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New Action Movie 2019 - Best Action Movie Of All Time HD
It's time to prove that you are ready to join the Jones Defend yourself I'm Ready Mister is open Hey guys you want to ask Test to abilities from James's head S Good 150 number was a cat get fierce as a title S S S Snake eyes wins Snake eyes you have owned the blade of Justice The black carbon fiber crew indestructible There are moments of a new attack by our enemies You must leave the Dojo to uncover these plans as stopped What moves with me already be too late How do you do it? How do you call an air strike? Whatever can I bring what about one of those like care package? Things I'm bleeding out and I need you to spread you use care package thinking I could bring him with care package thing Oh shooting What is what I'm bleeding out right there and you're Are you spinning gotta cover spinning Huh How could you be so good at combat I think you need to relax. I believe I rank you ask not my House alright alright I think years you got a big Way out of this even dog Not the first time he's gonna go running out of room screaming That's. The first time I've sent two girls screaming from the room completely inappropriate I'm just saying completely, why does continues across Pakistan in the capital? Islamabad following the assassination of the country and control of its nuclear arsenal to be up in the air as that can created by the killing remains The practice, Danny President, may, in fact, be dead, but Pakistan remains an ally and a sovereign nation was right now. The ride with the Zip Code So every minute we spend debating this their live nuclear war heads that sit a mystic chaos We can't. Let our enemies get those war hits first Recommendations Go in no wait and see History rewards the board I'm not gonna, be the man who waited on the saw Get me the joes My first drop off the live round in my mouth Keep your teeth chatter shot Jay What are we up against certain time with Politico? PS as Dragons and tight. 50 s Cold War stuff We don't relax boys stupid, holding you We got the beat up, 381 Black campus just out of the box rounds quarter speed remote control What do we get these We Didn't We did distinguish marksman Girls with guns Let's, go let's, go let's. Go anyone else missing snake ice I train with snake for six years. If you can hear is debris Brother Black as always leading some of you weren't sleeping mortal words of Jay Z Whatever did may guide my life Lord Don't. Let me die tonight but if I shall before I wake được chưa What the Chuck S Jack driving like you stole it A Don't go to the first contact S We do expect to have any contact with the ring Three head up there S To secure a level three Come on now S S Disabled Long range transportation wheels down at $1900 John for top chef good job, tiny tim that we combat shooter finally playing Officer Joseph Prison Jennifer Sit under safe rate spread is from win So the news has been recovered and just say Joe Mission success Only minor injury, sleep or transport crude dropping back at $200 reach out captain We modifying your extraction playing Becky sit tight Let me get this straight one whole weekend you're looking after my little girls Yep as long as I can bring this I look, I love you kids. I do but they lived to terrorize me You train them one and if you win you have to take your next promotion You pull a trigger. I pull a trigger I don't know if I trust the pastries from a gumbo shop Think about the wind or not left right humidity as It's about 62 percent of the pressure That's on the rise like your pennies you love my penis That's, an interesting choice of a joke of all the things you could say okay, I'm. Just you love my you're gonna shut up shut up Sorry I'm looking I'm trying to get some I just don't have to shut up just saying Shut up how's your heart That is not an account. I get to go again because you talked you pull the trigger No, I pull the trigger No we're not doing that It does not account I brought my little girls are karaoke machine and they love singing on it all night. Long there's, no bedtime curfew, so they're gonna. Be able to make sure you bring your earplugs Come on best two out of three That's right three that Didn't You tell me about the sheep This program Aren't you supposed to stop people from shooting my dad Baldy It is not particularly Harvey Go clean up the chocolate stains you left in your mother's bedroom Wow kitty like to scratch Next time take out his fat ass He would be my pleasure. Sir S Brought you some news And by out of the picture I mean a liar on Earth Got a little too close to Mount Olympus You'll find your dad That's, the beauty of memories yeah, take a look Lawless micro technology say racist You know they say this is a thankless job But yesterday I hung out with Bono My no secret service They want to burn the constitution My interns oh yeah I protect the Internets Do you know my favorite vet I get to blow stuff up I bet that introduce you to the people Well let's. Just say your approval ratings climb nine points Apparently, America wants someone who looks like you but acts like me I'm a quicker blower upper babies only one drug The little wifey poo you touched my family I'm yanking a chain too long term to you just a few short months of me So let's, not waste the time I got lab where's. The prison holds Cobra Commander This way. Ask you what he had planned This. Anyone want to be President Report S Extraction instruction resist you No, I got nothing for not singing about that right You scrape your no sweat sweat that better than on somebody's face Spot on Security Sit down I'm going forward S Contact request air support repeat nigga We gotta get to cover Go go Go And he is us today, the Worlds elite fighting force the joe's abandoned their duty And broke the sacred Bond that exists between the American people and those entrusted with their security Ready Step Ready and stopping first, Domino fell with a murderer. The Pakistan President assassin a Joe Call sign snake eyes but he Didn't Act alone But Joe's intended to use this situation to seize Pakistan nuclear arsenal This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the scourge of nuclear weapons And to that end I call upon my fellow world leaders to convene immediately to discuss nuclear is harmony On 3123 the Jones clearly went beyond the boundaries of their mission My orders, a covert special forces unit code named Cobra Terminated with extreme prejudice Joe Command facilities personnel joes are no more We should leave There's nothing here There's nothing left here Brothers did not what he meant Never did this We need to move You are a leader chào các bạn We're gonna find the man did this to Duke And we're gonna kill him Hey, guys last place, I thought I'd see you or James It's, a pleasure I'm, a very big fan I love the Black It's. Very Johnny cash Come welcome to Scott Let me tell you a little bit about the place Listen to me. I feel like a real estate agent I'm not here to sell you anything except maybe hopelessness How was your trip S The sensation that you're feeling you're upside down Tommy Studio artist into a former East German mind shaft. It was the deepest they ever dug so deep, in fact, that you just cross out of Germany in international territory which allows me certain jurisdictional freedoms One word awesome this room is awesome temperatures here Exceed 210 degrees we're not artificially cool to a crisp 60 -, eight almost calls for What do you see this next See what I mean this just slays me It's, so interesting. This is where science is come Did. You know that that during Rem sleep the human body produces a neural chemical which paralyzed every muscle in the body. But the heart, the eyes. This prevents us from acting on our dreams We have injected both of these men with a synthetic version they're perfectly away their conscious. They are aware of everything That's going on around them is just it With the matter All three of you are like my fantasy football team gentlemen Now, as your eyes and mind travel to where you cannot, I want you to organize I want you to pine I want you to take what once was and will never be again I want you to doubt that there was ever a word for escape Now You have no idea like I speak Erica You might sound like, but I've always thought about what you might look like Why that mask Storm Shadow So you killed a Pakistani President You're, not exactly my first round draft pick, but I've always been a fan Call says we make a distress, call right no protocol dog with the unit how's anybody going nowhere like they're, not cuz we're not to our government so our families especially to our enemy were K at oh 600 hours in the Indus Valley desert. We have to at least try and might be someone's. No anything. We do now is a rumor of a rumor An all traces of our existence is terminated the only one I trust out there guys We got hit how we got hit we're set up right from the start how many stars with someone on the shoulder and called attack like that 45 stars buttons on a National security adviser Secretary of defense. No It's, only one name who did authorize a strike like that and I voted for It's got strength systems. Check all vitals. I covered matters study Chattanooga We will break down We're going home For us our ass sites the containment zero quickly Now quickly S I mean it's hard stuff No one dies unless I say so oh my God fire S To us all các bạn Strong Brown The band come on come on I see a range transportation Making most things, go boom by nine AM Most speakers all day good to see you old friend So some people, just Didn't want to let me in But I only broke into one communication speed cut off No one will know You're even missing Thank you to the mountains to heal I don't need to war about to start I want to help you Crystal Stones injuries We know where It's headed A neatly Certain controls earlier director was running behind no more anywhere else for that matter And the sweet to your specs I got up to 69 today You like this working title high speed century It's All we've been missing that will command Cool Mask Former President Nice West is waiting flat They call it a water board but I never get bored in 48 hours she will launch guess one wrinkle free. Joe somehow survived a little House cleaning drone, picked a voice prints in the end. The trust you with nothing they'll, say when they do I'll him a gram S School I got it Oh yeah Coming up no longer big Marvin, now as you worried for a minute man watch hand back your boy. I want them to get you to look at you Know how your parents make a kid. This big man like 52 piece 98 serious huh twice a week Introducing this is Flint lady Jay Jay Welcome back. Thank you That's. What happens when your trouble? You come home Almost. What help is we got you set up at the Over there, nobody can bother you So as wheels go let you rule my truck I got payments on a truck man don't get like I used to right Thank you all. You want brother Actually, you you want me, too Another one. Don't call welcome home blog I want to be here for years. It's gonna be a fit for them Wow It's, Natural pit Well. It's. Not the ground Sure we can trust this stupid guy soups, no angel but his family and we can trust him Let me trace you can mask our addresses Cyber glass and code began every six hours If any joes did survive we need to look nowhere at all right well. Let's get to work Flint inventory every piece of equipment. We got left Jay stock that database on our President, We'll find out what's going on with our commander chief he's, not acting like the man. We know We'll find out why we can start being soldiers again Good J Media days any Jones had survived with respected to jobs in 5432 There are not This is a time where I could see the shadow Even if snake guys in Jenks grab storm still halfway around the world Run Enough for battle not a war we're fighting up Hill here I came here when I was 14 with a life expectancy of 13 I was bounced around from home to home until this Became my own guys are lined up outside that door to find me they woke my skinny ass. So much. I started to enjoy it to one winner The great inches gain 60 pounds punched guy so hard, he couldn't, move his arm to tap out Then the jokes came recruiting to the hood already beaten down half of it I became a joy to serve in the field so for fighting up Hill we take the Hill Hey I got something you wanna see During my check to the President, look what I found this is the President on August, ninth to offshore energy were enforced to be kind of embroiled in the Affairs of Foreign Nations In this 10 days later I mean otherwise we're sort of These are conversational fillers little phrases. We spit out to give her brain a chance to catch up with her mouth Like what Yes President between August ninth in August nineteenth, he stop using you know and kind of started using I mean and sort of that subtle suffer became dinner So it became pop one President two fingerprints but it's a she words right I mean how much can check this out Two press offices July 30. First September. First his fingers class someone top versus right from on top same person. Never does differently It feels wrong What, if President isn't the President But if the commander in chief is an impostor and he's, the one that ordered the attack we have to assume that there's. No one we can trust there is one man There's a reason we call ourselves joe's I picked two cases of thin mints in a box of chuckle, looks weathers General If I may your mouth, Brenda my name is Brenda How did you get in for apologies Sergeant Marvin. I know who you are Then you know why? I'm here It's, not like I, Don't, hear what You're, saying But an impostor President How come when the general says it sounds crazy When they do the real President I fear is dead conviction You're gonna kill your best asset Conrad Houser Duke your captain Tell me one thing you know about Great Soldier Better friend shake my life, sir Proposing is trees need something a little more to go on an overlapping thumbs For you retired, you served on the Security Commission with the President's chief of Staff General Cold Can you get us closer Can't Scratch My ass town when I get on the watch list run him up Scott, the Secretary amazing names, not Brenda Just okay Georgetown is a poker game chief of staff there not a good poker player It's got a thousand tells We only need one They just got out of poker or Budweiser is a good day. Actually presidents taking crazy pills again You have to call you back Yeah love you Excuse me hey you need a hand with your back shark Right like that, I'm gonna get myself in trouble where we heading right around the corner I think we're feeling as Barbara said. It causes a greater Asia five minutes we're gonna, be sleep and another five are gonna wake up with no idea it existed Maybe why you gonna make a phone call for us to get as close to him Don't worry you're gonna. Forget everything, so your conscious to be clear What are you doing this You wouldn't believe me if I told you Me chocó Good evening good evening he wanted to hook up the nation's nuclear arsenal to the Clapper I'm Sorry, ma' am your lease? I know, imagine the army takes, make me look like this. Forgive me, It's, an army I'd like to listen speaking of lists like to explain why You're not announced here, she has the staff. Enjoy your evening Miss vendor I'm in that stand by Jay keep your head down on the car you say nice enough to mention one of my passion Nations will gather at historic Fort, something for nuclear summer but before the Atomic break bread it's our turn Is the President Amy Vander Wart, Fox hold Fox of course That's. Why you look so fair and balance very cute but I was actually hoping to have a chance I was gonna. Say Quote Okay here's, a quote the world will change after nuclear summit How about we dance I really, I don't answer Thank you, Mister President. You gave me what I needed I really have to make my life It's been a pleasure Thank you Oh you picture S I gotta stay in the air from his jacket Open enough close okay standing by Friday All units that conditioner orange standby I don't, take no for an answer Almost S Lord take it out of there now Oh my God even unauthorized she's a joke we have AJ on the premises Jake Right now Negative Charlie what's that supposed to mean surgery I got a card don't we have proof we're taking the joke you played so long block stand out lawyers soldiers told Joseph to find the Middle I was in the No. That's, no negative fuck Nailed it One in the chamber Block. Where are you S One I won't see that face S I really wanna see that face kiểu S S Cobra in the White House in the world is that steak storm shadow you will tell us cold was engaged or die By the same source you want shoes to chill our master your thought Given to you by our beloved hard matter do you deny that you're, Indian H of you to shed the hard master's blood It's possible to feel so much it you stop feeling at all like a fish, not knowing it's in water My path was chosen for me by Miami Go friend me for killing the hardened master And my friends Believed it Why defend yourself to men too blind to see That is the hard master supply Okay, It's Not مسودة Chicago does not break That's, myself over and over Who despise me enough to destroy my life I'm sorry Storm shadow But who would stand to gain the most by framing you for this crime Young adversary who chase you away Or the mad to arms, you were chased Someone who welcomes you showed your kindness committed me for what would become A warrior of grace feel anger The man who treated me was capable of great engineering Violence But most of all these guys Try to hold still You wanna remind me how knuckles are supposed to start together together That's. Your words shot that went wrong and do it again Yeah and what we should be playing then huh you get yourself killed I listened to everything you said over and over again I never questioned. I wasn't. Gonna Bury Anymore Jones Now That's Clean Help me out here mà đã thích xe nào ôi thật luôn You won't believe it Their generation military That's really wanted to fourth my mom had me It must be really proud of you, then believe in soldiers finally asked him why he said he, Didn't want to put his life in the hands of a woman I enlisted the next day So at the next seven years join that rank him. So we have to salute me they work He died before I got the chance I'm Sorry I'm actually gonna miss the Red Look real Nice So we got guns to clean itself That was for the tax hike like you pay taxes and always about me okay We still need them That's, right with grown close Storm shadow in that, you worry about him Be Mobile ready I'm Not too impressed with your Cabinet No confirmation here is what you get enough I'll. Take it from here Who controls this briefcase control the US nuclear arsenal and the faith of humanity Open your eyes? Mister President The eyes are the windows to the soul Train just need one final piece of the puzzle S History will stand in judgment not of me of you We got our hands on tire folks spend his nuclear summit It has to be the key to whatever he's planning alright. Well That's your target Yeah S I think a faster new snake eyes Good to see you, brother Jay drinks tắt rồi He's with us I am not with you But for this once I am not against you how many of our members he killed were supposed to fight with him ensayo Alright Me Fitness The record business next promise Clean For a second time Open up that couch Taken S It's really his patents God isn't gift from his family What an honor you bet Stretcher up It's a little rough in neutral Ain't gonna be a neutral What about you This came out of return The insane thing about reenlisting Reporting for duty sergeant major I could bring a couple of friends. Meet Colton Steam It's. Our honor You guys take the perimeter with DJ Snake You guys take a flank Jackson Storm Trojan horse Zane will be holding a briefcase storm will be the closest man to him but he Can't move until we're all in position Everyone keep your eye on the prize. We secure the football we secure the world how's all that That's. Why I thought hold on a second. We still have enemy over here here and here right Thanks to Rob, we Don't We taste to me general Call me. Joe either missed no rock salt My orders The President is my team that is Brendan Vote I need your help Alright let's get that ass A historic day He meets with the President, is meeting with the leaders of the nuclear powers or has a benefit called the leaders of the world together President Security is at its highest We may be closer to a nuclear free world than we have ever been My fellow world leaders Welcome to the hallowed grounds of Fort. Something was proud. Walls saw the first shots in our nation's grievous civil war Here, men rushed through the breech in a matters What better place to step back from that same grief renounce our doctor natures forgive our staunchest supporters The site is symbolic not only for the peace we seek to achieve but the conflagration we seek to avoid the Cobras will protect us. Today are dedicated to the belief that there is no greater piece peace of mind Thank you I'll. See you again the world is safer with a nuclear presence I'm Sure you electors will be happy but our final proposal 50 percent reduction by 2016 There are a lot of leaders in this room but only one leader of the free world and he I stay with me Ask you here with the goal of universal disarmament nuclear zero Now I was prepared to control to get what I want I'm now threat each. We will clear out his nuclear closet immediately Failure to participate will be considered an act of war you're joking This summit is over and this is it This is it boys This country is a war with you and you and you and you and you and you Belt position I go you go This is beating yourself US nuclear arsenal is capable of destroying each of your countries 14 times over 15 in the case of North Korea, just to be sure and all At the push of a button S It's True yeah, I pressed, you have lost your mind We got three minutes to decide We cannot we would not leave a legacy about we bring breezes drop اركب High score and history record who is responsible for this madness Lunch M Country Ice on the Jacob your golf buddies Alright yeah you are right the cholesterol Santa Oh good News there's. No global warming Summit next month left one of us cared enough about his place in history The unilaterally disabled, his was you know in the name of the children Volunteered no me For people that can turn your a complete lunatic as the man about to destroy Asia come on he's gonna follow suit really gonna stand by and watch as Earth is destroy about spike M I figured North Korea for last I love the little guy gentlemen welcome to a nuclear free world I want to direct your attention to live images of your homeland S Now You're, looking at an advanced weapon system, we called Project Zoo little seven zoos satellites over the Earth Each satellite contains 10 hollow platinum too filled with tungsten rod Zoo satellite What approaching London ordinance loaded waiting drop off position now to direct a rod to its target we don't launch fireworks That's the risk Sir Said like one day remote launch of 321 drop Rod touches down eight times faster than a bolt with the force significantly greater than a nuclear war None of the fall of all of the fun S Has begun President Button Tan initiated an auto drop sequence My suit satellites are moving position of your six remaining country satellites, 28 through seven and route to targets the same button it begins in. This can ended but I only press it for a price total agents To kill the germs Get the control case from Sergeant I'm going to drop them all Go Yes S Cover S Was that true Right It's. A trick, the door sit right Monica You choose for the actress What are you doing Let's? Go right here Stand out You could drop walking out here in the head Do that You betrayed the hard master I can see that was wrong S We need either a fireplace over a S Courtyard clear side of it Through satellites 235 and six or lock on target brands Russia North Korea India Israel China Copeland is blocking out they'll. Sign a fireplace I got Marcus acquired or nuts like a loading newsboys ready to buy You want back you gonna have to come through me Oh yeah That's Right Countdown S Confirm 10 seconds to live fire 98 Seven Three S You want the presiding over a ceremony honored the joke with the world back. In order we building has begun around the world Those who stand besides the world knows them as jokes We know them as heroes Thanks Preacher Ladies and gentlemen the G jokes When you find Cobra Commander Where can we find in general Just need my orders You know? We'd make an Alabama team M S S

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