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Would you have done the same? 馃
And And And and and now now let let me break it down. I'm I'm sorry. sorry. I I wanna wanna wanna say say say that that that I'm I'm I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry to to to to. my my my my fans fans fans fans. because because because you know what what it it wasn't wasn't worth. worth worth worth it. it. it. It It It It wasn't wasn't. wasn't wasn't and I tell you what what if if if there there there is. is is is a a a Street Street Street called called called right if there is a Street Street code code and and there's there's there's something something something called. called called so-called. so-called so-called is is loyalty and everything and and no no snitching snitching and and and all all all of of of that. that. that I I I I get get get it right. but when was the loyalty loyalty when when you you were were sleeping sleeping sleeping on on on my my my baby baby baby mother, mother, mother. mother, what What what was was was the? the the loyalty loyalty loyalty when when when you was caught on the Whiteside Whiteside trying trying to to kill kill me? me? What What was was was the the the lawyer lawyer lawyer you you you tonna tonna tonna? my my mother mother when when. was the loyalty when. Still millions of dollars, where was that so who broke it? First? I get it Don't fight fire on fire. I'm sorry, but what did I do wrong? be loyal to niggas? That's fucking my moms be loyal to niggas that Cann Atp me beat the shit out of me on video and everything. I'm supposed to be loyal to that. No, you know what you know what it is Y'all don't want to accept the fact that those is all true facts'. don't wanna wanna understand understand understand why why why snitch snitch snitch I'm. don't don't understand understand you you I I don't. don't wanna understand. It's not that I don't understand y'all don't want to understand Y'all don't wanna understand that then this kid really was he, he moved their families out of poverty He pay for school for for for for all of the members, whatever but he snitched on them while they allow you to me cuz I when I met when I met son, he was sleeping on a rugg. I I I give him money your look. Listen. I'm a rainbow Mexican kid. I rap. I'm not about that gangster but listen, I know how to get us out. You wasn't loyal to me. Whether you understand let's let's y'all understand and I know you understand, I don't understand. alright. let me tell you before. I got locked up right before I got locked up. fuck that rainbow nigga fuck fuck Takashi now fuck him fuck that rainbow haki fuck him. fuck that rainbow. Hey, Y'all didn't really have a reason to dislike me just because I screamed and raps and I got rainbow head. That was your reason right or he's mad loud. That was your reason but then. Now, you've got a reason So of course to go to is Oh he snitched. He's right. He's right. so that's your go-to. I understand and I don't blame you. I can't blame him. This is I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Fans because they don't deserve it. my my my family, my mother, my family don't deserve that and I'm sorry, but you're not gonna break me down like five or something wrong. Listen I snitched I ratt it, but who was I supposed to be loyal to if you can't be loyal to me out here in the free world and you fucking my baby mom and while I'm out on tour making money for all of us you back at home home sleep sleep my my baby baby on on on then then then I I I get get get kidnapped kidnapped. kidnapped and and and try try try to to to kill kill kill kill me. me me me If you can't be loyal to me out here in the free world when you think. Thank you to you know the the the judge you know, allow me to come over to my family to let me celebrate a birthday out here with my family, you know and I appreciate that as much as you guys wanna pay me out to be I appreciate every little thing and I didn't do nothing wrong. Yes. I didn't need all of that beef. I don't need that look at look we we everybody saying here with two million viewers. Right-I didn't need that I'm the biggest in the fucking world the numbers. Mela women lie numbers Don't look at your viewers look up just. Two million Numbers don't lie, but listen, I I wanna get back on live. I want everybody on this Imma get listen the YouTube crash I get back on live. We're already cracked Two million. I get back in love. Go. Watch Google right now Go Watch Google Everybody go on YouTube and watch Cuba G O B A 69, go. I love you guys.

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