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A vicious allegation by Clint threatens Meagan’s good reputation and leads to a major battle in the house. The father of Arely's child makes a serious...
That's like You wanna tell her Even after admitting that his anger does scare me I see like the great person he is Again, why you're such a Jersey chaser honey That's all you are You get away from me I'm down here at the This is the true story You Texas seven strangers fan man to live in a House I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped stream and shared across Facebook What do you mean? No to find out what happen you are. Not listening people stop being polite. Oh my God and start getting real Atlanta baby Do we're working out bro There's just really no reason to leave not shredded bro I know they the people in the House I'm gas is the only ones that guys I know oh my God. You know what's gonna happen and sort of the House being divided by race. Now it's gonna be by body type real world season 30 -, three skinny Can't let start walking out, right Yeah Yeah Amazing as like a bad bad bad country Beach You can work at getting in my way Megan likes the whitest dance Also proud of Megan She's starting to actually be more comfortable in her skin I really I'm enjoying tonight. I think slowly my confidence is coming around and I'm working on myself Are you gonna come to the gym with me tomorrow Yeah. I want to yo I gotta hit legs to my tomorrow. I'm starting week one week one day one dude. Listen it doesn't matter Megan I'm so sorry to tell you that yo if you're gonna eat like don't work out simple as that If I worked out, I'm not gonna eat like cleanse drinking He's I mean he is me like he is seven percent diet. 30 percent workout facts are facts She was like taking offense like you know I know she's got confidence issues but I mean she annoys me like like a lot. I'm not gonna lie. I don't work out to lose what you're working out for I'm working out for Saturday. Go Clint Super aggressive when he's drunk he loves to poke you know what I mean I am not dealing with a drug. People are writing me drunk. Stupid people irritate me Who's going to the gym Me Meg I don't know Yeah When it comes to conflicts I'm really not a fighter I usually have a conflict and run away from it too bad man is not coming man You know Megan to my best friend in the House. So I mean I don't approve of the way that Clinton talks to Megan but it doesn't have anything to do with Megan I think it has everything to do with clients past I have not been able to get an answer from Clint about what he's holding back I hope that he He is looking his eyes sometimes that is scary Gas not no sé por qué hora es un problema porque sí y o sea yo no le tengo miedo yo sí le dije yo no sabía de ella a mí no me grite a mí no me digas vamos a recordar las cosas exacto Baby daddy is capable of Oh my gosh. Anywhere really told you worry cuz he likes it in jail food Justin can get along with anybody but he tip toes about every single thing about himself when it's personal and I do want to learn more about Justin's background. He's a little more private about that just watch a movie That's the movie screen right there John Jackson Oh my God walks into the darkest Ali in Atlanta He sees a rack He closes his eyes and he says please rap don't rob me but the Rac says amen. I got kids that look so dumb stared at that picture. I watch the movie and that's not just some things about when he's not talking when I walk in a room and he's just sitting on his bed like this Thinking about I don't know I haven't thinking Justin sections himself off from everything he sits there like Meditates and sometimes he be saying some dumb ass stuff is funny The next scene he did snitch on his friends but that's what good rats do Hi Are you pie Yes. Nice to meet you. I'm a rally shoe So I understand that you're having some challenges related to custody for so long. I've let people walk all over me I think it's very important that I tried to figure out what my rights are undocumented but I have Daca and then Adrian's father is a citizen of the United States okay So Adrian dad found out that my boyfriend was helping taking care of him Your boyfriend's picking him up from the preschool That's the total origination of this immediate threat right? And that I'm not there and you're gone for a period of how long three months three months. Yes Okay Well so right now you are authorized to live in the US and your authorized to work and you have custody of your son okay and you have all custody rights that means that it is your decision who you authorized to pick up Adrian from preschool as relates to your immediate concern I don't see a basis on which he could call the police and there could be interference with your custom Rights It's really good to hear that I have all the rights to Adrian. I have a hundred percent custody. I want you to leave empowered to know what you need to do to move forward and I hope you do Yeah No, I definitely feel very empowered scarf She gonna come and cook your mom and dad still together No They never met Every night before I went to sleep, I used to always pray just for my parents get along my father and my mom. I would like but my step mother is Puerto Rican growing up I had scheduled visitation Sometimes I wanna see my mom once a week I know that relationship between my mother and father for the book of my childhood that's had an impact on my life Basically they're playing tug of war. I mean you feel me My mom is crying. It's like she's like having a conversation with me and she was like when you go to first grade you gotta move with your dad Shut up I knew that I just wanna I wanna stay with my mom but I I couldn't as a child. I was like oh for sure I mean looking back on it now as a child. I don't know what's going on I just knew that I wanted my mom to adults shouldn't be playing tug of war with a child and I believe this might have been the first time that I actually met my step mom It makes me feel angry but it also makes me feel sad how they thought about that as an adult a lot No I haven't thought about it as an adult a lot but I've been getting asked a lot why you be so calm or so detached from certain stuff Yeah, I just I feel like I came up in in a space where I have much control You know just not selling your mother's household at an early age so you basically you can't control your external environment any farm So only thing you can control is your mind your emotions So I got that Someone asked me when is the last time I cried and I thought about it It might have been years in a lot of ways. I'm just like I'm numb to a lot of stuff I'm just really numb to a lot of stuff and then just have to trust us I am so surprised that Justin finally opens up to us shows a side of him that seems to be a little more vulnerable in your parents on different teams That's rough man you know in love with you for weeks None of that No man. Just conversations. I'll come up I feel like that may play a role Oh yeah. Got to sure they ask I think that definitely plays a huge role Justice more detached emotionally because he I thought he played it up to be like a strong figure for a whole community of people I understand where Justin is coming from because of his family to see him sitting there talking with us opening up a little. It's just like bro. That's good to see a champion A champion in my stories I'm going with my dad. Let me kick some my feet with a light this beef Oh nice Oh damn It takes to me. She's like you probably like I don't know. I don't know I was like yeah You think about staying Who knows I mean I'm just ready to try some out dude Would you just not go back or you will go back? Get your stuff Don't get along that sweet dude Why why don't you get a long I mean I don't really wanna talk about. I mean you know what I'm saying growing up my dad like he was Super strict on me I was never good enough and basically you know as you get older You realize that I don't know man. I mean obviously needs a change I wanna find me and I wanna I wanna make sure that I don't I don't become like my past whatever Looks blurry There's over there talking while I'm doing my video Talk about this dawn. Drake gave me this cuz they don't use em Stop it Clinton. I use condoms so don't let him say that Oh he's calling you answer it I am very nervous to talk to Adrian's dad Okay they were picking a drain up It doesn't make any sense as to why David could do that before when I was in town and now that I'm over here, it really just became an issue and like the fact that you said that you were gonna call the cops. I think that was really a lot for you to do and in all reality like if you were to do that you know I Have a hundred percent custody of Adrian and I get to decide who he gets to be picked up from who he wants to spend time with and until then if you wanna fight this and that's fine, but until then like I have every decision in that I checked I called I talked to a lawyer, they told me my rights. They told me what rights you had when I said I spoke to an attorney It was dead silence like he didn't know what to say now that I had actual facts I think he was just very surprised that I took the like the initiative into my own hands You can't say that you're gonna get Adrian taken away when I've done everything in my power to make sure adrian's being taken care of and doing well It's just like a slap in my face You know all I'm trying to say is that you should know that I every decision that I make is in the best interest of Adrian and I don't have to have the satisfaction of you telling me that I'm doing that Anything else Alright Well thank you for talking to me I honestly feel very good To go out tonight or no Hammered You know tell about said that she wants to be with me. She wants to be my chick. So okay. Yeah. Let's do that Next thing you know Megan is trying to find a dude I have a great time I like to flirt in Cuba and trying to help me find a guy to talk to or just like hit it off with It's fun Tow was basically just with Megan all night and Megan Star struck over these professional baseball players It annoys me Always wants to over under him and was having the whole entire time bro I feel something else is going on in Clinton. Ted then me not spending enough time with him because I was with him all day Next Saturday, we're coming back here cuz they have parties Megan why you're such a Jersey chaser honey journey changer. No, I'm not I'm a sports reporter this is my job to make those kind of connections. This is my job to meet people in that field was athlete too You're mad cuz you think Todd we're gonna go talk to a Jersey whatever person I think Clinton is pissed because he's insecure about everything and he's scared October doing the same thing also Be here on Saturday cuz I'm a Jersey taste and I'm very proud of Megan. She's standing up for herself No man should ever talked to a woman like that Oh goddamn Virgin America. Remember when I had the chance of boy and I did it I've had enough I'm not gonna be treated like this away from me Hey babe I literally can't stand you I hate October I hate him I think it's a piece I think you're stupid for sleeping with them. I really do and that's how I feel I'm in a lose lose situation Their beef between Megan and Clint is like not allowing me to have a friend or like a guy and yeah, I'm freaking stuck Jersey chasing ass mother and you're a blog chasing ass mother bitch That's what you are She's gonna sit there and let Boyfriend talk to her best friend like that I would never ever let that happen He's a moron he needs help I don't know why but he is and if you don't see it then you're stupid to come at me like that. Are you kidding me I didn't do anything you did it I'm glad you defended yourself You're not gonna talk to me like that No one 's gonna talk to me like that comprehend date a friend day Good Awesome. I'm so happy how Megan is standing up for herself. This is the true Megan that she suppresses 20 - 47. She's speaking up. She's getting a little hood She's not He has issues how do you feel about him talking to your friend like that for real leave me alone No you do what you want I'm gonna do what I want Confrontation completely destroyed my last relationship so I do shutdown I feel in the Middle of the House in Clint If I don't calm down Clint then he's mad and if I don't stand up for the roommates than they're mad Look man You don't have to like me anymore. If you don't want to stop is what is stop I said. What I needed to say Jersey Chaser I didn't do anything wrong. That was pretty crazy and you're getting mad at me Who's mad? Cuz you don't like him I'm sorry. I don't know you're not my tight. You reduce your meat head Do you know Matt you know science as you go to school stuff You gotta understand man I got left for a country singer you know I'm saying so you could be a country singer chaser. You could be a Jersey chaser. You could be whether that means I hate that this is hard man. It's hard for me cuz like I've never been good enough You know I mean not further my pops. My past relationships pretty much basically everything to me real simple simple as that I'm really gonna go pray about this situation. You know think of flying but I am having a talk with Jesus because I can't deal with this wack your whack stop She's wack wack wack like you literally have issues you're wat When you came at me you came at me clip for nothing. Keep chasing jerseys. Maybe they'll take care of you right I can take care of my own self independent bitch. I'm pretty sure your dad take care of you. The rest of the say anything about him. It is what it is. You're a piece you did here I've never gotten into a fight with anybody like this What No I don't do this He's so awesome when he's not drinking and then when he drinks his demons come out he has like scars on his body. He will not tell me I'm sure I'm sure he's been through some I know that he's suppressing something I've been trying to get it out of him and I know he will feel so much better. So I'm just gonna keep trying I'm not gonna leave you I mean it Money recklessly right now you have stress about money like that Yeah. Yellow Nobody ever taught me about money. 90 - 230 - six I probably have like 18 to 20 Grand and I'm literally such a trash adult. Your ass. We're not Let's go bitch. I ain't going nowhere Stop Stop it Hey, everyone. Make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. Watch. Look out for new videos dropping daily If you're not doing that we need to change that right now You can see even more of me and my roommates on Facebook stories Let's get it

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