The most amazing food decorations ever

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These are the most amazing decorations you've ever seen!

Posted 5 months ago in Food & Drink

Karen Maranda Tulowetzke 5 months ago

where are her gloves working with food

Mary Charlene Assance 5 months ago

Ladies your getting your panties in a bunch over this is pointless!! Everyone knows gloves should be worn when serving the food not prep! I worked in a university for 20 yrs. Our hands are always clean & sanitized it's a video showing you designs what you can make out of fresh fruit & veggies not sure on the meat never seen that before just enjoy the video or move on simple as that! So much negativity these are just ideas after all 💜🙏

Carol Tappenden 5 months ago

I can hear Grandma saying - Don’t play with your food “

Kathleen Gagnon Ledoux 5 months ago

Get over yourself people you don't see her wash the fruits and vegetables., either but I'm sure she did. she probably scrubbed her hands before she did the food prep, there fore gloves are not needed. Scroll on by if you don't like what you see. Ingest remember when you're buying prepackaged food at the grocery store you have no idea what the prep work goes on behind the scenes........

Julia ZanHutch 5 months ago

So much food handling without gloves

Renee Jude 5 months ago

Too much touching of the food! You should wear gloves when you touch food like that

Jam Manalang II 5 months ago

Pearl Mendoza inay gawa kaaaa plus wine.🥺🥺🥺 Roanne Grace

Diana Cozart 5 months ago

Your hands are all over the food!!!!! Plastic gloves are needed! Cute though. 🤦

Sylvia Kaldelis 5 months ago

Too much food handling for me.

Dorcie Delasan Vl 5 months ago

Hope she uses hand protection working with that SALAMI...