WWE Network: Big Show slams Undertaker through the announce desk, Cyber Sunday '08 | Facebook

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Security wall ➡️ table ➡️ floor. 😮

Big Show took The Undertaker for a ride at WWE Cyber Sunday on this day in 2008!
Big show overpowering The big made it by one count and a. Five inch neck taking ADT like that can thank his genetics. A big show is spent. Losing on top turn buckle we've seen him do this before he was trying to. The kick to the sternum and then more head butts. if it's effective, you keep doing it. but and now the steal on that turn buckle has been exposed and there's nothing the referee can do about it illegal. Into the close line for a near seven foot 300 pounder. Turn and then the steps on the way down. Oh god. I tell you what he's the Undertaker, who knows what would hit the skill step into his knee, his ankle who knows. Didn't sound good? It didn't sound good and I think they gonna tell you damn you didn't feel good. We have a big show using the steps as a as the tag team partner. Remember, no one can be counted out. No one can be disqualified. Big show striking the Undertaker Square in the face with a television monitor. I think so just look at those kids around with a little paper. Oh, god, I love it. There's no way the man even goes. And now the bits are utilizing perhaps another weapon. The steel folding chair that the big show tasted and digested earlier. Out on the street. Right here. Tucker striking the chair struck the big show on his feet was the Undertaker that take us some time. On the top of the rim. Undertaker to slam from the top of the security wall through the table to the floor.

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