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Racial Slur / Language Warning - West Midlands Police have issued a statement regarding the racial attack outside of a pub in Birmingham on Saturday...

Posted 5 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Birmingham Updates 5 months ago

Read the statement by West Midlands Police here:

Kelly Guinan 5 months ago

Honestly some of the comments on here are just as bad as that girl herself. This is completely disgusting and how anyone can think she shouldn't get stick for this is bonkers. She's not sorry, she's sorry it was caught on camera and exposed. The bouncer dealt with that incident so professionally and deserves credit for not retaliating to her vile behaviour and vile mouth.
People standing around seemingly not phased or not saying anything to her should be ashamed too. People need to speak up against racism!

Celine Hynes 5 months ago

She should apologise but this should be taken down. Those calling her disgusting names are no better than her.

Natalie Chiswell 5 months ago

Oh dear, she has let herself down badly. Wonder if she feels any remorse or will learn anything from the repercussions of her vile outburst? I hope she does but there's a bigger part of me that thinks she probably won't and it's normal the big I am behaviour. Silly girl, if she works she may not have a job now and then we will all have to pay for her to sit at home working on her choice vocabulary

John Anderson 5 months ago

That's a absolute disgrace well done to the doorman for remaining calm in the face of sickening abuse

Julie McCarthy 5 months ago

Absolutely disgraceful!
Glad they've caught up with her! Not so gobby soba!!

Rosette Richards 5 months ago

The fact that he stood firm and took both the physical and verbal abuse, he deserves a reward and a pay raise for showing absolute professionalism! Well done sir and hope you are ok.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Denise Thornton 5 months ago

No mask on waiting to go in either , well educated young woman !!! Broke all the rules ..

Susan Hope 5 months ago

Well done to the doorman, no one should be treated like that, my apologies for her behaviour towards you.

Eddie Edwards 5 months ago

Should make an example of her by semding her to jail for a maximum time so everyone else can see the consiquences of racism we stand against racism united