4 Keys Gadgets put to the Test

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4 Keys Gadgets you never knew about!

Posted 7 months ago in Science & Tech

Melanie James 7 months ago

The washer is to for the key opposite to be able to slot in so each key on one side needs to face a washer on the other etc. So if you put a washer on first on one side.. on the opposite side the key goes on first. Then all the keys will fold inside the two bars. Yours stick out because of this.

Ende Rojo 7 months ago

First key gadget was pretty cool. The only thing that would make it better is a little clip or chain to keep a good hold of it😉

Jim Mcnutt 7 months ago

They all are awesome 💟😍💟

Outdoors with Erik 7 months ago

You review the coolest stuff

Chrystal McCormick 7 months ago

Lucille Morton 7 months ago

Last one was my favorite