Is this ManHarassing this 18 year old Woman

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Is this ManHarassing this 18 year old Woman... let me know ... see ya at 8pm

Posted 12 months ago in Crime & Tragedy

Michelle Emmitt Via 12 months ago

Wow! She was 18 and when girls are young, some of them think it’s a “compliment” for their boyfriend to be jealous. She knew what she was doing, telling her boyfriend that this man was “staring at her, looking down her shirt, and being inappropriate “. He absolutely did not look like he was doing any of those things. Being older, and hopefully more mature, realizes what she did. She instigated that and got that man killed. She didn’t “make” her boyfriend do it, but she knew he would react violently.

Favi Vasquez 12 months ago

It just looks like he was lost in his thoughts because he didn't even realize there was someone standing there until he got up there. You can see when he realizes it, then walks away. It looks like he was trying to pay at first though or looking for something near the register.

Susan Elizabeth 12 months ago

He’s not in his space. I would have felt uncomfortable, even as an 18 year old in the late 70’s but I would have walked out and got in my car. If he followed me....a different story.

Johanna Sanchez Loveridge 12 months ago

He did invade her personal space, but what do normal people do? We back away,. She let her mind fill with stuff, he moved away. His only error was getting to close to her for a few seconds! Most people forget about it on the way home.
She was mad that he thought she was buying cigarettes and basically announcing it to the world !

Gregory Pum 12 months ago

She belongs in prison with her Boyfriend. If you ever worked in a Gas station you Will know people will cut inline to prepay or is to much in a hurry to wait in line to pay for there gas. The man was there for only a few seconds. There is absolutely no way he was a threat to her.

Arielle Sorel 12 months ago

Look to me like he went to get something from the counter saw that he was a little to close to the girl sounded like he might have said sorry and walked away! Idk but regardless I thi no she definitely mis red this situation here and probably told her bf just to make him jealous and he took it to far based on what she said!

Ellen Malnerich 12 months ago

I see her being uncomfortable, not harassed. She exaggerated for sure. He did not deserve to die whatsoever!

Richard Baldwin 12 months ago

Well, this happens where ever you go ,come on really , harassed, not in my book!

Ruby Hill 12 months ago

Your right Vinnie, she brought it all on, told her man he did all this and on the video recording he told the cashier she was too young to buy a pack of cigarettes. Nothing more then that

Louise Ryan 12 months ago

How does a quick glance at someone constitute harassment!! She blew the situation way out of proportion to her boyfriend and there was no need for this is to end the way it has, another innocent person has lost their life for no reason