If Qur'aan is a Book of Knowledge, then Why are Muslims Backward? - Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik • 8 months ago   9.3K     124  •  70.1K Views
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If Qur'aan is a Book of Knowledge, then Why are Muslims Backward? - Dr Zakir Naik

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Posted 8 months ago in Religion & Spirituality
Muzakir Naik
Muzakir Naik6 months ago

He wrong guess while muslim backward but rarely moslem to studying science. Just a few moslem have specific double rank in front of Allah to studied knowledges and supporting iman amal shaleh. But not moslem backward. Be afraid disturbed ad dunya make lost or go to hell here after.

Abdul Baseer Hse
Abdul Baseer Hse8 months ago

Hey Muslim Ummah Before Next war Request you to suggest you to make khalifa Ameer UL mominin to Zakir Naik who speaks 24*7 Allah & Rasul Allah spell by his tongue & All OIC can consider him as khalifa or Ameer UL momineen & Shorah will be all Leaders of there Respect full country's. Think Twice

Salwa Abdul Razzak
Salwa Abdul Razzak8 months ago

Because simply they do not obey Allah ...shaytan is who they follow ... read the story of how all this started when Iblees refused to make sajood to Adam.
Many are still following culture. Everyone is accountable for his/her actions so study Islam and act upon it.

Dakwah Deen
Dakwah Deen7 months ago

SubhanaAllah. Dr Zakir Naik is a good example of men of knowledge. It is ironic that Allah AWJ sent us Quran. Iqra ya Muslim. Learn ya Muslim. Study ya Muslim so you can bring benefit in the lives of others. Those who learn and study and gain knowledge will be blessed and is 'our' Ummah as said by SAW. May Allah guide us all.

Ramli Hamid
Ramli Hamid8 months ago

During the Golden Age of Islam it was worldly achievements vs hereafter achievements The Muslims were more in pursuit of hereafter achievements and left all the knowledge to others to pick them up and moved forward. It could also be universal ecology. If the Muslims were to hold on to the knowledge and invented all sort of inventions, what would the others be doing. As you'll agree, most of those who picked up the knowledge were Jews.

Ratnam Gnanesh
Ratnam Gnanesh8 months ago

Zakhir sab ...Muslims are not worshiping God.. Allah..They are following Prophest Mohamad rules i.e Hadith..So all muslims brothers to be understand that you are not believers only followers...

Rahul Biswas Rathin
Rahul Biswas Rathin8 months ago

If it is book of knowledge then why Islamic scholars can't invent new thing or a very few? They read and analysis the Quran most. Pls anybody let me to know and remove my ignorance.. I'm very curious about it.

Mishal Mollah
Mishal Mollah8 months ago

After long time, sir is giving lecture in front of audience.

Burhan Din Rabbani
Burhan Din Rabbani8 months ago

Our minds have been corrupted by the media

Khaireya Abdullahi
Khaireya Abdullahi8 months ago

Ma shaa Allah, Jazaaka Allah khair Sheikh, May God bless and Protect you and give the best good reward in this Life and in Yawm Al Qiyaama the Paradize Al Firdaws.