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[ENG] Eric Nam vs Solar's Ep 3
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What a oh yeah you see the difference oh to want to say you for your only only taking that up fuck yeah you wanna do okay job with my filling 20 k ow one oh he's like they're so easy right well okay the ritual didn't whoa he's uh yeah crazy I'm gonna look at the people who deserves it so people in cages you soon oh okay okay what is okay to do two more important job in nepal yeah oh oh I put all to go on your phone from others is to zip oh yeah on so you know what else I commend I think it helmet show you can take it to the rock that's it okay whoa oh yeah shit and just the sporty why don't you oh it is you gonna do now I told him they're gonna get anyone off can you get to get from getting good come on move how do you put it on there okay yeah my get published and on the old we won who do what you doing I'm looking to got for you oh oh what do I want to do I would you know what you don't fuck oh who's that they were gives me that gentle kiss me yeah which was him okay one okay okay join the music the oh oh oh what is like one of the chickens and they come to don't even a birthday my doubled yeah keep good yeah what yeah see there you can enjoy they don't even know they're from young for you I don't want to be ready for whatever was written day and it's a totally hope that's holding eagle oh yeah yeah a should jump should option down she knows what since when I say oh yeah okay and the game data breaches was so beautiful real social young to me yo oh I'm gonna be on to what you got what you must moving to the women that I get into the samba don't me don't feel okay okay I'm 20000 about this is that you know what I'm talking about okay okay fuck okay don't look more um you took many of the cell Wall be okay take that will keep the good what you what me with some k down Kim Bobby so Bobby can you give us some money and you know going to ship come up we can pump it the fuck at the Mobile man I just like should I can jump can tell now take it to also tell us in the hope you're gonna join and they number in the little book at the wood Co two on the other will someone into the Mobile and young the continuing to take up things I love the with years of arts put tools run in even um I just like how should I go conjunction can tell now Mobile local fuck can turn your liver workbook were warm on what the difference was feeling man oh shit ha can be dominos and me once of the k only my vision was not just numbers yeah oh one another on baby yeah yeah I think it's quite a good move and they only come I look good I got everybody I am an amazing oh yeah momma momma oh man yeah I'm ready okay come do whoa oh whoa oh do I land O okay so if you're thinking boy good oh and you pick up on oh that's only at eat that take you got novel so that's how you coming on the food cooling and claiming up to 10 and junior girls a can't nigga thank you we got what you need okay good I know you good luck you're using a cool oh fuck that I could days it's to get a ticket soon to and I watch a ton of bubba and momma move was was coming possible moving to go take it up mine oh hell thing called fresco could put it so cool to the pup on your own that can cause state is not so I can know is that along with him so I didn't time the 20 years of members and actually to know um oh hey okay baby no son is really those sided sale they do a second that's bull someone you don't I hope they're not just oh so what are you doing now cleaning that story always always uh no my goose over there now what I can do telling my donated to earn what no okay live it it need n Eddie mom you it is baby shit shit oh that's a good one to nothing tell me the month when they see that you don't know what I would do that now is a oh baby oh oh oh it's on what she's gonna was email comb was hell for all time studying I'm doing good real oh good Tv what homes are children under the age of eighteen 20 crew got a mom that is on there be okay get yours told me they get to get him babe differently than me he knows when you get put together a triple your don't tell them you saw moms what no no don't tell it together million whatever you do you do you you do those hungry little oh girl in maple this on and he was a ready your Wall oh with the door and the Wall who's the tell you happy okay no good got the bitch fuck again email me know some on down go go girl come up tonya Jones I nobody can always hundred also known how old is put them way up hmm lets you don't you guys come and join us on on casual didn't I'll be wins uh oh how to be okay and if they morning at eight on Google with the excessive okay baby you're okay online at the success of this vehicle come on well the code on your home your perm up me mini me fuck you need to another mom she was able to win a little fuck which pushing on to serve people coming in um go to give a comeback to come in the North audio number one you really don't turn to kill cool by the water we deliver you don't need any push them okay I don't entertain love it even physical improving their give out any God we she word shouldn't subaru is how to kinda that today is how to kinda day today oh okay no are you going different yeah I also shit don't hold on she will be they will have to take it to the clip please here call his own what the or whatever second physical safety able car was a pair that will she'll doing the guy that will oh I can take you and we got them off like it here and there's all stay there you go to hyundai done okay it look so what do you got you shouldn't one hi tunes under beautiful to a country hotel it up so a email us me I said something to me that it something oh oh yeah no wonder that 50 k yourself so you wanna fuck what you say you do what you want to take some of that goal in this shit oh was that awesome double testing all the world hit and get 12 cook it of oil of well shit come on who to everybody love tall fuck to use how you did yeah because I'm the guy fuck that's done uh teachable and the two cans anything including your well paying senior let's hope she gets on and they could win in in about a second home I will come to those out 10 you so so all that comes with a Cup got another tingles on my own they cooking has a movie ticket to keep people helpful crew top of O spring all they all C O O C k no ha what's interesting the other came out no no no over keep nobody it to 90 more than yeah fuck yeah what yeah whoa what I think will push oh I would go we would like to welcome baby okay okay no different yeah okay you can probably hook button that's the difference it's how you pin it and doesn't seem to think they need it too Nancy moment into public the public okay okay it feels like when you can the cure is looking to go up in somebody who put it there will only my photo some took me oh don't jump I put this on duck tiling and get to know all of the time where music is playing you want to tell me tell me as holy week lose money to achieve that have the total cook about a Hill bitch that's talking about on facebook come on come on now come on mama wasn't keeping up with them they're changing how does it even with Joe got amazing career to boom something the standard together to money for chick we saw what something it is what again what the fuck you will tell yeah fuck 21 oh toward the timeline and agreement oh God to go oh oh talk to close for long when you don't who I am and all but one not even money will say you know not into picking my nigga strangle it to muscle which one joan people complain on me yeah you really really want one thing these and then will I really cannot take it you got what you mean to me I'm gonna do it again I was some much trouble and toy what is it called meet up with no oh don't hate you I understand that doing shit I was pretty go hang you can explain to them well it's all these are and when you okay here we have the teacher I know when you know should join us stick closer time on digital bison Turkish cuz we're gonna want to get by me with the pool by Mobile girl whatever stop should ing which I cannot get to this year's school we need to that cause male that she's where to target is know to know that time I go all they said it was a time that's what uh who shit oh not so mm soon remember so song up oh yeah cool National I know more field soiled uh oh hope to only always a winning delta we do absolutely that's was a whole thing fuck face so is he couldn't don't oh baby by the name of miss linda lou coming stay where you don't so who did take their shit to name I don't mean so they don't you will couple of luck the supply oh those work off I thought were okay oh happy 20 voice of you uh what are those really black babies welcome control hi to me okay let's go film don't go oh good job oh yeah whoa two reasons that people yeah yeah yeah oh yeah they give now the city will play with someone she oh shit fuck no it is oh shit oh June order some early to say they may fall then you buy sell bull eye so that's why you choose choice okay so she told you to so that's in the moments so you want him oh it is Monday is my son not on you to take you from I'm not on yo fuck you know what who and I am so not muscle okay to julia so you get your team I still wanna go no game that course that was confirm we'll see you soon come on kid on my uh try to try to dance is that you know people but listen to this awesome different come on so you say so the love will gonna go I need you down you my oh oh boom clap me got me okay I just hello and time table gets me uh oh wow you get walkie bucket up must get the four test the shit he didn't even mommy you shit again here's how the whether you have a love hello kaye the ultimate must do this oh johnny boy sit on wow total gets me are moving to my Dream it well what okay who's up ball let's don't wait don't buy something you did to myself for my jeep was dating no shit oh I want to get the Bay was really for you for good old building but what you don't love this all the way live cello moment for me was how this anymore long coming this should me too me number well what happen how do you knew the top rated 90 morning the only woman in the different top to you that's how I want to kill his um you tell what to do you can with this is that something more along uh boo Williams and kay kay my Tv and family come on I'll be doing mama and they don't come oh down they don't know what they don't come to iowa stop Mobile with him that something you mommas too the winner for four days I'm do you don't let him okay we'll see what I can for my julep will come up hmm my so from all the top companies leia young here young shit from me by my boy I'm sending to ask your body move girl no that's a so look the elderly by name and then okay I actually can get to give a minute no one grows on uh from your by I saw why I wonder doing my name oil my voice is so tough don't talk about the money I just duck duck in there what walking walking oh God what goes fuck working on your knee makes sure was close luckily I came in number based on John the other oh no seat jump that's cool what look oh that I wore in click on that to all the children to natural ticket oh no look I was going to come on that most of them all want what is okay don't put up their change the energy that much then just pull on in them being sued by the coop hmm okay making there what's your name or more logical are something when I just work from toyota of something so I become to the whole tail down good on my name is tonio no I don't want to me that's how one that is always the good people can say because I don't come on another room I don't come in with a little something they totally form the able to including young gun difference what could a little more about well over a quarter moon between going to the last you know what my today just schedule school toy and tapping mission over with the mountain I'm always here ow to manage of live since up to two months to not off oh and it's double on a big knot still works but I travel I needed to noble we will ball and took apart whether yeah no one is watching that is the all you getting is how much is it there John mirabelle going tell I wanna buy oh what's the deal on I wanna be a fun course full time I'm not include up to top of your kids of molly like her to anywhere it's focus and it is a crew to come over the oh no oh don't you love when there's work because uh oh are you okay do they want into it for yeah jump in July for a quick come on I can touch to tell you mother going a meanwhile me why yeah do you think another me who take any loose get them on coming then call has always do be on my own community hop as you want to know how little how critical couple when they looking to come online it's looking at Tom wood is up for Clinton and it's only just have moving come no come on in and you don't where to oh okay to get it there but cool on the both of you have sales like many in there oh yeah the war that could go up balls get you the doing they don't come in my hit you should go you make it 10 you get the table I don't I will tell you the mother before something new because in this totally listen don't live fuck yeah I never had them I thought was you bought that you're not gay little too don't drive a two month by learning teaches you could done could look into his off season body rival something nigga the city marching assume going to be okay I think gives you feel the report of hinge hello hello oh howdy my name is made

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