Animals Caught On Camera

The Pet Collective • 8 months ago   2.5K     78  •  39.5M Views
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From bears to woodpeckers, and even our four-legged friends...check out these hilarious animals invading the suburbs.

Posted 8 months ago in Animals & Pets
Alisha Demmery
Alisha Demmery8 months ago

Gorgeous gorgeous
Animals are taking back their habitats

Mike Wachtler
Mike Wachtler8 months ago

This is too funny not to watch twice 🤣 I was laughing 😂out loud 📢 and so much I was cryin 😭from laughing 😂

Karen Warncke
Karen Warncke8 months ago

The bear that broke the door down must have been looking for Goldilocks

Peggy Messina
Peggy Messina8 months ago

Very cute video. Made me laugh and yell. Haha👍❤😊🤣

Ellen Abendschoen
Ellen Abendschoen8 months ago

I would freak out if I saw that snake.😱

Rhonda Chafin
Rhonda Chafin8 months ago

Never a dull moment with animals 😆😅

Naomi Mast
Naomi Mast8 months ago

I don't like sliders with very long tongues!!👍😅

Kyle Camasosa
Kyle Camasosa8 months ago

The dog in the first clip be like

Linda Connolly
Linda Connolly8 months ago

The bear, omg!

Xin Ill
Xin Ill8 months ago

Damn snake freak me out.. as if it crawling out of the phone screen..