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My loves 🤍

Yesterday you made me emotional, happy emotional :’) your love has reached me!

There was a time I worried if anyone would notice the work...

Posted 9 months ago in TV & Movies

Kamrul Alam 9 months ago

Here is a lots of congratulations for this movie . I know it will be blockbuster. Best of luck

Hari Katakam 9 months ago

Wait!! Don't promote too early go with the flow coz
We have already seen some disasters! You have done the same promotion works
Any way Best wishes at least for this time! *! *

Abhilash Swarup 9 months ago

I thought u were different from the other stars .. it's a bit surprising to see u also support ppl getting permanent tattoos of the movie name kind of things . Just my thoughts though

Bharti Ajay Kumar 9 months ago

I always wait impatiently for your upcoming movies. Loads of love and blessings Vijay

Darshan fav 9 months ago

Congratulations for debue in Bollywood..excited to see you ❤❤

Ritam Nag 9 months ago

All is good..but doing permanent tattoo is nothing but a shit.. no matter the movie is going to be superduper hit or not they'll suffer in future.

Rohith Mamidi 9 months ago

All fans are very happy with the title and the first look especially the tag line .
Always with you anna
Yours loving rowdy rohith mamidi

Rekha Shree Ramanjulu 9 months ago

Instead of asking dear fans to celebrate humbly? and you too support this madness? Please ask them to be sane. However, will you be the only 1 who acts in this movie? is there any respect or show for your colleagues, as we don't see them anywhere?
Also, we expected you to be a game-changer who would bring classness and decency, but we were wrong. Kindly empower your female co stars and ask fans to show love more sensibily.