The Best Break Up Scene Ever 😂💔 | Better Things

BBC Comedy • 7 months ago   2.3K     263  •  2.1M Views
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Memorising every line of this for my next break-up.

Posted 7 months ago in TV & Movies
Karen Alex
Karen Alex6 months ago

They were dating 3 weeks?
That's not a break up. Just don't call him again. I don't get it. Strange script.

Marina McCarter
Marina McCarter6 months ago

Loved this series she's a breath of fresh air 😂😂

Kirsty Knaggs
Kirsty Knaggs6 months ago

LOVE Sam so much! Total hero.

Ioana Curelea
Ioana Curelea6 months ago

Curelea Ruxandra Gabriela this is the series I recommended with the leading actress that reminds me of Ruxi mare :))

Timothy Shultz
Timothy Shultz6 months ago

Disclaimer; I’ve only seen this scene.
Dating someone you don’t like doesn’t mean you’re nice, means your desperate.

Monika Pribylova-Gannon
Monika Pribylova-Gannon6 months ago

(I’ve only seen this scene & don’t know the context. )
Absolutely stupid. Hope women don’t end up being like this.

Marion Littin
Marion Littin6 months ago

Why did she decide to call the man a ‘her’? Was that supposed to be a put down? I thought we were all trying to grow out of that.

Andrew Haines
Andrew Haines6 months ago

I'm glad I wore my corset.

Νίκος Δραγούμης
Νίκος Δραγούμης6 months ago

Wow that guy looks cool 😍a little.bit awkward but cute in his own way

Andy Lopp
Andy Lopp6 months ago

I want her to yell at me!!!!