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Hope everyone has a great weekend! What’s on your weekend playlist?

Posted 5 months ago in Music & Audio

Jackie Berta 5 months ago

My listening this weekend begins with all of my favorite Bee Gees and Andy Gibb songs.❤

Leslie Nickole Conley-Hillen 5 months ago

Gonna listen to a little bit of the brothers Gibb and some Chevelle !! Sounds like a great weekend to me!!

Nancy Thacker Linton 5 months ago

I love watching you and your brothers on concert videos...makes me feel young again. Then when it's over, I feel down knowing that all your brothers are gone...gone much too soon.

Cathy Backus 5 months ago

“The Only Love”
“Spirits Having Flown”
“Home Truth Song”
“End of the Rainbow”
All of Greenfields
And a little George Harrison, and Everly Brothers.

James Peter Simon 5 months ago

“Still Waters” cd being played in my car as I navigate my daily living. Gives me inspiration as day falls swiftly by. BeeGees forever. 🍒💕

Lisa Manning 5 months ago

Your music is always part of my playlist!! 💕 Listened to "Someone Belonging to Someone" a couple of days ago for the first time in a while! It's an addition to my Playlist now along with the entire Greenfields album!

Yvette Renee 5 months ago

definitely will be listening to Bee Gees Greatest, In the Now, some Bob Seger, Air Supply, 70’s and 80’s hits while I work. Have a great weekend too!

Maria Bunio-King 5 months ago

Well watched The Bee Gees movie again... and I love how the beginning starts with ur concert in Oakland 1979 !! I was there with my mom 🥰❣️❣️ it’s was amazing and got to see you in concert a few years ago in concord ca 2nd row center OMG amazing!!!! Love The Bee Gees always have always will !! Have a great weekend barry🥰

Lori Wallace 5 months ago

Going to beach, and listening to some good Bee Gees music..

Terri Roy Allin 5 months ago

My play list Jive Talking, Staying Alive.How Deep is Your Love?? I figure you get where this is going.Happy Weekend