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The speech you hear in the video was given earlier this year. A man gave his reasonings on why women MUST earn less than men. He said women are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent than men.
I don’t believe because I was born a woman I am weaker, smaller, or less intelligent. I don’t believe I should be paid less because I wasn’t born a male. I DO believe in equal pay for equal work. I believe in women and think they can be great leaders/doctors/lawyers or any other profession they choose. Being a female does not mean you are limited. Being a man does not mean you are superior. We need to stop defining eachothewr by WHAT WE ARE and start defining ourselves by WHO WE ARE. You don’t have to be anti-man to be pro-woman. I believe men AND women are strong, independent, bold, resilient, fearless, and equal. ALL are created equal.
#ChangeTheWorld #WeAreAllAmazingIndividuals #Freedom #EmmaStoneInspiredWords #BuffbunnyCollection #ShowingSomeOfTheNewPieces

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