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Latinas are crazy! My favourite type of woman 馃グ
I just got a new TV. Oh baby. I can't wait to cut. I watch TV with you. They get em Huh say you love me back. Of Of course course I. I. I. say say you you love love me me back. back. back. Hello. We love. My phone died babe. I've been texting you mommy. It's not hard to see that. I'm the one that understands you. I've been here all along. Why can't you see you belong with me mommy, mommy, but but it's it's just just just say say say. say I I I I said said said said that. that that that it's it's it's not not not hard hard hard to. to to see see that. that. I'm I'm the the one one that. to understand you. Look, I got nervous. I got nervous. Okay. I mean you're you're beautiful. I got nervous like I was too young and dumb to realize I I should have bought you flowers. Well, let's say you were saying it's so an original, but it was you so I was with it and to tell you the truth. I wish I never did it. wait wait wait wait what was that? but it was just I I was was waiting waiting waiting when when when I I I tell tell tell you you you the the the the truth, truth, truth, truth, which which which which which we we we we we never never. never never never did did did did it it it it cuz cuz cuz cuz. I I I used used used my. my my original original look. look. Can we just have sex on the first place? Yeah? for a minute? yeah, I'm getting a little sick and tired of you. copying your friend. You do everything he does just because he comes home at 10 'clock in the morning doesn't mean they shouldn't do that. Okay. Be different. Yeah. We back A welcome welcome back. back. welcome welcome back. back. What What we're we're we're doing doing doing tonight. tonight. tonight. Hey Hey Hey man man man man you you you you already already already already know know know know my my my my phone. phone. phone. Can Can Can I I I use your. use use Of course, baby passwords 3318 I left my phone in a room. Can I borrow yours? Babe? No did you tell me to be different? Didn't you tell me not to copy my friend so I'm gonna keep my phone because you told me to do that. Do you know what today is telling you why are you calling me? I thought you didn't want anything to do with me. Oh, no no no the highs and change today is our anniversary. It's been a year since I left you're crazy ass. ass ass crazy. crazy. crazy. It's It's It's It's not not not not. my my my fault fault fault that that that your your your dog dog dog was. was was in in the the House House when when I I burned burned. it down. that doesn't make me.

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