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Fam! I'm super excited about this episode of our podcast. So many of you have asked about how we produce my songs... So, my brother Jasper Nhira and I...
What's What's up up up everybody everybody? everybody everybody and and and welcome to to another another another episode episode episode episode? of of of the the the the. two two two brothers One One Dream Dream Dream podcast podcast. podcast. My my My My name name name name. is is is is Brian. Brian Brian Brian and and and I'm Jasper Niro Niro and and we we we are are are your your your host host host host of. of of of the the the two two two two. brothers brothers brothers One Dream Dream podcast. podcast. We We just just wanna wanna first first first of of of all. all. all. Thank Thank Thank thank. everybody everybody everybody who. who who has has been watching watching the the podcast podcast podcast download. downloading downloading downloading the the the the podcast. podcast podcast podcast listening on on whatever whatever whatever digital digital digital digital platform platform platform platform you. you've you've you've been been been listening listening listening listening on on. on. on. We really truly truly appreciate appreciate appreciate. you you you I I I I am so excited on on this this episode. episode. episode We we we We have have have have. one one one of of of my my. my my good good good friends and someone who have had the opportunity to. Get to know I've lived in Nashville for almost two years Now I met Kevin Rooney our guest on today's episode soon after I met we met at church. we both go to church, but he's an amazing producer writer engineer musician Overall I wanna read this real quick. Kevin is a Kevin Rooney is a producer, songwriter engineer out of Nashville, Tennessee area. He also. Currently tours with Rascal Flatts as an ox musician before that, Kevin was offering recruited as a drummer for other notable acts such as Russell Dickerson, Matthew West Phillips, Craig and Dean Sarah Reeves and others. Kevin has produced music for Indie and label artists, and it's also worked alongside other producers in the Christian pop and country scenes in College, Kevin started working as an assistant to other producers doing doing everything everything from from from digital. digital. digital digital Editing. Editing editing editing to engineering to over dubbing and programming since. He has engineering program and performed on records for Rascal Flatts Russell Dickerson Matthew West Crowder Passion, Danny Gokey, Zach Williams, Michael Faron, Torin Williams, Avalon Riley Clemons Stars Go Dim Blanca and many others. Please welcome including Brian Yes. Yes, please Please welcome welcome to to to the. the the podcast. podcast. podcast One one One of of of my. my my my amazing friends and and and producers. producers. producers. producers. producers. Kevin. Kevin Kevin Kevin Rooney. Rooney. Rooney. Yes. yes yes. Yes, yes. welcome. Thank you for having me Kevin. We're so excited to have you on the podcast today. I'm very excited to be on the podcast. Oh man Okay. So before we get into our topic. Obviously we we you know you guys know that we like to start with a little bit of a pop culture dialogue just for take it away. Yes. Thank you for being on the podcast so much for having me. Yes so awesome. to be here. we're actually in Kevin's Studio right now. Yes, we are thank you for hosting us as well and the the Ruy Ruy and and the the. amazing place. Well, okay, so we do we start out each of our episodes with something that's going on in pop culture and current events and everybody pretty much knows what's happening globally right now. so the question I had today is what did you guys take for granted that you miss right now in this time in this time in history, does that make sense? So basically what did you do before everything that's happening right now in the world? Yeah with the quarantine and everything what do you miss the most that you can't do right? Let's start with our guest well just I mean a lot of I mean, half of my job is touring and playing. That's that's like that's all gone right now. I mean for the for the for the foreseeable future. Yeah. there's some States that are like don't have any plan on releasing like or opening back up venues like until months months later in the month of like it was such a. It's just such a normal thing, Yeah, and as soon as it gets taken in the season, it gets taken away. You're like we used to meet up and like we could just go to shows whenever they want like even things like I was telling him like oh man. I really wanna go to some writers rounds like there's like a place. There's so many great writers around. That's right. Yeah, like even if I'm like, Nah like I'll stay home or whatever like man when this when this when the I'm I'm I'm being a social as I can. I just getting out and just even even the little like seemingly insignificant like things happening. It's just like. Oh it's fun. Now. you're like. Oh I wanna get out like it's just getting out is awesome. Yeah. Yeah. I think for me going to restaurants. I really enjoy like that was you know that was one of the things that Sonya and I every now and then we we love to do is just go out to a restaurant and and just hang out and eat and that will be our night and come back home and watch movies of the so. To not be able to do that has been probably the biggest thing that I've missed. I can see that. I think that's a lot for me. It's been the gym. Yeah. Yeah. It's like not having just the ability to go and workout on the equipment that I wanna work out on. Yeah, it's been tough for me, so my gym has been closed for almost like a month and a half so I've been working out outside running, but it's it's tough, not having all of the equipment that I'm I'm used to. Yeah. Yeah, it's actually been fun. You know for me working out. That I think that's been one of the things that okay, so I have. I have a question a follow-up question. Okay to this to this question that you ask Yeah. what's one thing that you started doing in quarantine? Yeah that you wanna continue doing after coins 00. I actually like I'm running as one is one of those like I'm like there's a gym like down the Street. Yeah, I'm going to and like I would use the treadmill there and just like they just come home where I was like instead, I've had to like find an empty Park, Dale running and it's it's just it's so much more fun. Yeah. Yeah. It sounds like even when there's even when Jim's open back up, I'm gonna go to this like soccer field and just run run the laps. Yeah. That's I just like. On grass, I'm like this is way better to run on grass than a treadmill like in my opinion. So I'm definitely gonna continue doing that. Yeah. That's good and yeah. Kevin You stole mine because I because honestly like I used to never ever run outside. Yeah ever, but whenever everything started up where I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they have a really an incredible trail that they built for bikers Joggers runners for families and I started running that every. And I didn't realize how peaceful it is getting the fresh air. Yeah. Yeah. yeah and just like seeing is right by the River and so it's just so beautiful. So I'm definitely gonna incorporate that into my routine moving forward. You can see the Sun you give if you just feel better about yourself. I mean if you talk to people who like seasonal depression because they don't get enough sunlight, you feel great. being outside. I agree 100 percent like emotionally being great. Yeah, it's it's actually honestly helped me out. It's really helped me keep my mood up just cuz I'm usually out there for like 45 minutes so it feels great. Yeah and it's something I look forward to every day. Yes say this. Sonia and I have taken a lot of walks. It's so it's been a lot of fun, you know and you see a lot of people during this time than we did. you know we didn't take as many walks before, but you know taking those walks and talking and being relational and you know being a detached from everything else that that that life brings it's been it's been so special, so I definitely wanna continue that so guys tell us in the comments whatever platform you're watching and listening. Let us know what you've been doing. what you've missed the most and what you're gonna continue doing moving forward, absolutely well, let's jump into our topic today our topic. We're gonna talk about how to make a song. but before we really dive into the meaning of that, we wanna learn a little bit more about Mister Kevin Rooney so the first question that we have today is how did you get your start in music and in that, you can tell us where you're from and and all those good details. Yeah. So I grew up in Connecticut since Connecticut and in my. In Connecticut, I had started forming kind of like a mini studio of just I mean my mom literally remember like my mom could tell you how I had cables running across my bed. Wow because they were my drum set was over here but my computers over there, so I would be stretching my cables over my bed and sometimes I just sleep on it because I didn't want to clean it up and I'm like it's set up. Nice like I don't wanna move that I just sleep on the cable and don't touch it. but like I just kinda like started getting really. I was a primarily first a drummer. And I've been and that's still my first instrument like I just love playing drums. Yeah, Oh and absolutely incredible drummer and I also played football and like Middle school and high school and I had a football injury and basically broke my knee. Wow and got 12 to 18 stress fractures on my kneecap like it was like, yeah crazy. So I couldn't play drums. I lost my kick drum and it started that started the oh well if I can. Drums I'll pick something else up, so I found a guitar to pick up Wow so learning how to play guitar that happened and then I was in a jazz band in school that were like they were like. Hey you you, you can play bass and I'm like we need bass player you can play bass. I was like I'd rather play drums or like you. We have a drummer We don't have you can play bass. Yeah. and so I start playing bass And like all of a sudden I had this like I I can can can do. do. do I I I guess guess guess I I I can can can can kinda kinda kinda. kinda do do do a a a little little little little bit bit bit bit everything of of of of. everything everything so so so I started I I started started. figuring. figuring out how to make. Kind of productions, but I didn't even know it's called producing what it's like. I'm just gonna like let's record it record the whole song and I'll I'll figure out how to do everything and I had friends who play cello and violin, and I would just put a mic on them because I was like I think I know what I'm doing and so a lot of Trial-and-error. Yeah and I just remember somebody literally was like it was a thing. It was like why is she going to Nashville? Why don't you go to National? You should go to Nashville like oh, wow like I'm like what's in Nashville. Yeah, I had no idea. What's the matter? I'm like dude, I mean you can go to College for audio engineering is what I ended up doing and then which was great and then I also like but I like I came here almost kinda as a but what what I would love to do is be a session. drummer like I would love to be in the studio tracking drums for which I've done a lot of but like the combination of all my talents together, together, ultimately ultimately ultimately brought brought brought brought me me me. me to to to be be be working working working with with. with some. some like producers who. Like had a ton of stuff to do and we're having a lot of records to do, but they couldn't get it done all by themselves, so they need somebody to be able to like hey, can you edit like? Can you edit it like hey, we went in the black and record a full band. Can you pocket everybody? It was like? Yeah, I can I did was I like I so I can do that and then I can tune vocals and then hey, but you play guitar. Can you can you add some overdubs cuz they didn't do all the parts or like you know how to play drums. Can you add shaker you add these things it it just just became became like like like I I I just just just became became became this this this kind kind kind of of. of. like assistant producer. For for a bunch of guys and the way it is, it's like you're good. You're like if one guy likes you all of a sudden they talk to somebody else. Yeah. That's true. Oh my gosh. I need I need someone like that I need and it's like cuz then it was kind of like I could do all this. so like you pay me. you just pay me a little bit of money for just for my time or whatever and I'll do whatever I need to do for you and I was like I was just really cheap like Swiss Army knife. Yeah which is funny because then people will be like do you know anybody who does? Anything that you do maybe or maybe not as expensive as you are and I'm like I don't know. yeah, you know, I don't know I just I didn't. I don't know, but I started to just figuring out how all this stuff because I wanted to be self-sufficient in making an entire song. Wow. that's amazing. I'm making an entire and making an entire song and which is called producing. Yeah, which I think really even know until I came to Nashville and met producers and started watching producers producers produce produce produce music. music, music, which which which also also also also isn't isn't isn't. even mainly mainly just just just about about about recording recording recording everything everything everything cuz cuz. cuz that's that's an. an engineer records. Like Anty engineer record, but the producer is really like the he's like the coach. He's like he's the creative director, Creative force and everything like kinda like driving the shit Yes and I didn't even realize that and I didn't know what that was until I started working for the producers and seeing how they worked, Wow and that was like it was just kind of like just a little like nuggets of like like oh oh shoot. shoot. This This This is is is what what what that that that looks looks looks like like like like this This This This is. is is is what what what what that that that that looks. looks looks looks like. like. like. Yeah. that's and and how how do do I I how how how do do do I I I take take take that that that and? and and cuz it's like. There's some there'll be some stuff where I would like go in and watch a drummer or watch a producer like put down a drum beat and like I'd be like, Oh, I could I could play that drum beat. I was like what's the difference, but then he knows exactly how to do it. And then he starts like putting it in the context of the song and I'm like, Oh, I would have never done that. Wow. I wouldn't never done that he's his brain is in a totally different universe than mine. Yeah. It's very like it just started just being in those circles ended up like expanding my mind and just learning all these tools and all these it ended up forming a direction like for me. And like a process, Yeah, Yeah. So wow. but yeah, that's amazing. So I have a question for you. so how much do you went to school for this? Yeah? How much did you know before you went to school and how much more did you gain after you went to school? So I when I went to school things like ewing and compressing like I knew what it was, but I never really knew how to use it how to use them effectively. I went to school and like really was kind of like I mean the the program kinda like shows you like. hey, like you really use it for this reason. Okay. Yeah. kinda a lot of the wise's like I knew what I like. I knew what everything was, but I almost didn't really know why people use it until I saw people like hey like you need to this EQ is great for this and like this is what you don't wanna do. this is why you don't wanna boost it. this like this the you like. Don't wanna boost the high end like crazy high right now because you're gonna have later and mixing and then you're gonna add in mastering little by little like it's like so I'm like I want the vocal be really bright. Yeah. It's like well like don't do too much because you're not thinking about all the steps later that are they're just gonna keep like WoW things like that or even compressing like I'd be like, oh, just compressible and slam it cuz that's what people do right. Yeah. It's like well like you. I just didn't know that like most professionals add multiple. Compressors, like later on like when they stack A- one does a little bit when the next one is a little bit more. This one does a little bit more. then it goes to mastering the whole mix gets compressed Yes and I was like I didn't know what what is this so school? Basically it complemented what you have been learning about you learning on your own. You just took you to the next level. Yeah. Okay. So wow. but then it's awesome. but then it took me to the next level, but then what ended up taking me to two or three levels up was working with people the experiences. Yeah, so it took a while. That's So the experience was that the the experience the trial by fire is definitely what like I mean that could actually. I mean that theoretically that could take somebody who who I mean who's didn't even know all the prior like who had no idea about the prior Yeah. And then they learn really quick and then after a couple of years of work and then they've know know just just as as much much as as as somebody. somebody somebody Yeah. who who who probably. probably probably came came right right out of College. Yeah. So So you you know know the the same same. same. I I I had had had a a a a similar. similar similar similar experience experience experience just just just just kind kind kind kind of of of. of with with with music theory. theory. Yeah, Yeah, I I remember remember in in high high school school, I I had. had such trouble. With music theory, but when I went to College and I started being around music and like being around the musicians talking about music, that's and talking about court judges and talking about all those different aspects. Then I took a music theory class. I aed it. Yeah, I ate it and so that's that's a powerful so taking what you're learning and then adding that education. Yeah to that that education and experience man goes to. Now, my next question is how did you launch your touring career? How did that process? Start for you? Okay so in the process of even just being trying to be a studio, drummer or like trying to just be a drummer in town like I was definitely when I first came here, I was telling everybody I was a drummer. Yeah. That's what I was telling everybody like and I was buying gear all this all this gear I was buying was for the purpose of sole purpose of just recording drums at at my my House. House. It's It's It's like like like I'm I'm I'm like like like like that's that's that's that's why I why why why. I I spent spent spent I I I spent. spent spent I I worked. worked at I tried to work as. Many odd gigs and I would string stuff is like as many gigs in a month as possible. Yeah doing the hustle thing mainly like during College mainly to buy all this gear. I was like I wanna finish College and be able to track drums in my House. It was great. Yeah, I mean, and but then like people start being like. Oh, we have all the gear you can make a whole record of your House. That's that's funny. I mean I I kinda kinda wanted wanted it it just just just for for Yeah sure that's amazing. I like just from being a drummer. Just I mean, it's a thing like you play a show and people were like. Hey like I saw you play that show you could play. I've got to show you a drummer like it just was some stuff like that and it just progressed and like who's the first person you played with in Nashville the first person I played with was a guy named Matt Ene, Megan aunt, who's a who's also the first country artist. Yeah. I came to Nashville the first person I played with it was a country that and I had not played country and he play. His originals he played covers and so I just learned a ton of country music, just kinda got thrown into the deep and then also started playing at church or playing with worship leaders that start playing with all the worship leaders who were not just doing worship leader at church like they were they were doing conferences and all that stuff worship artist that we're trying Sarah Reeves was one of those people that like I played with her church. It's like it was just like a hey well. I've got we've got a conference like Wow. I was like yeah and then I played with her for. I don't even know how many years like four or five years like just just on it like playing all just all these events and yeah, I went on tour with her on that point. we did winter jam together. Yeah. that's a big tour. Yeah and so like definitely with with Christian music playing in church is a big deal. Yeah, it is it's a big deal and then playing with country music. I mean if there's country musicians in the. It's like oh, yeah like you play and you can play with me but also like kinda playing in bars and playing shows and playing at clubs you you become this sort of like like cat that just everybody just sees like. Oh, yeah, they're awesome. Yeah snag him. That was actually great well, Kevin just said, because a lot of creatives and people in in the art space, always wonder how do I set my prices? How do I get my name out there and to be honest with you, It often doesn't make any sense how it happens and I can tell you from my experience between Brian and I and what we do and obviously what you heard from Kevin. Really, what we did was, we got ourselves out there as much as possible and a lot of times. we didn't even we didn't get paid to start out and the reason that we did that was we needed to get Bryan's name out there so that people knew that he sings this is what he's capable of and what we do a lot of this. we record everything that he does. We put the content out on every platform that we can and so it's so important when you're starting out to not overvalue your time and what that means is that you. Not gonna have a set price. Sometimes your skill set is not where it needs to be and you just don't have the clientele so what you wanna do is just continue getting yourself out there as much as you can until it makes sense to start setting your prices. Yeah. And that's exactly right so what I used to do was like starting out like I would I I I wouldn't charge people and unless they would just pay me they'd be like. hey, Thank you for your time. Here's a 50 bucks or five Bucks and I'll be like awesome like but I. And then it would just be this. Oh I got paid for it. Then it became like a standard all of a sudden. I just put my right at that. WoW like the last show. What did the what what do you charge for show last pay me 75 Bucks. Well, I'm like Oh dude like we'll do like A hundred. How's a hundred great next guy. How much you let's get me a hundred. That's amazing. Let's just keep going up. It's like it's almost like it almost like it was like a new bed every single time like the more valuable. Yeah I've that was to people like the more people willing. Hey. Will you take? Yeah? What if we did like 300 bucks, a share is that cool? Yeah, like you're like that's the rate. we're doing on this tour. I'm like Oh, that's amazing. Yeah, you know. it's so important to understand that. Yeah. it's so important. Yeah man let's get into the process of actually creating a song and listen. and if you want, we have a we have a song that we worked on recently called Alright so talking about that process and obviously please bring in your own creative process and what it's look like for you over the years to think that I have worked things that haven't worked so just go go ahead ahead and and do do it it right right is is a. a great example. We wrote it Yes, So song called alright. Alright. we wrote it. it's a completely started here in this in this studio. Yeah, I started with you and me just messing around with ideas. Yeah, I would start off with like hey we're I was on an acoustic guitar and we were talking about this before I have been in a right and a lot of writing situations. I've been in a truck guy. Yeah, like we're like. Oh we'll get to other writers and I'll be the track and it'll be a three -way cori where I'm making a cool track and they're writing melodies and lyrics and it's a-team and it's really. For making something really fast and recently, I've just been so disinterested in that because I end up being like well now, I feel left out of everything that's going on when I get so I'm so analytical and making it a track. Yeah. And then I'm like Oh kick drum based on like what's that? what's the right sample? and I'm just like this is all stuff. I realized this is all the stuff I can do later what I can't do later is hang out with with Brian. Brian. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah. get get get get. a a a good good good vibe vibe vibe vibe with with. with with an an an acoustic acoustic acoustic guitar and let's just come come up up with with something something cool cool cool that that that connects connects connects to to. to to and and and so so so so we we we we started started started started. with with with that that. that and. and we wrote. Half a song and then we're like with just the two of us. Yeah, so they're like hey what if we brought someone else in and help us refine the song cuz some a song is not really done until you put it through. you put it through the fire and you test it. You bring it to other people and they're like what do you think cuz then like we wrote it with Lindsey and Lindsey was like yeah. she was like oh man. this course is so cool. This is great. This is great. Let's let's fine-tune these parts and it really became a better song. Yeah. I mean collaboration is just so. Underrated man Yeah, I I I personally thrive on collaboration, so that's one like especially in the writing process. So like that's what I like the the the track things sometimes I'm like. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I'm like I just wanna write with you guys. I wanna I wanna be in this together and then record on a voice memo and then when I ended up doing when we finish the songs I exported that just air drop it into Pro Tools. Yeah and pocketed the voice memo. Yeah actually if it wasn't. And so I do a lot of music creation and Ableton Live gotcha a lot of producing in that just cuz it's fun. Yeah. there's just I like it. Yeah. I like the way it looks Pro Tools is really great too. Yeah. Angelo's is great for especially for editing so which it ended up going into pro tools at some point, but I put it into Ableton pocket it up like put it on a grid and just started putting stuff on it that I was like man like that worked with the vibe of what we're looking for. Yeah and then I would I've sent it to. I was like what do you think about this track and you're like dude? This is awesome. Yeah. And I was like and it's great cuz we already love the song. Yeah. Yeah. So like and I've just started putting drums like I kinda always start with drums. I put some drums on and I always end up doing like kind of samy drums like kinda a hip-hop sampling drums cuz if we wanted to do real drums, we can always do that later cuz you can nerd out about recording like like figuring out tons of. but but that's that's like, like. but but but that's that's that's. that's like like like you you you you. can can can you you you can can can get into it and I I love love to to get get into into it, it, but but but usually usually usually I'm I'm I'm just just just just like like like like let's let's. let's let's put put put some some some samples samples samples samples and. and and and let's let's let's get get get a beat to get to the base. Let's I think the. Thing I usually do is like some acoustic acoustic or keys to depending on the song. So that's all I had. I actually had acoustic. I ended up laying down the acoustic core progression that we that we that was on the voice memo. So then, at that point, I was able to get rid of the voice memo. Yeah and hurry up the song in my head. So now I'm just making the track and then I started adding keys and guitars and then I've eventually kept taking away the acoustic. Yeah. I was like, yeah, I remember I remember that was was it it was was very very acoustic. acoustic. acoustic. That's That's That's that's that's that's that's right. right. right. right. that's That's That's That's. right and it was just like it was just a process of constantly. Like the like Oh, this is how we did in the in the right. It's like nothing should stay. Yeah. you should always be like is this right? Yes. That's right. That's amazing. is this going is this good and I think before and I think we also talked about and there's a big. This is a big thing. I is as a producer, just getting the full vision. Yes because it would be it''s Stuff's. not gonna go right if I'm doing it my way and my vision when your vision isn't When I am yeah. Which I've done, unfortunately, I've just done so many times cuz I've gotten like man. this would be so cool. I'm gonna produce it and I give it to the artist and they're like this is not really what I wanted. Yeah and I and I and I've been like what do you not like it and it's like no. It's just not. It's just not what I envisioned for this one and so since we have coming out of those conversations, Yeah. But I learned is let's talk about vision like right from the get go. I remember like I remember when we talked in those like in that right and I'm like what are you vibing like Bruno Mars and John Legend like I'm almost like even someone like the pops up like a like the Charlie stuff like the musicaly like that, like it has that stuff and you're like you're like. I'm digging that well. I'm also digging this stuff and this stuff and I kept putting that and like, okay those flavors yes. And so then when I put it all together. I'm like this match and then I was like cuz I'm always like I probably I listen to music and I. Certain things you listen to music and you hear certain things can be totally different and so it's always I just throw the track. What do you think I love it or it's not quite there yet. Yeah. It's just like that's fine. at least we're getting somewhere. Yeah. It's just like that's part of the collaborative process, which is I mean what I know for what I know for certain is we collaborating and doing our best. It's gonna be way better than just my best. Yeah. that's good. It's simple. and so that's always that's always gonna be the case. so I'm I've I've kind of of lost lost the the whole whole like like doing doing my my. way type of thing. That's you know I I just started collaborating with people when I moved to Nashville, really, yeah cuz because before then in all the years before I started recording music, I started writing music in like 2010 2010 and then I started recording music in 2011 and so all that I would do was because I was kind of alone in Tulsa. I'm not alone. There were people who were doing great things, but just I didn't. The right collaborators at the time, Oh, yeah, so I was writing all of my own songs and then all I would do is I would take I will bring the song to my producer and so then I would literally just like talk out the vision to him. Yeah, I would just talk it out and be like this is what I want. This is how I wanted it to sound and then he would just go to work and just like you're saying, like yeah, Okay, let's take that away. Let's let's put that. and so I say that to say you know there's really no perfect formula. To this process because for me those years those seven to eight seven to nine years of creating by myself, I feel like help me discover who I was and help me and so now whenever we come together, I have a sense of identity. Yeah, you have a sense of identity, then we're able to get the best of both worlds. a thousand people you know so I I do I do I think that collaborating is so. Great, I think, but I think that it's also good to first just try it on your own. Oh absolutely write a song on your own. write a song on your own. Just like Kevin. Did you know gets some equipment and make it a really bad in your room? Yeah and just start figuring it out. then as you get that experience, then when you come into a collaborating room, a writing room, a a session a recording session, then you're able to. It's it's like you're you're you're your eyes are illuminated to a whole different process and it makes you better. It makes you because I know that just like you said, like we brought in the idea of alright, I had a course or whatnot, but then when I when I when we started vibing on it together, it became something so much more than Lindsey came in and then, she added. If we just step back and it just elevated the and lifted everything. Yeah. So like I definitely would say if. Haven't written a song before if you haven't just try writing a song By-and-by song a song by yourself after you've written a couple get into a room with people and collaborate, then bring it to a producer. Who's like Kevin. I love working with producers like Kevin because Kevin has a a full view of what a song should be. Yeah and also he plays so many different instruments. another producer who I've worked as a guy named John Cogan and he was my very first producer who who I I worked worked with with for for like like like eight eight eight years. years years years and and and he he he he plays plays everything. everything. Yeah Yeah Yeah everything everything everything. and and and so. so so it it was was actually actually really. really nice being. Just the two of us in the room, Yeah and being able to like get the whole thing done the two of us because we're able to vibe on so many different things to so many aspect and he was able to give verbiage through musical issues to what I was feeling in my heart and the one thing I'll say is just like Brian mentioned, there's no one way to produce and producers different just based off of how how they've adapted within their craft. but I hope everyone. Up on one thing that he didn't say it, but just say everything that he mentioned kinda brought it to this point. I think there is one thing that that that makes great producers across the board and that's just being humble in your approach to working with other people. That's right. Yeah because I think that in the industry no matter how tough you know, it is a tough industry. I feel like the best producers whenever you see them work. It's always a a collaboration collaboration. collaboration. they're. They're They're They're always always always very very very relatable relatable relatable with the people that they're they're working working with. with. They They They have have have a a a great great great spirit spirit spirit spirit about about about about. them. them them and. and and that's that's why. why they work so. Within the industry and so I think if there's one thing one skill set that you if you wanna be a producer or even a musician, Yeah, it's just being a great person being great to work with and yeah. So that's the point I wanna invite. Yeah. absolutely you're so right because you know you do find every now and then people are so precious about what they do and they're so married to and they may have had success in that area. Yeah, So that's success has been given them like almost cemented them in their. To where like when you come to them, they are so rigid. they don't wanna hear your ideas because they think they know what is best. But like that's why I love working with you Kevin because you're just like let me throw out a thousand ideas and we'll see which one works. Yeah and like that's so amazing. That's so amazing to be able to come into a room like that to come to come into a room to come into a session knowing that the opportunities are endless, Our and we have endless possibilities for creativity in this one. Coming to a session with Kevin, you know we could, I can have this idea, but then it can go over here or you can go over here or we may stick to that idea. Yeah exactly because it was a great idea that we keep fine tuning it. I really feel like I even like being in communicating with artists like you. I'm still checking myself in terms of how I'm like. Hey, what's the best way to handle like what is the best way to handle this like what's the best way? How can continue like to make you feel? Like to make you feel valuable in this and make you make you feel like hey like I want you to know I wanna like make sure that your vision is important because it is your voice. That's my and sometimes I'll be like like it'll be things like and like I feel like I've gotten better. I've definitely gotten better. I've I've not been. I've not always been great in terms of making people feel like and I've gotten way better and so like even with like things like even little and it's it's all all it's it's not not big big big things. things. things. It's It's It's like like like like little little little little. things things things like like. like like things things things like like I did a a track track and and I I did did did track track track a a a while while while while back. back back back and and and we're we're we're we're talking talking talking talking. about like the difference between synths and real bass. Wanted Reals. Yeah, I wanted eight 08 and I remember being like no man. It's better. It's better this way. Yeah. I literally was like and I can list off the reasons why because there's a blah like from a but it's like but what I wasn't doing was being like flexible and I was I remember thinking about me like no that wasn't that wasn't cool. That's like that's like that wasn't cool like so I I still have I've gotten way better, but I still like want like I it's still healthy to check myself and make sure like Hey I am I being. Am I being totally flexible in this room? Am I making sure that I'm helping more than I'm like being helped or like it's just like Yeah, I was trying to be always try to help more and be flexible and try to be the best collaborator I can that's it so I wanna continue let's continue with the process of the songs. so we have the track we have the check the track is in the process of it's almost completed. It's like 90 percent there like take us from take us from 90 percent there. Yeah 90 percent there anything can change anything can trade still, like like obviously, like it's all in there like we could still like everything is still in a multi track way where it's like. Hey, if you don't like this lead line like let's get rid of it like just it's having that flexibility is great, especially with software right now, you can go back and only saving your steps like say that I end up saving little versions like if I make if I send you a bounce and the bounces like like I always do things in KRA number like so it's like it's it's the the first first version. version. version. I'm I'm I'm sending sending sending it's it's it's krone. krone. krone so like and I'll. That session and then I won't touch it Wow and then I'll save a new session. kw, so that's you wanna be like so if you ever wanna like go back like hey this thing like actually there was something about this. That was really cool. I go back to that session. find the original whatever finally the magic that was in that and take that or like just go back to that and then go in a different direction like I never wanna be like. Oh, we can't go back to that. like it's it's so I always try to save my along the way, which helps just flexibility wise. Yeah, but if. Like the track and you're like man, I'm digging this let's get vocals on it. Yeah. So then you come over to the studio. so we set up a mic. We try to get it. I try to set it up in the most dead spot in the room so that the room doesn't imprint. It's like acoustics too much into the vocals. so like you're right next to the your right next to the absorption like one of the solar panels, so it actually it takes in a lot of the A lot of the reverberation and kinda helps create a dryer vocal. Yeah. So, but we do that and we. We just we spend as much time as we need to in getting a great vocal. There's no hey, we need to do this in two takes. Yeah, we need to do it and we or we need to do it at least 10 like there's no the only thing is like just knowing you And just being receptive like how is your voice feeling like I don't wanna push you like definitely don't push you too long. But if you're like, hey, I wanna keep singing it. I'm I'm I'm just getting warmed up. Keep just keep going. Yeah and then and get this. I like to get his nett picky as possible. Yeah, I have to get this picky as much as you do. Yeah. So like I remember on alright man we we a whole session. Yeah. there's no session so many vocals was'. Oh, there's so many so many vocals sound great too and and can't wait for you you guys guys to to hear hear it. it. it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. it's It's It's it's it's. it's it's fantastic fantastic fantastic and and and and and I I mean mean mean so so so and and and I'm I'm I'm I'm always always always. always like like like cuz cuz cuz like like. like like more more vocals on the front end end me me me more more more workers workers workers to to to to. prep prep prep prep but but. but like it's it's if if it it it if if if it it it works works works works and and and and it it. it it sounds sounds sounds good. good, good, then then do do the the work work and. and get all these vocals like. I love for you to track as much as you want and then when you're in like when you go home and then I take it and then I kinda consolidate everything and put all the best takes. Yeah like out and making sure all the all the hidden like little little cuz I mean doing multiple takes. It's great because you'd sing one word differently or you did one run like cooler than the other one. and so like you just end up what you do is you come you can basically like come. Pile a just a bunch of different takes into one. It's one that's that's cohesive and I love that and it takes time a wise engineer told me that you cannot rush vocals. If you want to be good, it takes time. Yeah, very much. I'm saying so and that even goes into then once we've tracked all of them once we've done all the B's and you know I love to stack B TVs. We got the stack doubles of parts like we'll record one part and then we'll be like let's just stack the same part. Yeah and then pana off left and right huh and like like doing that we like doing Chas. Yeah all. Stas, like hey, let's do this, let's do this part and then throw a bunch of verb on it. Yeah, let's do it. And so once we get all those ideas once we get all these things together and I end up just cleaning up the audio and making sure there's no pops no weird like like the microphone distortion or pree distortion. there's no like weird syllables and then like and then I'll end up doing a tune and I'll tune all the vocals by hand. I don't really like to commit auto tune. Yeah cuz it's kind of just an uncontrollable unless you want it unless that's exactly what you're going for. Yeah I I hand it by hand so that I keep the most character yes because I don't want to. I don't want you to hear the tuning like I want it to sound like you're like dude. I sing my butt off. Yeah. we can hear that you're like. Oh my goodness. but like Yeah, Yeah, but not so much that it's like man. He like really tunes. Yeah. there's more you tune something the more you're gonna hear exactly so all these little fine tunes throughout the entire song. It's it's what makes it really does and it gets it more like cuz you sing phenomenal you don't need to. but when you're putting everything when you're. Instruments that are in 440440 and you put you in 440 it just blends easier. Yes. wow. That's that's it has nothing to do so for anybody listening like you're like just tuning in tuning a vocal like this. That mean I'm a bad singer. No that's good. You know it really doesn't if you like the sound of an unto vocal, Yeah, like with an unto piano like this all these things. it's like that's great and I love it and there's time for that too. I don't tune in every vocal. Yeah I don't do but some. Especially for a thing like getting it like right on so that it mees well like in the frequency spectrum. Yeah, it's like it's just kinda like it's just kinda does a thing like that. It's just like it's just becomes like so tight and it mees. So that's why that's why I do that. Alright man do all this information that you're giving us is absolutely crazy and I hope people are really listening to this process and you know not just listening to the specific information but listening just to. Education like and the fact that Kevin has this is this is not something he learned overnight. This is something that Kevin learned through his process and so I hope that you guys understand that you guys have a process that you're going to go through to learn all the things that you need to learn to be successful in whatever field you're in, but let's continue with the song process. The tracks done the vocals are done. The vocals are tune. I give you the go ahead. I'm like bro. We're good. What do we do next? So next there's a couple well it goes in the next part of the process is mixing gotcha. so. Take all the tracks all the ideas we did and figure out how we're gonna mix it all together into one cohesive like like mix. so wait wait wait, so you mean that we can't just send the vocals that we did the instruments that we, but we can't just set it for mastering but you can't go straight to Mastery. Okay. So the mastering engineer is a that's the last part. so the next part. once you have all your parts, you're not gonna add anything new Okay. So there's no more recording. There's no more. Editing okay. like there's there's no no more more like like no no more more tightening tightening tightening stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff like like like like. like if if if you. you you it's it's the. the performance the performance. Is there everything is you're like? okay now? How do I get it to sound like one file cuz that's what a mixer is doing. It's a mixture. Basically, it's like a it's like a funnel. It's like it's like you're putting all these things and you're gonna get one your product is a mix. It's one way file. Yeah. it's and that's what and you press it. and that's what you listen to you. Listen to it. and that's the first that's really the first step to. I mean unless I mean every time you're making a rough like you're bouncing a whole roof of your idea. That's theoretically a mixed gotcha. It is a mix. Most people call it, It's a demo cuz it's a rough mix. They're all mixes. Yeah, but when you're really ready to like finish your song, Yeah you either you. I mean there's people I I mix. I don't personally like my mixes as much because I haven't done it as much like there are people who go like they're people who spend their whole lives like mixing. That's all they do. Yeah. Yeah. So like I mean, I'm like I'm a I'm a novice at it. I know how to do it and I'm getting better. It's actually one of the things. I'm really working on. Yeah. it's like we're like. Like in one of the things is in quarantine and I'm like, I'm like hey like I've got time. Let me take a song that like I'm that I'm going to mix and let's let's let me take some a lot of time to really figure out how I like to mix. Yeah. it's good. It's like cuz if you need to be get it done if you need to get done fast or like we're hey we wanna get done next week. Send it to somebody else who is a mixer and they'll they'll crank out No crank it out and they add effects on the vocals. Eq everything compressed things to get it all into one stereo Mixon wow and and that's where all the decisions like volume and like effects and like left like like from left and right right like like the the the word word word where where where it's it's it's. it's coming coming coming out out out left. left. left. left. It's It's It's coming coming coming right. right. It's coming up the Middle Middle if if it's it's it's far far far away away away if if if if it's it's. it's it's up up up close close close if if if it's dry if if it's it's in in a a big big if if it it sounds sounds like like in in a. a big wow it's. All the sounds like it's in a big room or something like that that's all in the mixing. there's no like hey, can you like? I mean some mixture well if they're nice. But like if it's like, hey, can you fix that and make sure there's like no. I'm not fixing. They're not their job isn't mainly to fix like that's usually like my job. gotcha like I'm not gonna send anything to a mixer that isn't not sounding amazing. Yeah. exactly that's good. We're good. Where is it correct or is it like totally what the vision is supposed to be like? like? Yeah, Yeah. it's It's got got got my my my stamp stamp stamp of of of approval approval. approval like like this. this is this is all. Like all, this sounds good now just make it better and that's part of the collaboration process like I love working with mixers who spend their life trying to be better mixers cuz then I get I work gonna get something back that I can't do. Yeah. that's good and I don't have like the years of experience and the expertise And then we get it back and it's big. It's it's like it's balanced. Yeah. And so when you like that you're like man, I will show this to people. Yeah like when you're like, I want everybody like you should at the end of the mix you wanna be like like. I I wanna wanna show show show everybody everybody everybody this this this this and. and and and then then then at at at that that that point. point point, that's that's when when. you send it to. Cuz mastering will put the final touches on it where everybody can listen to where it's ready for it. What does the what does the person who Masters do? the guy who Masters of the mastering engineer? basically he looks at things he looks at all of the like he basically he kinda looks at all the things that a mixer does, but a little bit more in depth and making sure like it's a little bit more technical like Where's mixers mixers that that creative creative creative like. like like that's that's the the creative creative creative process. process process process like like like and making something something that's that's emotional emotional like like. an impact. Like the mastering engineer is definitely be like let's make I just wanna make sure that like there's no weird frequencies anywhere in the song that need to be controlled or that mastering then they also enhance it in a great way. It's like hey, we're like they listen on multiple systems and they're like hey if you want this to be mastered for iTunes because that's the whole thing like iTunes has a sound and that is the sound. so you tell your mastering engineer like it's gonna go on a CD. So they will master it for a CD and then it's like it's going to go on iTunes or Spotify. They will master it based on what I've seen that I see like. Yeah. Yeah. That's the iTunes mastered it, but I guess it's no. it's actually like the mastering engineer will purposely master master it for iTunes because iTunes has a sound Yeah and so and they do like it's funny. I mean, like there's like ways they they limit it and they saturate. There's a certain and they they really. Fine tune the dynamic range of the whole song. Yeah, let's try to get it basically try to get as like the really the main thing is trying to get it as loud as possible. Where all I mean, it's right at the level, the consistent level of all we're all music is right now. Okay. So like it's amazing. It's it's definitely a bad thing if like you're listening to a playlist and your song comes next and it's like softer. Oh, yeah. you're gonna be like I I gotta gotta I I I gotta. gotta gotta gotta hit hit hit. hit well well well cuz cuz cuz also also. also. like It's kind of a bummer, but it's it's true though you can't escape it of volume like the loudness is perceived as better better. Yeah, That's right so something softer. It's perceived as less. That's true, which isn't always the case, but that's just our brain. That's just the way our brain works. Yeah. That's right the music. so it's like there's more. There's it's exciting. It's louder. Yeah. So like mastering a Dream will make sure it's loud enough for all systems. Wow and so yeah and I love. I love that's it. We literally just went through the process of making a song a song from writing it to having it mastered, which is the road map. That's it. that's it for for songwriting. Yeah and then tracking get it recording all the ideas and then editing all those ideas and mixing and mastering it. Wow there. it is there. it is that's it. I hope this does two things for you. I hope it helps you to appreciate the process of somebody creating. Song It's not just as easy as singing. That's right. There's a lot of people in the process, but I also hope that if this is something that you wanna do that you realize that it's not as complicated as you might think it is as well. So if this is a field that you wanna get to just start kinda like Kevin did whenever he was young. He just started. I mean he knew that this is something that he wanted to do in the music industry or not even in the industry. He just wanted to make music as a gift and so just start and then back when Kevin started, it was probably even harder. It is now it's so easy with so much available like the knowledge that you received today on this podcast and with everything that's on the Internet that just people want to show you how to do this stuff. Yes. So it's just so important to just start just start. That's awesome man. So Kevin you know we really appreciate you explaining this process of how to make a song, but I wanna know what is the future hold for you like cuz I I mean you're just all the stuff that you're doing is incredible the song that we have coming out. And a couple of other songs. Yeah. we got a couple of the songs coming together. What does the future hold for you? So this this year was going to be this is gonna be my last year touring with Flatts. they've announced their farewell tour so this will be the last year touring with them if I do end up taking another to get after that, we'll probably be awesome. Yeah, but I'm also kinda like I think this 2021 might be the year that I will just continue to do. Production which is exciting and scary at the same time, Yeah, because I've always had a touring gig. That's always kind of bedrock like yeah, like pay the bills to play some shows make the money also make records, and I've always done the back and forth, which I like my personality. I love that I like the back and forth, so I'm not afraid of it. I'm not like. I'm not. I'm not bummed that this not totally bummed that that it might go that direction of full-time. The song writer Yeah, but but I do like having both just for my brand like I get to do this one month and this one Yeah. but like it is I really I'm really excited to go further in. That's awesome. That's awesome. the record. Yeah the songs and the records were putting out. Yeah. We're excited about that and yeah I mean and until quarantine is over. I'll still be in this room if that's what I'm doing. I love that I mean what I can say is the future is bright. This This is is just just the the beginning. beginning. beginning. It's It's It's It's the the the the beginning beginning beginning beginning. for for for you you. you man. man. man. man. it's. It's It's It's the the the beginning. so I mean this this is is been been been an an an incredible. incredible incredible incredible conversation conversation conversation conversation and and and and so so so thankful thankful thankful for for for it. it. it. How How can can people? people connect with you? All your social media where we can find you and everything my it's funny is that really mean social media have his Instagram. Yeah like that I don't have. I don't at least I don't remember my Twitter and I don't even remember what the handle is. So if you find me on Twitter, that's that was comment below. Find me on Twitter. That was me from like 10 years ago, same with Facebook. I don't even know I haven't logged on Facebook A while you can find me on Instagram. It's Kevin Rooney at Kevin Ruy. Yeah on Instagram and there's a. Yeah. there's a actually my Emails on there so you can contact me. Yeah contact contact so yeah and that's pretty much the basically it if I can say two things. okay. Yeah. That's the things I just felt like I just came to my mind. Yeah. I feel like if you are getting and this is a daunting process and you're like how do I do this and there's so many people on YouTube that are doing great work and like and like how do I produce a song or how do I do this? Yeah exactly my best piece of advice is what. Your favorite music find out who did that and try to do it like them to the to so that you can at least learn like oh like this is like this is how I make that sound, But does that make sense cuz you'll do it if you do it like them and you try your hardest to copy them You'll and you do it. then you'll be like great now. I'm gonna cut or I can copy somebody else and try to figure out how they do it. But then you will eventually figure out how you like to do it. That's right, but that's exactly I definitely started out trying to figure out how my favorite producers and my favorite artist did stuff and then. Lastly, if you're out there and you're like, I'm not really a songwriter like I don't write music. Well if you've written a song, you are a songwriter. wow. so true. so just that's it just take that. Yeah, you have written a song you like it and if you haven't written a song, go write a song I still just go do it and then once you have you have you are yeah. that's the truth. That's That's right. right. right. so so so I I I just just just don't don't don't let let let that that. that don't don't let let the. the I'm not. I'm not a. Songwriter Like don't worry about it like if you've written a song, you are a songwriter and then and keep doing it. That's the truth. That's good. I love that that's actually that's an excellent and yeah, that's all the music artists receive that and thank you once again Kevin for being on the two brothers one podcast man, we knew that you'll be such an asset and value to our audience and we wanna thank you all for listening and whatever digital platforms you're listening on and and and watching on whatever platform you're watching on. Hey, please leave a comment. Us on iTunes comment below whatever you need to do get in contact with us If you have follow-up questions to this get in contact with Kevin we truly truly appreciate you all for tuning in once again to the two brothers One Dream podcast. See you next time. Thank you for listening to today's episode of the two brothers one dreama before we let you go. We'd love for you to leave us a comment with any thoughts you have about today's episode Also make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to stay up to date with future episodes Until next time. Keep the Dream alive.

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