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A documentary highlighting the operations and achievements of UMCIL Zambia.

Production by Reel Studios Zambia.

Trade Kings Group, Copyright 2020.
The history of the more than steel industry began in the late 18 fifties steel has become a staple of the world's industrial economy. Disability to transform mineral oils into use for materials as shaped the course of human history. One company making strides in this industry producing over 250000 tons per year is universal Mining and chemical Industries Limited UMC, IL a member. Kings Group located in the heart of Gateway District UMC, IL, is currently the largest steel manufacturing plant in Zambia. it employs over 1000 technical competent workers with an estimated investment of more than 200 million dollars for the integrated iron and steel plant. that includes an iron ore mine, An all concentrator, a direct reduction plant, an electric arc furnace. Still melting shop a continuous casting machine and rolling mills. A view inside the factory shows just how complex and heavy this production can be. To know steel, we must first understand iron for the metals are nearly one and the same still contains an iron concentration of 90 - eight to 90 -, nine percent or more. The remainder is carbon, a small additive that makes a major difference in the metals properties. The steel production begins with procurement of iron and steel scrap which is locally sourced and. locally sourced Reproduced direct reduced iron The scrap is categorized by quality and size and transferred to the scrap Bay Overhead Cranes collect the batch of scrap and direct reduced iron and dispatched to the electrical arc Furnace to start the melting process. the scrap and direct reduced iron badge is melted into roll liquid steel at an average temperature of 1680 degrees Celsius there all liquid steel is then taken to the ladder refining furnace for further refining into steel of specific quality as. assembly of bureau standards this four three three and the South African bureau of standards SBS sons nine twenty and sons five zero zero two five the quality steel is then caste into bullets into a continuous casting machine these bullets are sorted by size charged into the reheating fairness and then fill shaped through the rolling mills into various constructions two products namely Forced to Buzz Brown boss loan sections like angles, channels and flat buzz and window sections UMC, IL continues to be actively involved in complimenting the government's efforts to industrialize Zambia. U N C L has supplied still to the construction of bridges international airports dams universities various institutions hospitals and many other projects by being actively involved in the building and construction industry UNCIP O has been a fuel in the economy it has been strategically placed and has created empowerment by providing jobs to the people of this ambient community NCLT is proud to say it stays committed to build in the nation by being part of a country rich in natural and human resource Since this commissioning in 2008, in line with the Africa Agenda, 26 to three and the Africa, we want three foreign heads of state have since visited the plant to affirm its importance to infrastructure in the region and Africa at large in the last three years, President of Togo, his Excellency for an Assembly, The President of Rhonda, is Excellency, Paul Kagame and President of Angola. His Excellency Jo Cox UN. is an eyes on nine thousand one twenty fifteen certified company and our core operating values are founded on resilience innovation suspence and reliability we strive to be the best company in the world universal mining and chemical industries limited forging our tomorrows a member of the tracking group tracking s improving lives

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