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A kind reminder: If someone doesn't like you because of your body shape, they aren't worth your time anyway. Via All 4
I get quite stressed about dates. How are you hi? I've never met up with anyone from 10 day because you put pictures when you look skinny. That's like a normal thing to do I give back to you please and so I'd be embarrassed if they were like Oh, but it doesn't look like that in real life where you just give me that Thank you, I wouldn't want them to be like. Oh you let nothing like your pictures and and your your data data is is already already already arrived. arrived. arrived. arrived. I I I wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't want want want a a a a catfish catfish. catfish catfish anyone. anyone. anyone. Hi, hi. Hi. it's David Zoey. Please let me look lovely. Thank you. Oh my God. I get friend zoned so much. I am the daughter of the friend zone. I'm the guy at the entrance going welcome. Let me show you around cuz I know this place better than anyone else. you look amazing by the way I think I did, but I'm gonna say it really lovely. Thank you so do you. Don't know about lovely, but yeah, it makes more muscular man. let's go with that. let's go with that. Yeah. I mean a girlfriend. Well, yeah. Yeah in my life, the 40 year-old Virgin Hair. No, I just wondering at a four -year relationship really long. Yeah I feel like you're now gonna judge me, they never had like a proper serious relationship, the longest relationship I've had as a month. I was quite scared boys because I had to go out of troubles at schools but bullied at school. There's been boys obviously in my life, usually they end up to be not nice people. I was bigger than everyone else. else. Big Big Big bone bone bone does does does my my my mommy mommy mommy has has has has to to to to say say say say. and and and it it it just just just. I I think think probably. probably just got out of hand. I've actually blocked out my memory. I've grown up a lot in the last year. I think now it's more than time for me. I definitely I'm gaining more confidence in my body. It's time to seize the day. I would love to find someone that can just be me with all the time. It's a thing that I've never had a boyfriend is a thing. Not on. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I paid confident on the outside like buzzy and my big personality and stuff. I'm not no. I'm gonna go to the bathroom. In my head, I think my date is looking at me like oh and then looking at the person at the next table like she's hot. Monday's hot tub. My day is I will put that down. Okay. I've got this. I've got this. Are you sure? yeah, absolutely. Thank you very much. I did fancy. Yeah. I thought she was really pretty. that's a very big phone. It is, but I'm not overcompensating. You know what they say there wasn't sparkle. Yeah. definitely. I think we clicked a big phone. Oh my God come on big keeper. Thank you. I was like, Oh God. Oh do I finish this now. Oh big checks. It's all a big shoes. This This is is lovely. lovely. I I I have have have no no no idea idea idea what what what she she she thinks thinks thinks of of of me me me literally. literally. literally. You should look like she was. she was having a good time, but I I couldn't I couldn't even tell you to be honest. Okay. Really funny, He's a really funny guy, very complimenting really like really good personality. really nice. bye. We did get on really well and had a really good time. I think. Are you gonna show me how to do you want me to show you what needs to show me? how to dance? I'll show you something you do to show me. We're gonna be okay. I definitely had a good time. Did you have a good time? Yeah. I had an amazing time. Yeah. it really goes well. It was cool. I may say, official official pushed pushed out. out. out. I I I mean mean mean it it it it was was was was cool. cool. cool. cool. It It It was was was was right. right right right left left left back back back. step. step right. So YouTube. each other again the question come on. Yes, I would like to see you again. I would also like Jay right left faster. Yes. yes. yes yes. faster. Yes. I got it back. Yeah. Just looking at you cuz I'm talking to you. I'm not good looking one second okay. All love must must begin begin somewhere somewhere I I I. don't don't know. like when I get stressed. I guess maybe a slow burn or air up like a volcano, but one thing is for sure with love. It's always exciting when I go for a drink. Yeah, let's do it.

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