Does Kaepernick Care about Black Lives?

PragerU • 2 years ago   1.9K     324  •  4M Views
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The disingenuous activism of entertainers like Kaepernick isn't fooling as many as it used to.

Nathan Merrells
Nathan Merrells1 year ago

I don’t care for her self-righteous judgement; she’s making major bank while accusing others of having ulterior motives for their social activism. It’s a classic right-wing move.

Corky Roberts
Corky Roberts1 year ago

Nope, he just found a way to get a lot of $$$ after he was dropped. He wasn’t a strong player to begin with.

Linda Fairbanks
Linda Fairbanks1 year ago

Kaepernick us a fraud making money by mocking his country and kneeling in the job.

Anthony Gurnari
Anthony Gurnari1 year ago

Kaep is still in madden.. lol still getting paid by alot of ppl....

Rico Ramirez
Rico Ramirez1 year ago

She should DEBATE KRAPERNICK ..& COMMIE -LA HARRIS on everything. She would SLAY .

Anthony Piesco
Anthony Piesco1 year ago

No kaepernick doesn’t care about black people like he doesn’t care about his white mother

W Rick Jenne
W Rick Jenne1 year ago

You know he sat first before he kneeled. A man Suggested he kneel instead..
Why do you name call ? Uneducated ect.
Unbecoming of your calling..

Sharon Bielski
Sharon Bielski1 year ago

Thank you, Candace, you are a very strong and well educated woman. We need more politicians and people like you.

Paul R Soto
Paul R Soto1 year ago

I like to know TBE gentleman's name. I want to see some of his videos.

Johnette Osborne
Johnette Osborne1 year ago

Now that was a conversation... an exchange of ideas without being derogatory to each other...