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Attention please 馃泿馃泿馃泿
deleting the video soon
#babakamo #babakamototheworld
good morning ladies and gentleman quickly this is my response you people accept me to do one or two in English so that I can't give more follower so I'm glad to inform you this morning that I've started working on that and also the date of people ask me to achieve my skin these days is getting high so I most of watching from you people I don't think that one is going to walk as it suits because you all know my collection I mean ah the user deep and stronger Europa and I To commit blonder because some days they go, I was watching a movie here and in the movie there's a man, the man said. and I can't blame them because the truth is that there are some strong that that. Dozens of that that does that doesn't happen that often that does that does not often that doesn't happen with God did not have any please you can look there.

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