LIVE: Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee holding his latest COVID-19 briefing

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LIVE: Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee holds his latest COVID-19 briefing.

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Beth Williams 1 year ago

We've had many false positives locally

Mike TheHype Payne 1 year ago

He's making Pals shut down! It was on the news. No more pals in TN

Linda Hunnings-Spak 1 year ago

Is Tennessee open to travel from other states

Poppy Champlin 1 year ago

Is that the new flag?

Kenny Moore 1 year ago

Pay is last on the list

Evelyn Craft Worex 1 year ago

Trump 2020

Christy LeAnn Crabtree 1 year ago

Nobody wants to be a part of the solution, let’s just complain cause we don’t want to wear a mask in public and blame each other instead of at least trying to slow this virus down so we can get our lives back. People are just ridiculous.

Scarlett Vaughan 1 year ago

Why Mike the Payne in tn paks

Eva Miller 1 year ago

Maybe you shouldn't have approved a Nascar race of 30 Thousand to put the lives of East TN residents in danger.

Sara Jenny Williams 1 year ago

Push school back until sept