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Tailormadejane is showing us how a makeup look is done & we love it!

Posted 1 year ago in Fashion & Style

Joanne Macknamara 1 year ago

Not difficult to do on a doll that obviously has a flawless surface, whereas a human face can have visible pores, wrinkles, pigmentation scarring and oil production

Sherry Seto 1 year ago

My mother (now almost 90) would paint her face, tease her dyed jet black hair and use so much hair spray it couldn't move--and the smell would gag me! Spent hours "putting on her face". No thanks.

Deb York 1 year ago

Blending techniques are extraordinary. But I don’t like the lashes, they don’t look natural and overwhelmed the eyes and eye shadow.

Gabrielle Helgenberger 1 year ago

It would be nice to see a different style of make up be used, many/most of the make up vids I see are Instagram drag make up.

Lizzy LoSapio 1 year ago

By the time my makeUp was done and it was time to go to the party, I’d be ready to go home and go to bed! That took forrrrreeeevvvverrrr!

Amanda Haskins 1 year ago

I feel like makeup is just supposed to help accentuate your natural features, not change them completely. I will never understand the contouring thing. Not trying to change the shape of my nose and all that because what happens when you take it off? You’re a completely different person. I’ll also never understand the highlight shit. Why do so many girls want to be shiny???

Erika Gilstrap 1 year ago

honestly, if this was a white person it would be considered wrong. 😑 but amazing talent

Virginia L. Lundy 1 year ago

If u have to put the concealer on your chest its the wrong color

Alexa Duquette 1 year ago

Clearly most of the people in the comments have not seen what a true makeup artist can do. Don’t worry, you can’t wear this much makeup because you don’t have the talent to even apply it 🙌🏼

Megan Davison 1 year ago

The colour of that things face has completely changed, when I wear makeup I wanna look pretty not like a different person