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When she gives you that curve ball 馃槼Watch until the end 馃槀
Who is that hey, yo she gonna curve curve you you bro. bro. bro. I I I got got got to to to play play play the the the field. field, field. field, Homie Homie Homie and and and and now. now now now Antonio. Antonio Antonio Skin. Skin go. I just wanna take you to dinner and then my House or yours. And a pop fly right, I told you pick up and play ball. ball. She's She's gonna gonna gonna throw throw throw the the the curve curve curve curve again again again again trying trying trying trying to to to to hit hit hit hit this this. this this home home home run run run with with with you. you. you. That's That's what what I I want. want. If you don't put in the work. Wow what a curve? I hit him. Give it back. at the sushi, I just want my stuff girl. what's wrong dating this Latino dude. He has my stuff and he doesn't speak speak any any English. English. Oh Oh my my my gosh. gosh. gosh. my my my boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend is is is is Dominican. Dominican. Dominican, Dominican. Dominican, maybe maybe maybe maybe he he he he can can can can help help. help help. babe. Babe huh. They give him a kiss, tell him I just want my stuff tell him. what the fuck you just said I'm from the Dominican Republic. Republic. My My man, man, man, I'm I'm I'm. I'm Dominican. Dominican. Dominican. Dominican. You You You ain't ain't ain't say say say one one one word word word. in in Spanish. Spanish. wait, you're not. you've you've been. been lying to me. Three months. Wait a minute you speak English. No mommy, No speaking English. I saw the bite what's happened. She do me she do you got the loving loving late. You.

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