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Just two lovely raccoons enjoying some milk... 馃嵓馃嵓

Posted 8 months ago in Animals & Pets

Pauline Fowler 8 months ago

Awww lovely two raccoon feed milk

Dave Gilbert 8 months ago

She's in a motel room bottle feeding two raccoons. 馃

Toni Oakey 8 months ago

They are beautiful, but I wouldn鈥檛 trust them.

Nancy Dennison 8 months ago

I had that experience once , such beautiful funny smart little critters ! Unfortunately you cant keep them as pets, once they're a few months old it's best yo release them back into the wild .

Jadwiga Kabanos 8 months ago

I love it, but with sound off.

Sa茂d Boudji 7 months ago

They are so lovely, that's why you gotta give them some real milk lol

Susan Maxner Zappia 8 months ago

They are adorable! We had a friend who was a DEC officer. When they found orphaned kits, our friend group went to their house and bottle fed those adorable little ones.

Larissa Marriner 8 months ago

I love baby raccoons and have actually been around a friend who has hand raised alot of them from any baby up to full grown n then he releases them into the woods by his house but they still come back and visit

Kathy Martin 8 months ago

We had a raccoon as a pet, he was sweet but they can get mean.

Peter Allen 7 months ago

This is so cute my partner is very envious