm thinking about escalating this frankly because yes man he's just chilling not knowing what the hell is going on So this is the perfect time that you will pray I bought crickets and I'm gonna dump them on your eyes. Men should not wait Remember that long hair I had on my harmony spooky These girls are not on my level with the praise that's rude and nasty but I feel worse for the crickets cuz I don't wanna break its leg That was good Megan, will you marry me Oh that's flattering You know I'll give you a cinnamon roll Oh my God. You won my heart Think about it I'm newly single I wake up five. Good morning Texas and I'm just like hallelujah You know so I'm talking about This roster is stacked Tell us about I got all these girls on my roster and they're all about it all wanna hang out. They're all interested in me. I'll take em cool This is this is nuts to me because I was just hanging out with the girl that apparently didn't even care that I lived with her. You know I can get married to have so much fun with her That's a no no That's a no no. Clint collect you just you doing that? Says no We're leaving eight 40 - five We wanna eat there. I'm I ain't trying to go there doesn't wanna go to Big Sky Tony Hyundai You can go somewhere else maybe being a black gay man here in Atlanta and I do feel like the whole gig like scene It is pretty big but this is the place that we go or not like the places that I would find people to date as long as like I'm gonna go do my own thing and just have fun by myself How you doing Good man You know I'm trying to meet new people Keep moving here because that's over Real world Do you want to take a shot with us I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna wait serious Are you you're watching Clint with other girls It kind of makes me realize more that wasn't a good situation for me that Clinton is not the guy for me So I really just wanna figure out how to move on Sit on my Hey I'm gonna have a good time night. You know what I mean? So like it man Now that I'm out you know there's a big opportunity for me to meet you know a lot of people and just experience this whole filter here I get a double I'm doing what I wanna do play going to date or just get a little Wassup That my woman Walks up and I'm just like hey, what's up He definitely makes the do category Alexa what's going on in Georgia today Here's what I found about Georgia from The Associated Press Democratic presidential candidate Curse Angela Brand is criticizing abortion bans that were signed into law in Mississippi Kentucky Ohio Georgia and Alabama here in Georgia There's this new abortion law We're finding out more about it. The governor of Georgia just signed a bill It's called like the Heartbeat Abortion Law If a woman is six weeks pregnant she can't have an abortion instead of Georgia was this a man that passed Of course so you have a men telling women what to do with their bodies Your period is every four weeks right but you're having sex so you should know that you know what you're saying It's been $18 every month on pregnancy test. If you don't wanna go to jail get find. Yeah Okay. Sheriff Andrew You're not just abort the baby cuz you wanna just lay up and have sex. It's not so black and White It is six weeks man not enough time I think when I found out I was pregnant. I was seven weeks see is going to negatively affect impoverished communities more than other groups If you have money, you just go to another state. You come back if you don't have the money Having a child that you can't afford and like that they did not want then they shouldn't be having sex casually like that You think those kids should be born in that circumstance just cuz you wanna punish the parent I think people should be happening to children but also think women should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies I stand with Donald on this one I don't know I'm not for abortions at although that's a life to me, you know yeah I'm Catholic religion plays a really big car and people's point of view on that for sure people getting abortions are not like it abortion You know what I mean I agree it's actually painful and scary They're not doing it for fun. No Did you know what she was doing when you was having sex I mean I knew that sex can end up into pregnancy Okay you didn't aboard it. Did you no but that was my decision I personally would never choose to have an abortion but I knew that I had a big support system and I knew that I would be able to take care of Adrian She should have the right to make the decision and she was almost say you are right I feel like Alright wait seven weeks sent me these Oh I was breaking it If you do that you should not keep them in what I think six weeks is extremist I go to bottom pregnant right when we got here and just not know I just don't think that somebody should be able to tell me what I can and can't do with my body That's crazy everybody who haven't sex and getting right That's right. So you're talking about once a narrow but you have to prove that you were raped in order to get this abortion Women are already having extremely Time proven that they've been right That's a whole another argument I think this was a stupid ass law is really up and we need to do something about it because he's taking our country back decades This law applies to many arguments That's what makes it so problematic to pass something like that I don't think it's a problem What do you do you almost knocks my eye out I'm trying to win I hate when I mean Clinton. We're on bad terms so I really just want to kind of start over and be friends again Damn dude. I'm like looking at her and I'm just like she's hot dude. You know what I'm saying like she's being and I'm like God damn Tova What you know mister dude God. Ben. I'm so like The game I need to touch it No No No No. After all I need a kiss. No I've watched you with different girls every single night Why would I kiss you right now going I feel like Clint feels the need to get attention. I think it's just like an insecurity and I'm not gonna have it this time What He tried to kiss me and I was like whoa I think that definitely shows that she's trying to move on and she's trying to get over him This is a cycle with her ex boyfriends She told me in the past you do breaking up and then making up so it's kind of a big deal You know it's yeah I think she's happier now Dad is about to go on a date unicorn Are you horny my horny? What Yeah Are you holding on every day you go on Yes I am kinda horny Hope you have fun Bro, it's good Happy. Hump day, right How do you like in the city I'm loving this city actually how long you've been here I've been in Atlanta since 1990 - six I can easily point you in the right direction What's what I graduated from D Major and first I thought I wanted to be adopted but funny thing about what you wanna do and what you're meant to do exactly So now I'm actually a dancer choreographer what got you into this? And somebody just invited me to a rehearsal I went like change. I can take you You just gotta be now for the ride. You know notice that's fact he's tall tattoos on his arm athletic This fool is good as hell catfish is lit So why are you single them You must be crazy or something I'm trying to meet people long time My bad. I ain't trying to be rude can learn a lot about people by the way they clean My roommates. Think it's messy Oh damn girl goes to get into politics because I like them I don't see why people are always trying to tear down the storm down really so my best buds Probably my mother some of my conservative views I feel like or just so taboo with a gay community is hard for me to not get as a black man Damn. I'm blessed. You can appreciate it Alright. I'll walk you It looks like I don't have somebody to have that connection with to talk to or to find somebody who actually loves me I'm a capital. There's an abortion rally today. So I got Dandridge who is the opposite of my opinion with this to go Abortion rolling with my body my bike I've never been to a rally like that before so I'm just to see different viewpoints about the whole abortion issue You wanna wear the sticker No Where the people who's against there in their inside building Oh there I worked on Yeah We're here I really don't know about my hair but it's important to have such a planned parenthood cuz people like myself in a rally, you don't have health insurance. It wouldn't even have access to things like birth control like I I feel like me, I wouldn't be here I said. This is just forcing the laws is your where you have a problem right Always the hangers well Police are making it mandatory for people to do something with their body There's many layers to all the issues My stance on abortion is I'm not fully against it but I do think the law that was passed two strength right So yeah I never been to something like this is the Super powerful can feel everyone's coming together. Yeah I can't do it There is a lot of power in protest Dodge rate today got a chance to see why an opposing point of view can actually make sense I got my friend Lauren coming down for my birthday I'm turning 20 - nine. Hi, Lauren is like my best home girl from back home. When I first met her, we used to hook up for like a few months. We're definitely not like into each other like that anymore I told you I was wondering where you were. Oh my God. Stop Bark at Lauren Cares box. She cares like hungry scares like about like if I got a ride she cares about me as a person you know and that's the people I want my life Are you ready Come on Let's roll Birthday boy It's my birthday We got all my friends here. I got my whole crew here You know I'm letting loose. I'm having a good time It's really hard watching him with other girls It's a lot I don't know what the plan is we did I'm talking to these girls I wanna be talking to you a book Clinton sets get really turned and he still has his drinking restriction clip and dawn Dray have to agree to limit their alcohol If you don't abide by these restrictions you're free to go I think he has a problem with rules driven it just it's not good birthday I cannot not drink on my birthday. I'm sorry I'm kinda getting hounded. You know I'm obviously there's cameras all over me like there's no getting away from it but also I know the code to the back door. Big sky cuz I work there So I bring her in the back of the closet or whatever there's always liquors and I just started smashing tequila like a 10 second challenge and they can put me over the top Come on Lauren downstairs bringing down the Street to the next bar Let's go It's time to go home We have a curfew so we get in the car 130 but plan is not following the rules Let's go He's trying to run away from production I knew when I took Lauren Tan it was over Birth born in a clinic We don't know to go hold on They're missing like we have no idea where he went It's not looking good for Clinton to have fun for your birthday. Then you know our passwords never crossed if it wasn't for this Yeah, you can't cry what I think the real world for that real Hey Y'all. Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch I forgot it Videos will drop every day They'll be even more insight from the House on Facebook. So what am I saying

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