Week 6: Meagan Stands Her Ground

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A vicious allegation by Clint threatens Meagan’s good reputation and leads to a major battle in the house. The father of Arely's child makes a serious...
Don't tell her. Yeah. Even after admitting that his anger does scare me. I see like the great person he is Megan, why you such a jersey chaser? honey? I'm a jersey chaser. No, I'm not. That's why you are. Get the away from me. I'm down here at the Atm. This is the true story. Who are you texting? Seven strangers. God damn man. To live in a house. This is crazy. I'm looking for some Atlanta peaches to have their lives taped stream entered across Facebook. What do you mean no to find out what happened? You are not listening when people stop being polite. Oh my god. And start getting real. We're in Atlanta, baby. No, Real world Atlanta. Dude, we're working out, bro. There's just really no reason to leave. not shredded, bro. Oh, I know. Hey, the thick bodied people in the house, I'm thick. My thick ass is the only ones that guys I know. Oh my god. You know what's going to happen? Instead of the house being divided by race Now, it's going to be by body type. Real world season Thirty-three. skinny versus thick. Okay, let's start walking out, right? Yeah. Yeah. That'll look amazing as usual. I think a bad. you're a bad bitch. A bad country bitch. You can't keep getting in my way Megan likes the whitest dancers ever do I'm so proud of Megan. She's starting to actually be more comfortable in her skin. I really am enjoying tonight. I think slowly my confidence is coming around and I'm working on myself. Are you going to come to the gym with me tomorrow? Yeah, I want to. Yo, I gotta hit legs tomorrow, bro. Tomorrow, I'm starting week 1 week 1 day one, dude, listen, it doesn't matter Meagan, I'm so sorry to tell you that. Yo, if you're going to eat like don't workout. Simple as that. What the? Well, if I workout, I'm not going to eat like when Clint's drinking, he's he's I mean, he is me like he is 7% diet 30% workout facts are facts and she was like taking offense like you know, I know she's got confidence issues but I mean she annoys me like like a lot. I'm not going to lie. Don't work out to lose what you're working out for. I'm working out for my sanity. Go Clint gets super aggressive when he's drunk. He loves to poke. You know what I mean? I am not dealing with the drunk people irritate me drunk. Stupid people irritate me. Who's going to the gym? Me. Meg? I don't know. Oh yeah. When it comes to conflicts, I'm really not a fighter. I usually have a conflict and run away from it. I think

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