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Posted 3 months ago in Music & Audio

ZOH 3 months ago

ego death episode hits different 🙌🏽

Tieran 3 months ago

You really could do some pop punk shit lol

Dawn Dee Dawn 3 months ago

Anyone want to "long story short" this show for me, please?

Dawn Bost 3 months ago

Wednesday's episode Enlightenment....was so Dope! By far one of my favorites ❤️

Sergey Vardanyan 3 months ago

The show got better ↗️ from episode 4, culminating with episode 9 🔥. I look forward to seeing the final episode of the show.

Robert Fischbach 3 months ago

I got Little Nicky vibes from his emo look, lol

Chris Durbin 3 months ago

The songs from this episode all going to be on your next album?

Aaron McCollum 3 months ago

Bruh this part had me on damn near tears 😂😂 this episode was a solid one

Em Mah 3 months ago

Episode 9 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Giqqlez Mack 3 months ago

Wish new episodes weren't just once a week 😑